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7 Anime about relationships from the first episodes


An anime that strives for romance often concentrates on how the characters fall in love, go long and tediously to join hands to the tenth episode, and then on the 13th to understand that they cannot confess. Therefore, they will do it next season. Nice to stay anime fans, look forward to next year! Because of such cases, it is pleasant to watch anime, where the couple is already in a relationship and lives their life day after day. We have selected for you 7 great anime about relationships from the first episodes.

Ore Monogatari / My love story!


Takoe Koda is a big man with a frightening appearance, but in his heart he needs to look for a kind man. He falls in love with Rinko Yamato. The first couple of the series are devoted to how their relationship is established, and the rest already tell about their everyday life. This is a new experience for both of them, as Rinko has never dated anyone and Takoe girls have always been ignored in favor of his lovable heartthrob best friend. Despite the fact that they are green in their relationship, Takoe and Rinko meet all problems head-on. Their love story takes the couple through the ups and downs of their first relationship.

Golden Time


This is the story of Banri Thad's boyfriend who lost his memory. He went to university, where he met and fell in love with a girl named Coco. He is happy with her and loves her, but soon meets Linda, with whom he was in love before losing his memory. He has to put up with what to do for a long time - to stay with the new girl after saying goodbye to the old life, or to try to return her? Only a loved one can figure it out.

Seto no Hanayome / My Mermaid Bride


This story differs from all past ones in that it is love by agreement and against will. Nagasumi comes to his grandmother on vacation and almost drowns in the river. The mermaid Sun saves him from death. Alas, the sea man is forbidden to appear in public, because it is punishable by the death of one of them ... The only way out is to marry a mermaid. The hero has to choose between death and marriage ...

The Sun family is a member of the mafia group and is in every possible way against this marriage. The guy is left with nothing but a fight.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume o Minai / The Rascal Who Dreamed of a Bunny Girl

This is a love story that opposes the mysterious and incomprehensible quantum physics! According to the plot, Sakuta meets a Rabbit Girl in the library, who carelessly walks among the readers, but no one notices her. It turns out to be a high school student Mai Sakurajima, who is experiencing the so-called high school student syndrome.


A mystical disease, due to which Mai became invisible to all people on Earth. However, Sakuta helps her cope with this phenomenon, and also helps several other girls in parallel. But it is between him and Mai that a special chemistry appears, helping them two to give joy not only to each other, but also to everyone who is with them. In the anime, the laws of physics are perfectly played out and singulated into the framework of school romance. Is this not enough for you?

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren / Eccentricity of love is not a hindrance, second season

From the syndrome of a high school student, let's go a little lower to the syndrome of an eighth grader. With the transition to the eighth grade, there comes a period in the life of children when they give up their hobbies, which are considered childish. They begin to significantly feel changes in their bodies, take an interest in more serious things, and begin, as it seems to them, the path to adulthood. However, there are also those who cannot abandon the past. Such people are called teenagers with eighth grade syndrome.


Rikka just suffers from this and presents himself as a character from the fantasy universe. Utah, in turn, is struggling to move away from his similar past. The second season initially shows us these two as a couple, so the topic of accepting yourself as you are, contrary to social norms, continues to rise relentlessly. How can strange quirks affect a young couple's life together? Season 2 is just about that.

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara / Alcohol for a married couple


Do you think living with an alcoholic is bad? Not in a romantic anime. Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara talks about the life together of an office worker Chisato and a bartender Sora. Tisatro (despite her name) is French and used to drinking wine since childhood. Now she likes to drink anything and a lot. When she gets drunk, she becomes very sweet, funny and relaxed. And living with a bartender, it is very difficult not to swell every day, especially when he himself offers to mix something interesting for you. If there is alcoholism somewhere, then let it be only in anime, and even more so in such a tube.

Clannad: After Story

Clannad is a visual novel that became so popular that an anime was created based on it. In it, the main character is going through a long depression and gets out of it thanks to Nagisa, who invites him to join her circle. They end up as a couple.


Clannad: After Story offers us a rather rare look at what happened after the beginning of the relationship and takes us back to the period when both characters grew up and are married with a child. The anime focuses on the issues of mature relationships and marriage. This anime is a worthy continuation of the story that made more than one person cry.

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