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Best Teen Movies and First Love: Compilation 4


And again we return to films about teenagers, that is, to the topic of teenage love and first sexual experience. These paintings are extremely popular not only among the youth audience, but also among the elderly viewers. The first, with the help of this kind of films, can gain experience and understand what mistakes should not be made, the second - to shake the old days and sweetly remember their past adventures or, conversely, omissions.

There will be still others, those who just want to see how others did it, in order to compare it with how it worked out for him.

1. Love Sky (2007) Japan 7.99

An extremely touching and dramatic love story of a high school student named Mika for his peer Hiro.

Girls chirp about guys. Girlfriend is crazy about pierced guy. But Mika likes his friend more - a blonde guy, whom she accidentally ran into in the school hallway, after which their eyes met.

A little later, Mika's phone disappears. She remembers that she forgot him in the library and goes to look for him. She finds him only when a call comes in, and, moreover, she finds it completely not where she left him. She answers the call and discovers a nice guy's voice on the other side. First, she interrupts the call. And he discovers that this mysterious stranger has erased all contacts and call history. Thus, she only had the stranger's number on her phone. When asked why he did it, he replies, they say, those to whom you are dear will call you.

The statement is idiotic. But what is, it is. Little by little, Miki begins to communicate with a stranger and gets used to him to the point that he talks to him all night long. But the stranger is still not ready to reveal the secret of who he is. It is clear that this is some high school student, but who?

Of course this turns out to be the same blond guy with whom she will learn to love for real. But will this love last?

2. I am Christina (1981) FRG 7.61

In this film about teenagers, these very teenagers have their entire teenage life covered with a copper basin for one simple reason - they decided to try drugs. Well, as usual, we fell into the trap of addiction.


In the center of the plot is a 13-year-old girl named Christina, with whom her first teenage love played a despicable joke. In order to please the guy who liked her, she decided to imitate him in everything. To show that she is quite mature and independent, she began, like him, to expand with heroin, which slowly but surely led both her and him into the wonderful (in quotes, of course) world of prostitution.

The film is not for the faint of heart. But it is strongly recommended to overly arrogant and "independent" teenagers who think that they already know everything about life and have seen everything in this life.

3. Swedish Love Story (1970) Sweden 7.02

There were no smartphones in the 70s. There was no Internet. And on TV there were no channels continuously showing serials, movies or cartoons. Therefore, teenagers just walked on the street, met, made friends in a quiet way and secretly kissing in the doorways.


This film tells about the first love that broke out between the girl Anika and the teenager Per. The eternal problems of other people's yards and different companies did not immediately allow them to get closer. Peru had to be cut off from the main bully there, but this did not stop the guy for a long time. Love turned out to be stronger than any fear and shame.

Interestingly, the happy relationships of children are shown against the background of not very happy relationships of adults. This move only emphasizes all the charms of a carefree first love.

At the same time, hinting that with you, dear young people, the romance will soon also turn into just a routine of life.

4. Private School (1983) US 6.14

The events take place in Cherryvale Gymnasium for Girls, of course, separated from the adjacent boys' academy by only a few tens of meters. As usual, anxious male adolescents in every possible way try to get into the hostel of the female corps in the evenings.


The film is a romantic comedy of a light erotic slant and is a kind of "American Pie" of the 80s. A guy named Jim is in love with a girl Christina. Christina is ready to part with her virginity, but they do not succeed, because both are not only afraid of the upcoming "procedure", but every time they put a spoke in their wheels, either random circumstances, or Christina's rival named Jordan, who, in order to beat Jim away from Christine is ready for anything, even to ride a horse with naked charms around the hippodrome.

The film is specially included in our selection to remember how naive and sexually anxious young people were in the early 80s. It is now possible to google thousands of pictures of women's breasts in a variety of variations on a smartphone in a second.

But in those days, access to erotic "correspondence" was strictly limited, and therefore it was not at all uncommon for male youngsters to go into the crotch-raised pants of male young animals after even the most meek and short contact with a female.

5. Very Nice Girls (2013) USA 6.06

The next teen film will tell the story of two still chaste high school girls, Lily and Jerry, who are going to college at the end of summer.

After Lily finds her dad kissing a patient, she comes to her friend, and they both rethink their "sexual position". It seems to them that only the two of them remain virgins in the world, after which they decide to sleep with at least one guy until the end of summer.

Not later than yesterday, they went to the beach, where they staged a kind of competition, whether they could undress to the head in front of the entire beach audience. By all appearances, the girls are already very concerned about the sexual issue. And on the way from the beach, they accidentally quarreled with a street photographer, or an artist, or an ice cream maker, whose advertising belongings they accidentally, furiously, turned over.

I wonder how long it will take for best friends, who know each other as flaky, to guess that they are both head over heels in love with this very photographer / artist / ice cream maker and both take turns trying to stir up with him secretly from each other? p>

And, most importantly, what will this result in for their strong friendship?

