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Logitech G332: Budget Wired Gaming Headset


Most gaming equipment users think it should be expensive. In their opinion, if the cost, for example, of a wired headset is in the lower or middle price range, then its quality cannot meet the high requirements.

Logitech manufactures expensive devices and more. The price of the product, a review of which will be offered below, is less than 5,000 rubles. This does not mean its poor quality at all.

Characteristics and external data

The Logitech G332 wired headset is equipped with 50mm drivers, each operating over a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz with an impedance of 39? to 5k?. She received a microphone with a sensitivity of 107 dB.


The gadget supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and the following devices: Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. It is equipped with a 2m cable and 3.5mm jack for connecting a console or mobile devices.

The product has dimensions: 172 ? 81.7 ? 182 mm and weight 280 grams.

Users are mostly positive after trying out these headphones. Despite the low price, they are of high quality and functional enough. For those who do not need a microphone, it can be disabled by simply lifting its stem up.

The Logitech G332 comes in a stylish blue box.


In addition to the headphones themselves, there is a gadget for connecting them to a headset, an adapter and two separate plugs.

The headset received an interesting and modern design, combining mainly black colors with a red accent in some places. The company logo is printed in silver on the front of the headphones.

Their shape is also peculiar. The designers used pointed corners to create products with five corners from rectangles. The ear pads themselves can be rotated and adjusted to fit your needs in two planes.


The microphone does not have any frills, it is flexible enough to be able to adjust in several positions. The user can easily find a comfortable position in height and towards the face.

It is worth noting the plastic from which the gadget is made. It is strong and resistant to minor mechanical stress. Its matte finish matches well with the overall color scheme of the device.

The wires here are ordinary, they are of sufficient cross-section, but they have plugs that seem fragile at first glance.

Use and usability

The headset provides the ability to adjust the sound volume in three ways. To do this, you can use the control on the left earphone or do it using the system settings. It is also permissible to refer to the sound card settings for this purpose.

Someone will like these opportunities, while others will not. It's a matter of taste. The microphone allows you to convey any information to other participants in the gameplay. It does not distort the sound, transfers everything accurately and without interference.


Also, users note the high levels of comfort that the headphones are equipped with. They fit well, do not crush and are therefore suitable for extended use. The headband allows you to adjust the position to fit your head. All this, plus the light weight of the headset, makes this product one of the best in its class.

Sound and its quality

When it comes to the sound characteristics of the Logitech G332, they are a combination of slightly pronounced mids and highs with more muted lows. We can conclude about their versatility. Those who know how to judge the sound quality would say that it is soft or impassive.

This is slightly better than the bass-heavy sound found in most gaming headsets. It may not be possible to grasp some musical nuances in this way, but the available range is better than sound with a lot of artificial effects, deafening bass and bursts of high frequencies. There are enough emotions in the game.


These headphones are related to gaming equipment. They are not quite suitable for music lovers and sophisticated connoisseurs of various musical styles. The bass is a little dull here. Gamers will appreciate the quality of their workmanship, comfort, usability and sound output.

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