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Huawei launches its own smartphone operating system


Huawei, which has suffered from a conflict with the US authorities, which resulted in a series of sanctions bans, intends to officially launch its own operating system. This platform is positioned as a replacement for android, which the company has been working on since 2012. It is based on the Linux kernel. The launch of Huawei OS is scheduled for June.

How it all began

Not so long ago, the US authorities banned American entrepreneurs and companies from doing business with Huawei without specially issued government permission. The Chinese brand fell out of favor, and the administration explained its actions by the fact that certain activities of Huawei pose a threat to the foreign policy and internal security of the States.


Due to the sanctions bans, Huawei is no longer able to use technologies, parts and products of American companies. Cooperation with the Chinese was suspended by the giants Intel, ARM, Google, which revoked the license to use its operating system. As a result, the Chinese brand lost access to the Android operating system for its products and Google Play services. All this could not but affect the drop in sales of Huawei along with its subsidiary brand Honor, although the company continues to take steps towards its self-sufficiency.

The Chinese brand looks confidently into the future and makes optimistic forecasts. Huawei's management considers the company to be quite independent in terms of providing components for its products. According to one of the top managers, the company has a full range of processors, except for Intel chipsets for desktop devices and servers. They will be replaced by proprietary ARM solutions and their own databases - instead of Oracle solutions.


Details of the new OS

Preliminary Android replacement for Honor and Huawei smartphones will receive the international name Ark OS, leaving the HongMeng OS name for the native China. Huawei's operating system, according to company representatives, has support for Android applications that do not require modification and additional settings during the transfer. Also, Huawei OS will contain a branded application store, where you can get games and programs.

The versatility of the system, mentioned by Huawei, will allow downloading it not only to mobile devices. It is also compatible with desktops, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and other gadgets. To install additional applications, the company offers a proprietary Huawei AppGallery platform built into Ark OS.


The announced Huawei operating system as a replacement for Android was completely ready at the beginning of 2018. At that time, the company did not plan to launch it, as it continued to cooperate with Google and other corporations. The branded OS played the role of a fallback, for which the time has come now.

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Author: Jake Pinkman