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What to watch from movies while in quarantine: ”The Hunt” (2020)


Another tip for everyone who cannot choose what to watch from films during the long days of quarantine. We still have to sit at home for a long time, so extra advice on this topic never hurts. Today we offer for viewing the controversial feature film by Craig Zobel "The Hunt" of 2020, which tells about the harsh everyday life of human hunters. It will be fun.

Why stupid comments on social media are dangerous

There are a bunch of ways to find out the IP of the computer from which the troll is trying to drop someone in the comments in the same contacts, even if he sits in them through a super proxy. And having learned the IP, finding out the location of the young moron is not at all difficult. And this is for ordinary citizens. Yes, you have to tinker a little, but it's real. And if a person has an acquaintance who at least 10% can be considered a "hacker", for him it is generally like two fingers on the asphalt.

And now you are sitting like that, scribbling the next dirty tricks, drooling, and they ring at your door. You open it, and there the fist of one of those whom you lowered in joyful ecstasy is already flying towards your nose.

The most interesting thing is that the trolls, for some reason, naively believe that no one will ever track them, hiding behind the "VPN". Alas, citizens trying to assert themselves at the expense of the omission of ordinary networked inhabitants, it is just a matter of the degree of interest. God forbid you to attack a person who has extra money and a desire to avenge the offense caused in the network. On the Internet, you can find an amateur hacker who, for a certain amount of money, will find out who is hiding behind the ID of any social network.

And you should not rely on the fact that if you are from Ryazan, and trampled by you into the mud from Irkutsk, then he will not reach you across the whole country. All through the same network you can find some scumbags who, for a fee, will visit you at your home address and paint the walls of your den in the color of your own blood.


So, while scribbling dirty comments, you must always be ready to answer for your words, that is, always be fully armed and alert, and if not, get your portion of tryndyuly, which you yourself have begged, without whining. As their characters begged for the next picture from the heading"what to see from the films.

What the movie "The Hunt" (2020) is about

Eleven people, completely different from each other, wake up in some kind of backwoods. Each has a piece of wood in his mouth on a chain, fastened around his neck with a lock. All of them, having come to their senses, crawl out into a vast clearing, in the middle of which there is a huge box. Opening it, they find a pyramid with a weapon and a key with which they get rid of plastic gags.


But before they have time to disassemble the barrels and daggers, snipers, hiding in a nearby bunker, unnoticed by them, open fire on them, from which it becomes clear that they are human targets.

For a very long time it is not clear who is the main character here. Anyone on whom attention is initially focused is famously killed. Let's watch the trailer.

Three with weapons from among the "targets" are separated from the main crowd and, breaking through the barbed wire, run out onto the road that leads them to a gas station and a shop. Having burst into the shop, they find there an elderly couple, apparently the owners. Frightened spouses ask the robbers to take 200 bucks from the cash register, just not to kill anyone.


One of the "targets", threatening the old people with a weapon, elicits information about their location from them, to which the owners reply that they are in Arkansas. He picks up the phone and, calling the police, begins to fill them in about the fact that they are being hunted.

At this time, another of the "targets" decides to feast on some tasty treat, but that one turns out to be poisoned, and the woman dies, foaming at the mouth. Immediately, the old men, pulling on their masks, deal with the rest of a couple of "targets", letting poison gas into the room and finishing off the "targets" from firearms.

A walkie-talkie turns on, by which the old men are warned that a "target" is coming to them, which is called "Snowball". She turns out to be a pretty woman in her 30s. She is smarter and more advanced. Revealing lies in the words of the old people, she kills them, after which we have no doubts. This is our main character, who will have to run from the hunters for the whole film.


Although, why run? Once she's smart, she'll quickly learn that offense is the best defense. And then fuck it, you bastards!

Probably ...

Pros and cons of the movie

Why the "targets" have such a fate - see the section "Why are stupid comments in social networks dangerous?" The film is not particularly atmospheric, but more is required here. The Hunt is shown excellently. There are no unnecessarily naive moves, although one could argue over the long and peculiar “process of dying” of some targets, but this is, rather, such a special director's banter.


Of the minuses, almost nothing can be seen here. At least from the fat minuses that would really interfere with viewing and turn the action into a third-rate farce and trash. Therefore, you can feel free to start watching. The film will not disappoint anyone.


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For the rest, we advise you to skim through our otherselections, with the help of which you can always choose what to watch from films in the long days of coronavirus quarantine.

We say goodbye to you until next weekend (although now every day is a day off), we wish you good mood, good health, antiviral immunity and, as always, more cool films and TV series.

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