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Instagram and WhatsApp will change names


Well-known social services will soon change their names, although it would be more accurate to say that a clarification will simply be added to their previous names. We are talking about the products of the Facebook corporation, namely: the Instagram application and the WhatsApp messenger, which will have the “From Facebook” add-on at the end of their names.

According to the corporation itself, such a rebranding is carried out in order to more clearly identify the products that are the property of Facebook. Company officials say they want to be more clear about which services are part of the entire Facebook brand. It is already known that it will be possible to download Instagram or the WhatsApp messenger from the official digital stores App Store and Google Play with updated "full" names of applications. At the same time, the names of social resources that are displayed on the displays of smartphones will not change yet.

In the same year, a little earlier, Mark Zuckerberg, talking about plans for his own company, mentioned the likely move of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger chats to a single platform. This is done in order to allow users to keep in touch with each other regardless of which of the three services they use.

Market experts note that the social network Facebook in most countries has formed the image of a platform for users of the middle and older age group. For this reason, for the younger contingent, the Instagram network together with WhatsApp after the change of their names may be perceived differently.

In addition to everything, the next mention of Facebook in the name of applications may again remind users of a number of scandals related to the social network, including privacy violations. The former, albeit external remoteness of Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook largely helped applications to maintain a "peaceful" image and not be involved in scandals with personal data, where Facebook began to find itself quite often.

Both WhatsApp and Instagram applications were not involved in conflicts and, until recently, were not most often associated with the social network as the owner of these resources. Indicating the connection of popular social resources with the company by adding "From Facebook" can be primarily beneficial to Facebook itself. The experts concluded that the decision to rename the "subordinate" applications will help the corporation improve its reputation, which has suffered as a result of scandals with leaks of personal user data. The deteriorating position of the company had an adverse effect on the search for potential investors. In addition, some users stopped using the social network by deleting their Facebook profiles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman