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Huawei to release new ARM processor for low-cost smartphones


Despite all the political difficulties, Huawei continues to carry out its production activities and, bypassing all restrictions, is preparing to release a new high-performance Kirin processor based on ARM architecture. The mobile chipset is based on modern technology. The Kirin 810 will be the base for the brand's new smartphones in the budget segment.

Processor for new smartphones

The chipset is based on 7-nanometer technology. Especially for it, the company is preparing a family of smartphones of the mid-price category Nova 5, which will include the first models of Nova 5, 5 Pro and 5i. All of them (or almost all) will exclusively receive the new Kirin 810. At the same time, the chipset itself will become a newcomer to the general class Kirin 800 - a family of chips specially created for budget smartphones.


The new eight-core Kirin 810 is almost entirely made up of the largest architecture manufacturer ARM. It includes a pair of Cortex A76 cores and six more Cortex A55 cores. The graphics are provided by the Mali-G52 solution. In fact, the predecessor of the novelty was another eight-core Kirin 710 processor, consisting of an equal number of Cortex A73 and A53 cores. In addition, the Kirin 810 has received the status of the world's first 7nm chipset designed for low-cost smartphones.

Huawei's modern 7-nanometer processors for mobile devices have brought the brand a kind of record. The Chinese brand has become the only representative among other manufacturers, which already has two chipsets based on 7nm technology in stock (the same Qualcomm boasts only one Snapdragon 855). Besides the current Kirin 810, the second is the Kirin 980, which was introduced last fall. Kirin 980 is the basis of the flagship smartphones P30 and P30 Pro.

Huawei and politics

Given the current political situation, pressure from everywhere and refusals to cooperate from global IT industry giants, the announced Kirin processor and a new family of smartphones for Huawei have become a heroic action. Such serious players as Google, Qualcomm, ARM, Microsoft, Facebook have suspended partnerships with the brand, and now are not the best times for the Chinese company. Yet Huawei still has a chance of a positive resolution to the conflict. And the corporations that are now putting pressure on it can help the company in this.


American companies may have assumed unpleasant consequences for themselves if the widespread boycott of Huawei continued. Thus, the leader of the ARM corporation predicted losses for the entire IT environment if the pressure on Huawei continues to continue. Other giants - Intel and Qualcomm - also supported ARM's position and asked the US authorities to stop the pressure from the Chinese company. Both corporations explain that the situation with Huawei could bring huge losses to American companies. So far, everything remains the same, although the US administration softened its position a little, giving a two-year delay to ban the use of Huawei telecommunications equipment in the country.

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Author: Jake Pinkman