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Huawei smartphones left without Instagram


In the ongoing trade war between China and the United States, Huawei has lost another American partner. This time it was the Facebook corporation. Now all Huawei smartphones preparing for release will not receive the pre-installed services of the corporation, which has refused further cooperation with Huawei and its subsidiary brand Honor.

On Huawei, US sanctions continue to hit its business. The termination of the partnership between Facebook and the Chinese manufacturer means that the brand's smartphones will now lose their branded applications WhatsApp, Instagram, the Facebook network itself and the FB Messenger.

The severance of relations between Facebook and the Chinese company affects all Huawei and Honor models that are currently under development or preparing for an early release. The same smartphones of Chinese brands that are already in the hands of users will remain with all Facebook social applications and continue to receive periodic updates.


Facebook's decision to end its partnership with Huawei does not mean that the owners of branded devices from the Chinese manufacturer will no longer be able to use the branded messengers and applications of the American corporation. Owners of new Huawei and Honor smartphones can manually install the required resources from Google Play.

But even here in the future difficulties may arise, because the giant Google also refused to cooperate with Huawei. At first, the global search engine limited access to the Play Store and Android OS, but then agreed to issue a temporary license to the Chinese company. Its term ends in the summer of 2019, and if Google and Huawei do not come to a common decision, it will not be so easy to download Android applications to the brand's new smartphones.


The US policy against Huawei has led to major players in the IT world such as Google, Intel, ARM, and now Facebook severing business relations with the company. Although, the Chinese brand just turned out to be a convenient leverage, because in a global sense, the US trade policy is more aimed at countering China.

But this is not easier for Huawei, and another serious shock for it was the termination of cooperation with the British ARM, which revokes the license for its processor architecture. For Huawei, this means that it will no longer be able to produce its own new Kirin processors, because they are based on the ARM architecture. The head of ARM Herman Hauser, in his "justification", gave explanations, noting that his company was forced to act due to pressure from the American administration. ARM uses American technologies in its production activities, so it has to take into account the interests of the US authorities.

After all the turmoil, Huawei's finances were not up to par, which was to be expected. After all sorts of bans and the likelihood that Huawei smartphones will lose the proprietary operating system Google, sales of the Huawei and Honor brands decreased by about 25% in European markets.

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Author: Jake Pinkman