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What to see from self-isolation films: “The Wrong Girl” (2020)


It is still a long way from the complete abolition of self-isolation in some regions, and therefore we will again rely on the Internet. And today, for everyone who can't choose what to watch from the films, we recommend Tyler Spindel's comedy tape "The Wrong Girl", which premiered on Netflix on May 13, 2020.

Not to say that the masterpiece will be hilarious until you lose your pulse, but it will do for raising your mood.

What the film "Wrong Girl" (2020) is about

Tim Morris is an employee of one of the banks that are about to face global cuts due to the upcoming merger of their lending institution with another, more powerful financial institution.

Each of the employees wants, in the wake of changes, at the same time, not to fly out of work and to get promoted. Tim is the same as everyone else, and therefore is determined to brilliantly present his program at the next corporate party, which will take place in remotely warm beach places.

Tim has been divorced for a long time, but in order to impress the head of a financial company, he, of course, invites the beautiful Missy with him to heavenly places, whom he recently met at the airport when he was flying on business. They collided in the aisle and, accidentally exchanging bags, were forced to postpone their flights while whiling away time at the bar.


Missy, as it turned out, was an athlete and was once the beauty queen of her state. But the main thing is that he and Tim have a lot in common. They like the same books, the same music, etc. They even almost slept in the janitor's closet, but then they announced registration with Missy, and they exchanged phone numbers and promised each other to continue their "acquaintance" later. p>

It was this girl that he invited with him to the corporate party, hoping to show off her there and rise in the eyes of his colleagues and superiors. But what was his disappointment when the wrong girl jumped onto the plane next to him!

The fact is that recently he had a very disgusting date with one special, another main character of the film "The Wrong Girl" (2020), who is also called Missy, and with whom his acquaintances tried to bring him. The young woman did not say that she was disgusting in appearance, although she looked like "Citizen Z" from "Nation Z".


But the fact that she was without brakes and on her mind is one hundred percent. Her jokes are stupid, but she keeps pouring them out, because she has absolutely no sense of taste, tact and measure - no matter which side you look at. She is always screaming, attracting everyone's attention to herself, she is always fussing, in general, this is some kind of trouble, but not a woman. After that one date, he finally and irrevocably decided to forget about her.

But I forgot to delete the number from my contacts, and, confusing it, invited her to the Canary Islands, not Missy, the beauty queen.

In any case, it is clear that everything that happens next at the corporate party will not be very much to our liking (to put it mildly) to our poor protagonist. As well as many employees. Although, with some reckless Missy, nevertheless, she will find a common language.

This will be a lot of fun.

Pros and cons

The advantage of the film "The Wrong Girl" is that, against the background of youth-idiotic, sad-tearful, abstruse-sublime or fancifully cliched comedies, which has recently been released by foreign and domestic film industry, this film is really a real comedy ... There is no cleverness or hidden subtext over which you have to rack your brains, no drama or puzzling plot. This is just an entertaining film that you can just relax to.

Disadvantages were seen only in a somewhat quick "moral rebirth" of the protagonist, but it's better not to talk about it, so as not to turn the already extended synopsis of the film "The Wrong Girl" into a huge spoiler. Better just watch the trailer.


Those who are interested in our offer of what to watch from films on self-isolation can safely follow the link below.

Watch The Wrong Girl (2020) movie online

Others can go to the section"What to see", where fresh meat is found for every taste and color. And on this we say goodbye to you. Strong immunity to you, the same strong nerves and, as always, more worthwhile films and TV series on the Internet!

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