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Which Gaming Headphones Should I Choose? TOP-5 models


A gaming headset is a must-have for every self-respecting gamer. Especially if we sit at the computer every day and play for hours.

Good gaming headphones need to be comfortable and well insulated, but breathable at the same time. Other criteria include sound quality and wire length.

Gaming headphones - are they needed at all?

Many users believe that the price of gaming headphones is too high. Like, you can just play offline when you don't need a microphone with a standard headset for music. It's hard to disagree, but ...

High-quality gaming headphones are accessories "sharpened" for gaming. Yes, sometimes they are inferior in sound quality to musical models in their price range, but their other features make up for this.

Gaming Headphones - Key Features

The first and most obvious element is the microphone.

In gaming headphones, it is usually not a tiny hole in the case (as, for example, in Bluetooth models), but is large and much better at processing a human voice. In some headsets the microphone is removable, in others it is built-in or with a mount. It is usually located on a long flexible headband, so it can be placed in front of the mouth for better voice audibility. The microphone is often covered with a sponge or other windscreen that reduces interference and thus makes speech more intelligible.

The next important nuance is the connector and the wire .

You can buy gaming headphones with a USB interface or a 3.5mm mini jack. What is the difference? Well, the USB option can be used on a computer without a sound card. These devices have their own small audio system, usually located in a plug or cable. In addition, the USB headset can offer 5.1 or virtual 7.1 surround sound.

In other words, USB allows you to get more interesting sound effects and even more advanced sound control thanks to special software. However, it should be added that "interesting" does not always mean "best" - often the usual stereo in good headphones is preferable.

Other headphones have a classic 3.5 mm interface instead of USB. Sometimes there is only one 4-pole that transmits stereo to the headphones and the signal from the microphone at the same time. The advantage of one mini-jack is that it can be used, for example, with a smartphone or laptop. In other cases, there are two independent 3-pole - separately for sound from games and a microphone. This solution is suitable for game sound cards.

In stores you will also find models with USB and mini-jacks - sometimes as two separate wires, and sometimes as 3.5 mm USB adapters.

What about a cord?

The length and quality of it are important aspects. Some headphones have a main cord and an extension cord. It is worth making sure that their total length is at least 3 meters - then you can easily connect the headset to a computer under the table. It can be useful to be able to disconnect the cable - for example, to easily and quickly replace it in case of damage. If it does not come off, it is worth choosing a model with a protective braid that will strengthen the cord and protect it from tearing, cutting or abrasion.

Wireless gaming headphones are an alternative to all this hassle of wires, but they won't be cheap

The design of the product itself also deserves attention.

The cups should be large and comfortable to fully encircle the ears. In addition, they should provide isolation from external noise - then the gameplay will be pleasant, and the sounds during it will be clearer (closed headphones are preferable). But everything needs a measure - with perfect isolation, the ears and the skin around them can sweat. Sometimes it is better to choose velor instead of leather pillows. The exception is the small earplugs for gaming - they fit in your ears but still provide excellent isolation thanks to the rubber ear cushions.

The headband of gaming headphones is considered good if it is elastic and durable, holds the cups tightly, but does not create tightness or other discomfort. The pillow on the headband should be relatively wide, thick and soft to distribute the load.

Headphones for players often have aggressive styling, bright colors and even backlighting. A nice bonus will be a rich set of accessories - additional pillows, cables, adapters and protective covers. Which gaming headsets should you buy today?

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Are you looking for a top-end gaming headset for a price outside of space? Just buy HyperX Cloud Alpha and you will be satisfied. Seriously, these headphones are the perfect balance of comfort, sound quality, and value. Their design provides excellent sound not only in games, but also while listening to music (large speakers - 50 mm). Versatility is one of the strengths of HyperX Cloud Alpha.


The model has a detachable cable with a total length of 3 meters, large soft cushions, a detachable microphone on a flexible headband, its sound is distinguished by strong bass and well-controlled high tones (no whistle and "buzz"). Absolutely sensational and recommended headphones for the true gamer!

Turtle Beach Recon 60P

The Turtle Beach Recon 60P is a decent and inexpensive gaming headset (only $ 50) that can be easily connected to PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles via USB or 3.5mm mini jack. The single 4-pole plug is also suitable for phone, smartphone and tablet. The headphones have soft synthetic leather cushions that provide good isolation from external noise. Speaker diameter - 40 mm.


The microphone is detachable and shaped like a flexible arm. Overall, this is a lightweight and fairly comfortable gaming headset for PS4 owners and beyond.

Tracer Hydra 7.1

The Polish company Tracer is little known among domestic users, but it is worth mentioning, since it is a cheap and good model in the price range up to $ 50. The Tracer Hydra 7.1 headphones enjoy a positive reputation in their homeland. For such a low price, they play surprisingly well and provide high wearing comfort. Aggressive, striking appearance makes it clear: the device is designed specifically for players.


In practice, however, it is also suitable for daily listening to music. The headset is equipped with LED backlighting and USB interface, which together with the corresponding software allows you to get virtual 7.1 surround sound. The cord is braided, about 2 meters long. Dynamic transducers have a diameter of 50 mm. The microphone works well.

Steelseries Arctis 7

Let's move on to expensive, but at the same time more advanced proposals. Steelseries Arctis 7 is a wireless headphone for gamers with 40mm drivers. The wireless transmission range reaches 12 meters (the adapter is connected via USB). This model is intended for people who want to get rid of the tangled cable, but don't intend to give up first-class sound.


At the same time, players have the opportunity to connect this headset via a regular cable with a 4-pole 3.5 mm plug. The Steelseries Arctis 7 offers minimal signal delays and a high quality microphone. Appearance is attractive, comfort and durability are also on top.

Sennheiser PC 373D

And finally, the top-end offering on our list is the Sennheiser PC 373D gaming headset. The name of the manufacturer alone means that all questions about sound quality disappear: Sennheiser is a veteran with a high reputation in the audio market. The earbuds have an unusual, open design. On the one hand, because of this, the sound "flows" out and the noise isolation is not ideal, but, on the other hand, it provides a much larger sound volume, which many models are simply far from.


Sennheiser PC 373D pampers the ears with a very pleasant, detailed and clean sound. The headset has a USB interface and is supported by special software for adjusting the sound to personal preferences. The microphone has a noise canceling function. The pillows are very voluminous, velvet, soft and pleasant to the touch. They do not create discomfort and provide good ventilation. These are quite expensive gaming headphones, but you will love them immediately after purchase.

Editor's Choice

HyperX Cloud Alpha . It's amazing how good sound these headphones are and how comfortable they are - without being expensive! If you are looking for the best combination of price, quality and comfort, then HyperX Cloud Alpha is the perfect choice for the gamer.

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