6. Immorality (1978) Italy 6.00 *

Someone can compare this masterpiece with Nabokov's "Lolita", but he is far from her morally. Everything is much rougher and more straightforward here.


In the center of the plot of the picture is a dysfunctional family consisting of a disabled father, his wife and twelve-year-old daughter, whose education, frankly, no one is particularly involved in. The father can be said to be inert to his surroundings and others. Mom gets drunk and sleeps recklessly with everyone. The girl is forced to wander around like a restless idle. And during one of her walks, she stumbles upon a wounded man.

The man turns out to be a pedophile who escaped from the police, but the girl does not even know such words. She hides the criminal who hung noodles on her ears in a secluded place, nurses him, while he swallows saliva, at the sight of a young girl's body.

Hmm. The girl was unlucky with her first sexual experience. Although, the first in a secluded place to visit a stranger is the mother ...

7. It's a special summer / Baby from Sweden (2007) Finland 5.98

Despite the fact that the film was filmed in 2007, the events of the plot develop back in 1984. Shortly before his death, the father moved his wife and daughter from Finland to Sweden for permanent residence. Here he had a job, and everything promised a wonderful future, but ...


After his death, mother and daughter Kirsi are left alone with no means of subsistence. The child is more quickly adapted to assimilation in an unfamiliar society, and soon the girl is fluent in Swedish, goes to school, where she has friends.

Mother, on the contrary, does not even think to assimilate here. She shuns the locals, and after several years in a foreign country, she still does not think of learning a word of Swedish. In the end, she is even fired from the school where she worked as a cleaner. And she decides to go back to Finland, to her native land.

But her 12-year-old daughter resists. She had just won an essay competition at school, in which the prize was to become a local radio journalist and run a daily children's column. The editorial office told her ambiguously that, they say, either you work here, or don't work at all.

But Kirsi seriously intended to become a "freelance employee", and, having stolen a dictaphone from the editorial office, intends to record a whole report about her trip to Finland, where she, as it turned out, will survive her first love affair with the thirteen-year-old son of her mother's friend.

8. Love, Strange Love (1982) Brazil 5.83

The next film tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who, 40 years later, is drawn to the place where his strange puberty once took place, and where he had his first sexual experience.


Little Hugo's mother was forced to work in a brothel for some time, where the bigwigs from the government itself and other power structures often stopped by. And she arranged for her little son to live in the attic of a building, where the poor youth languished in comfort and warmth while naked uncles and aunts walked under him, on the lower floors.

It's no wonder that the boy often began to go down the ventilation shaft and spy through the cracks for what these same uncles and aunts, and his mother, are doing there. Moreover, some especially mind-boggling aunts began to visit Hugo himself in the attic to show him their charms.

I wonder how mom herself will react to this state of affairs?

9. Seeing You in a Dream (1992) Mexico IMDb 6.00

The heroes of the next film about teenagers are a couple of 12-year-old tomboy who are going through their most memorable school holidays. After all, they have come to puberty and they spend the evenings on the roof watching through binoculars the maid of the family of one of them, what is called Kike.


But for the second, the one called Toto, the servant of the friend's family soon fades into the background. Toto's adult cousin, Asusena, who has parted with her friend, comes to their house to visit. Now all the boy's thoughts are only about her.

The boy's hormones are boiling. He is jealous of the calls of her ex, steals her panties on the sly, and constantly strives to grab his older cousin by her bare leg. The older sister, as befits a grown woman, is outraged by such behavior of her younger brother.

But who knows. Perhaps, to be more persistent, the cousin's heart will melt and she will take pity on the poor, lustful little boy.

10. Child's Love (1968) UK IMDb 5.70

The heroine of the next movie about teenagers named Lucy clearly suffers from bipolar disorder. The mother who raised her was not easy behavior, as a result of which her fifteen-year-old daughter grew up with even more abrupt brain twists than herself.


Upon learning that she is sick with cancer, the mother gets a full bath, preps up and opens her veins. Her corpse was discovered by a daughter who came from school. Before her death, the mother scribbled a letter to the girl's real father - a wealthy doctor, and he came, deciding to take her to his upbringing.

But the girl turned out to be with such bells and whistles that he greatly regretted it from the first days. Lucy is trying with all her might to embroil the family that sheltered her, not even fully realizing what she is doing. She is one hundred percent sure of one thing. If this damn dad hadn't left her damn mommy, everything in her life would have turned out differently. That is why she tries her best to take revenge, alternately seducing first the young son of her biological father, then his wife.

Wondering what her next move will be? After all, it is clear that bipolar patients do not stop so easily without pills ...


This is where we're done again. See you in a month and a half in our new selection of the best films about teenagers, telling about the charms and the downside of first love and first sexual experience. In the meantime, we wish everyone a pleasant viewing of the selected films, and even more cool films and TV series!

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