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Review of PHILIPS TAPH805 wireless headphones


The new PHILIPS TAPH805 wireless headphones are another product of the renowned Dutch manufacturer. They are suitable for those looking for a quality model equipped with noise canceling, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless connectivity and a sturdy design. The new PHILIPS TAPH805 wireless headphones are another product of the renowned Dutch manufacturer. They are perfect for those looking for a quality model with noise canceling, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless connectivity and a sturdy chassis.

Technical data

The headphones operate in a frequency range of 7 Hz to 40,000 Hz. Their maximum power is 30 mW, and the range of Bluetooth 5.0 is 10 meters. At the same time, the device has: a resistance of 16 ohms, a sound level of up to 90 dB, an autonomy of 30 hours.

PHILIPS TAPH805 are compatible with Android, IOS. They are equipped with voice control functionality, ANC active noise cancellation.

The option of using the product in a wired version is not excluded. To do this, it comes with a 3.5 mm jack on the right cup and a 1.2 m cable. The headphone weight is 235 grams, dimensions: 70 ? 190 ? 110 mm.

Package and design

The package of the PHILIPS TAPH805 gadget includes an original black case.


In addition to it, there is a charger, a 1.2 m cable, instructions.

Externally, the product is not much different from analogues of other manufacturers. All the main structural elements are mounted on a plastic case, which looks solid and high quality.

Each ear cup is labeled with brand details. The cups can be easily bent to fit comfortably in the case. Their ear pads are made of faux leather. The same material is used in the production of the cover for the connecting hoop. For added functionality and convenience, it has a pad on the top that allows the device to gently contact the user's head.


PHILIPS TAPH805 are equipped with everything you need. 40mm drivers deliver good quality sound from 7 Hz to 40 kHz.

User can use active noise canceling mode as desired. Then the autonomy of the headphones will decrease from 30 to 25 hours.

The function has an additional mode - "ambient noise". When using it, the audibility of extraneous sounds is improved, and the sound volume is muffled. It is intended for use when the owner of the device does not want to miss an important message for him, for example, the announcement of the beginning of check-in for a flight at the airport.


In order to replenish the charge, you need to use the charger, which connects to the Micro-USB connector on the left cup. The manufacturer claims that after a five-minute charge, the product can be used for two hours.

Each PHILIPS TAPH805 is equipped with four microphones. Two of them are involved in the active noise canceling function, and two more are used in conversations and when controlling the voice assistant.

Control and sound

Almost all controls are concentrated on the right earcup.


To adjust the sound, you need to move your finger up or down on its surface. To use ANC mode, just press the body once. A longer press turns off the device completely.

The presence of Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to get high quality sound. As a result, it is difficult to isolate any kind of frequencies. Both lows and highs sound decent in any type of song played and do not attract too much attention.

Vocal parts are also nice to listen to. If several people participate in the composition, the user will surely hear the difference between their voices.

Fans of any genre will be satisfied with the sound quality of the PHILIPS TAPH805 speakers. It is worth noting the smooth transition between frequencies. Everything is conveyed juicy and balanced.

It is also necessary to note the spaciousness of the sound. It's strange to talk about such a parameter, because we are talking about devices that are statically worn on the head. However, manufacturers of such gadgets somehow form the listener's idea of volume. And everyone does it differently.

In the case of PHILIPS TAPH805, it worked out well.

True, we must admit that headphones are not always able to convey the difference between the lowest and highest levels, which is in the original soundstage. But not every listener will notice this, and if he does, he will consider this minus insignificant.

Especially considering the low cost of this product.

Active noise canceling

The most significant disadvantage in the PHILIPS TAPH805 is the operation of the active noise reduction system. Enabling it does not completely eliminate all sounds coming from outside.

At the same time, there are no complaints about the operation of the "ambient noise" mode. It cuts out everything unnecessary, but loud sounds are heard well.


PHILIPS TAPH805 headphones cost about 12,500 rubles. For this amount, the user will receive an original wireless headset that sounds good and looks good. In addition, the gadget is equipped with a reliable bag-case, cable for wired connection. It is functional, easy to use and has high levels of autonomy.

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