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Some interesting new products from Google


Yesterday, Google hosted an event that was mostly dedicated to the introduction of the Pixel 4 series smartphones. However, there was time to announce some other interesting products. In this review, we will talk about two new applications from Google, a speaker router, laptop and headphones. There will be more.

Google Assistant and Recorder

One of the interesting additions to the Pixel 4 is the updated Google Assistant. The new voice assistant is now able not only to tell, for example, about the weather. He knows how to control a smartphone.

During the presentation, it was shown how to use it to open the desired page on Twitter, find concerts taking place on certain days. Then the assistant passed all this information to the user's friend.


Another surprise from the company was the Recorder program. She knows how to do more than just record audio. The application is capable of transcribing speech while recording. It then adds the text to its database. If desired, all information about him and the record itself are easy to find, and you can find any place in it. All of this is done without sending back to the server, which is especially surprising.

Nest Home Router Column and its Family

The exterior of the Google Nest Mini speaker is almost the same as that of the previously used Google Home Mini. There are few changes, but they are. The speaker system received a wall mount. Now it will look good on a vertical surface.


The power of the gadget has been increased. A third microphone was added and the bass was more powerful. The device was equipped with a processor. Now there is no need for cloud processing of all data, they are not sent anywhere else. Therefore, the response time has noticeably decreased.

Interesting changes have taken place in the production of this device. More precisely, in the structure of materials from which the speaker system is assembled. Its body is still plastic. But this is recycled plastic. It used to be used to make bottles.

Another American manufacturer has introduced Nest Wi-Fi. Now it is a whole system. It consists of a Nest Wi-Fi home station and several remote “points” that extend the Wi-Fi signal coverage area. These "dots" also work like smart columns.

Nest Mini is available now for $ 49 US. Its sales began immediately in 23 countries around the world. Nest Wi-Fi will start shipping on November 4th. A bundle of two will cost $ 269 and a bundle of three will cost $ 349 US

Pixelbook Go

For the elite way to access Chrome OS, Google now has a Pixelbook Go. It costs $ 649.


The laptop is different from its predecessor. Pixelbook was a 2-in-1 device, and the novelty is made in a more traditional clamshell form factor. With a thickness of 13 mm, it weighs only 900 grams.

The body of the device is made of magnesium alloy. For better grip on the surface, it is equipped with a rubber cover at the bottom. The device has received "quiet keys" from Google, a USB-C charging port and a headphone jack.

Pixelbook Go is upgradeable. Its basic version is powered by a dual-core Intel Core M3 processor. It can be upgraded to Core i5 or Core i7. The amount of RAM can be easily increased from the base 8 GB to 16 GB. The same goes for ROMs, where you can expand the initial 64 GB to 256 GB.

The manufacturer claims that if a completely discharged laptop is connected to the electrical network, then in just 20 minutes it will receive enough energy for two hours of operation. A full battery charge will last for 12 hours.

Pixel Buds 2 Wireless Headphones

Many companies are haunted by the success of some Apple products. Google is no exception. Then we decided to create an analogue of Apple AirPods.

The result is Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones.


The main external difference of the gadget was the absence of a wire between the two parts of the headphones. Their advantages include the use of directional microphones in the design. This will ensure good audibility when talking on the phone or when using Google Assistant. You don't need to press a button to activate it.


Also, the developers have increased the area of reliable signal reception via a Bluetooth connection. This has improved the quality of work.

Pixel Buds have a battery life of five hours. If the user has a charging case with him, then the operating time increases to 24 hours.

The headphones will start selling early next year for a $ 179.

Google Stadia Service

This has been talked about for a long time, argued, even swore. Google Stadia's cloud gaming service will launch on November 19. Gamers and ordinary gamers will be able to try it out using several devices of the American developer.


It's worth remembering the Google Pixel here. The company has confirmed that this is the first line of smartphones to support Google Stadia. True, until now there are no clarifications regarding the modification of this gadget. It is clear that the Pixel 4 has been equipped with the ability to work with this service. As for the devices of other series, nothing is reported about their abilities here.

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Author: Jake Pinkman