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Interesting movie for Sunday night: ”Hour of Truth” (2020)


Today, for everyone who cannot decide which interesting film to watch in the evening, we recommend the detective thriller "Hour of Truth" (2020), a description of which we offer here and now to our readers. The digital release of Peter Facinelli's masterpiece took place on August 21. It doesn't smell like an action movie, as, for some reason, it is indicated on KinoPoisk, but the picture keeps the tension all the way through the screen time.

Description of the movie "Hour of Truth" (2020)

You can watch the trailer immediately. It is quite informative in itself, but for complete clarity, we will add a bit below the information.

Imtyne Hour begins with a two-year-old couple, Wendy and Paul, with a daughter named Taylor, arriving at their mobile home on a half-empty lakeside campsite for a weekend getaway. They sing songs, have fun, in a word, their mood is the most positive.

They are met by the campsite manager, a gloomy man who shows them where to stay and instructs them on some of the nuances of living.


The places here are picturesque, the lake seems to be teeming with fish, after which Paul and his daughter gather right there.

Getting ready for fishing, Paul notices a swarthy beauty in a swimsuit on the beach in an inflatable pool, which he literally devours with his eyes. Wrapped in a robe, the beauty approached him, after which they exchanged a few words. It turns out her name is Miranda.


She and her husband stopped here in the parking lot next to Paul and Wendy. We are also shown some suspicious guy, apparently a local worker, who drives around here on a quad bike around the house.


In general, everything was fine until the wife who came from the store starts calling Teyla and it turns out that the girl is missing. A real thriller started from this place.

Along the way, the plot of the film "Hour of Truth" (2020) is "aggravated" by the fact that in the local area they are looking for a criminal who has escaped from custody, and therefore the suspicions of the parents immediately fall on him. Despite the fact that the sheriff insistently recommended that they stay in the trailer, at night they flooded into the forest to help the search engines, where they immediately ran into some half-naked type who was sleeping next to the fire and holding a .45 caliber revolver by his side.

Paul and Wendy decide to secretly take possession of his weapon and arrange interrogation of the fugitive prisoner with addiction. Wendy managed to reach for the weapon. She had already managed to aim his barrel at the sleeping man, when he woke up abruptly and, frightening the woman, forced her to involuntarily pull the trigger, after which a shot rang out, and the man's brains were partially on the damp earth.


The couple immediately retreated, taking the Magnum with them. They had a hysterical altercation in the mobile home. Wendy was about to call the sheriff, but Paul managed to tell her that it would only make it worse. In general, they managed to survive the night crookedly.

And in the morning, the sheriff who visited them stunned them with the news that a tourist who had constantly traveled here to rest as a savage had been shot dead nearby last night in the vicinity of the camping.

Continuation is no worse than the beginning

The adventures, or rather, misadventures, of the main characters of the movie "Hour of Reckoning" (2020), of course, do not end there. Despite the fact that the murder of an innocent person is already hanging on them, the couple is not appeased. This time they begin to suspect their neighbors, that is, the beauty Miranda and her husband. After learning that the young couple will take part in the search operation, Paul and Wendy are going to enter their trailer and search it properly. According to Wendy, Miranda's husband could well have kidnapped Tela while Miranda herself distracted Paul with her naked "charms".

In a neighbor's trailer, parents find pills that help conceive and conclude that this couple cannot get pregnant, and therefore decided to just kidnap someone else's child, that is, their Teyla.

Finding nothing inside that could be evidence of their involvement in the kidnapping, Paul and Wendy decide to search the luggage compartments outside. The first trunk is empty. The second lock does not lend itself. And then Miranda and her husband appeared out of the darkness, frightening their parents to hell.


Opposed by the fact that they allegedly came to find out from the neighbors about the progress of the search operation, Paul and Wendy retreat, having agreed with a young couple to take them with them in the morning on a river search. Miranda's husband has a motorboat, from which both banks of the river flowing into the pond will be perfectly surveyed.

It's clear that this trip will not end well. Like all subsequent events. And there will be many more. Desperate and desperate parents in the area still have a lot of suspects to follow and who can and should be dealt with.

But the ending of The Hour of Truth (2020) will be completely unpredictable. And the subsequent plot itself will not look like anything. We have not seen anything like this anywhere else.


Anyone who liked the description of the film "Hour of Truth" (2020), can immediately spot the masterpiece by Peter Facinelli by clicking on the link below.

Watch the movie "Hour of Truth" (2020) online

The rest, who are not "amused" by such films, are invited to visit our new category , in which there are simply heaps of collections of cool films. There, anyone will find a masterpiece to their liking.

We are saying goodbye to you until next weekend. All the best to you, and more cool films and TV shows on the vast web!

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