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10 popular anime that really suck


There is a good anime with a high rating that fully justifies it. There are titles that are unfairly underestimated and worth checking out. There is bad anime, there is average or overrated, and there are wildly popular high-profile series that are terrible. Usually, for some reason, they fall into the same row in the lists of the most viewed on various anime portals or streaming services, but at the same time they have poor ratings. How did it come about, and what is this popular but bad anime? We've identified four reasons and brought you 10 anime that, despite their popularity, are bad.

1. High expectations from the sequel

The first reason is the simplest - the first season of the anime was a bomb. With cool characters, plot and production. The show is good, but the sequel sucks. They are like artists of one song who wrote a hit, but could not surpass its popularity with the next song. It even has its own name - sequelitis. This is the name of the sequels, which for some reason could not reach the success of the original picture. In the case of anime, a huge fan base pounces on the sequel, and then slowly watches the series, expecting at least something good, but being left with nothing.

Sword Art Online II


SAO was the first Isekai to transport heroes to another fantasy world and lock them there. People loved it, and apart from the idea, the anime was doing well. And then the sequel came out, where everyone returned to the real world and in the new season they put us at the very beginning ... You know, it's rather strange trying to make us bite the second time, showing us a completely resolved conflict.

Dragon Ball GT


How can you not love Dragon Ball? How can you spoil such a beautiful story? Dragon Ball GT succeeded, and so much so that people even renounced their most beloved anime. However, it was watched, watched because of the love for Dragon Ball Z, despite all the inconsistencies and jambs that the sequel "gave" to us.

2. Poor adaptation

Often, anime is filmed based on manga, but there are times when it is made according to novels and it turns out no worse. For example, the same Steins; Gate /. Both in the first and in the second case there are punctures, and significant ones. Emphasis is placed on the wrong one, or the creators forget the source, trying to do something of their own.

Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation (Danganronpa: The Animation)


Anime Danganronpa, made on the basis of the visual novel of the same name, the case when the plot of a very long novel, in which you can envy for hours, was decided to cram into 13 episodes. However, the attempt came out not bad and ordinary viewers liked it. But those who came after the original game will be hurt and very much.

3. Fanservice

Many people watch anime for the story. It happens that there is a glimpse of fan service, such as clothes of Yaomomo from "My Hero Academy", a scene with wiping feet in "Death Note" or some moments from "Evangelion". Not everyone loves him, but such moments do not spoil the overall impression. And there are animes where the fan service is so abundant, inappropriate and stupid that it covers the whole plot. In this regard, we have many favorites and it is immediately clear why he has so many views.

Highschool of the Dead


"School of the Dead" although rich in many good scenes of killing zombies, the fan service in this title is simply terribly intrusive. The best description I've heard of this anime is, "Why isn't anyone having sex in this hentai?" A close-up scene where a bullet striking a zombie's head flies through a wobbling chest - the worst possible even by the standards of this title.

Strike the Blood


This is a classic action-etty anime about fighting girls fighting different creatures. However, they forgot to include the plot here, giving way to you know what. Here the authors' imagination runs to its fullest.

Kiss x Sis


Eh, an anime about sisters who are in love with their brother and fight for him. But no, this is not incest, because they are half sisters. You know, to the maximum in terms of plot, problems and storytelling the same “Domekano” is laid out, in which the situation is identical, so stupid everything happens in “Kiss x Sis”. And yes, watching this anime, you understand that the genre "I mean, this is not hentai?" does exist.

To Love Ru


This anime is a classic harem for the sake of a harem. You know, when you see the phrase in the description of an anime: "... and monstrously juicy moments constantly occur that challenge the laws of physics" you immediately understand what to expect from this.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (Demon King Daimao)


The concept of a demon king surrounded by a crowd of loyal female fans is pretty muscular. And yes, that's exactly what anime is. It is clearly not worth the marks it gets.

Rosario to Vampire


I have a personal dislike for this anime. In it, a group of demonic schoolgirls are constantly trying to capture the heart of the protagonist. It is probably more terrible that they can rush at the main character against his will. This is already some kind of sexual harassment, which is not good. I want to make a remark, the harem genre itself can be interesting, although I don't like the general concept. For example, "Rascal who never dreamed of the Rabbit girl" is an excellent example of how there are many girls around the hero, but we are shown the depth of relationships without a stupid fan service.

4. Just bad anime

It's just that there are titles that are bad in themselves, but for some reason they are watched. There are actually not many reasons, rather they are individual. Usually these are titles that you can either love or hate with all your heart and not understand why at least someone likes them. But let's look at examples.

School Days


"School days" are great for describing love and hate. For, firstly, this is not just an anime, but a visual novel, where you can influence the plot and it attracts. But the characters, situations, the snotty main character who, under the influence of hormones, becomes a narcissistic asshole - everything affects the impression, you watch this anime with the thought: “Will I really hate him so much?”.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui (WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Unpopular!)


The situation here is strange. "WataMote" anime seems to be good, but its humor is too specific and you don't really understand if you had fun or wasted a few hours of your life.

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