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The worst fillers in anime TOP 12


Ask any webmaster what pisses him off in the anime and among the many points you will surely find fillers. Filler episodes are one of the scourges of anime, generated by many factors, which we talked about in more detail in the previous material. The biggest criminals in this area are long series such as Bleach and Naruto, but any anime based on the manga is not immune to this trap.

We have collected for you 12 of the worst fillers in anime that you simply must skip any valuable. All of them are equally bad, so we won't choose the worst of the worst - it's just a list.

12. Blue Exorcist Ending

Opens our list of the worst fillers end of Blue Exorcist. It became a big disappointment for many fans of the show. The fact is that instead of waiting for the end of the manga, the creators decided to finish the series themselves. Yes, we have quite a few anime where they did the same: Shaman King, Hellsing, why is the exorcist worse? The problem is that it was so chaotic, ragged and incomplete that then we had to wait for the end of the manga to understand what the creators of the anime had fantasized for themselves. While there is nothing wrong with appreciating both manga and anime, it’s bad when it’s not optional but out of necessity.


11. Yoto Arc - Naruto

It's one thing when fillers waste your time and bring nothing to the overall plot - you're used to it. But when they break the canon, it goes beyond all limits. This is exactly what the Yoto filler arc does.

Yoto is a boy from an unknown village who died of an illness. He is resurrected by Orochimaru during experiments and sent to Kanoha to try to harm her. But instead, he befriended little Naruto and the other children of Kanohi, who further in the plot protected him. It certainly could have looked touching if it hadn't broken the biography of the anime protagonist. Naruto calls him his first friend even though Sasuke has always been, despite their strained relationship. Also, Naruto did not walk in childhood with the other children of Kanohi, as everyone hated and ignored him.


10. Black Butler Season Two

There is little to say, half of the second season of this title has nothing to do with the original source at all. This could be a great opportunity to reveal existing characters and introduce new attractive heroes, but alas, the characters have started to forget about their original goals altogether.


9. Garlick the Younger Arc - Dragon Ball Z

Probably the most hated arc among Dragon Ball Z. First, the vampire story was ridiculous and ridiculous. Secondly, Garlick the Younger was not such a dangerous villain as Gohan, and he did not receive any development, but simply forced him to fight against himself. And third, this arch stepped on the heels of the Freeze saga and the audience was more concerned with the fate of the protagonist, and not with what they were shown.


8. Endless Loop - The Melancholy of Haruhu Suzumiya

In this anime there is an arc where the SOS team gets into a time loop and the series acquires the concept of the film Groundhog Day. But instead of quickly establishing this fact and solving the problem in one episode, the creators stretched it for 8 painful episodes, which were repeated each time. This happened, again, due to the lack of the primary source. Each episode differed in the emotions of the characters, the details of their clothes or angles, but everything else [plot, lines] was identical. At least the authors did not come up with a gag. However, this arc is horrible to watch, although some die-hard fans still find the beauty in it.


7. Arch Baunto - Bleach

The Baunto Arc from Bleach is a prime example of how the creators give birth to nonsense while waiting to write the primary source right before an important plot climax. We are introduced to local vampires, the appearance of which looks especially ridiculous given that a huge threat in the form of Aizen weighs over the heroes. Well, and according to the classics, the arc does not develop either the characters or the universe in which all the action of the series takes place.


6. Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc - Fairy Tail

Let's admit that Fairy Tail has some pretty good filler arcs at times, as anime creators always consult with the original manga author about them. However, the Celestial Spirits of the Eclipse Arc is clearly not a good one. Maybe she would have been good, if not for two points. Firstly, the arc takes place immediately after the arc about the Great Magic Games, which is considered one of the most spectacular in the entire anime, and against its background this plot looks weak. Second, the story focuses not on the relationship between the spirits of the eclipse and humans, but on silly gags.


5. Rurouni Kenshin Season Three

"Rurouni Kenshin" was an awesome anime that has lost all of its howling charm since season three. From a holistic story, it turned into a set of unrelated episodes, and not of the best quality. There is only one single episode throughout the entire season that follows the manga.


4. Goat Island - One Piece

In many countries where this anime was shown, the channels did not even translate Goat Island, as it is probably the most meaningless. Although there are more than 800 episodes in "One Piece", this can be said about different fillers, however, it seems to me that "Island of Goats", where the team helps to find the old man his goat, stands out for its stupidity.


3. Moyashimon Returns - First Three Episodes

This anime is not as well known as other representatives of this list about the worst anime fillers, but this is not a reason not to mention it. If the whole series is a pleasant and rather fascinating experiment, then the first three filler episodes are far-fetched biology lessons. I'm not saying biology is bad, not in any way, but in this context they just look boring.


2. InuYasha - fourth season

One of those titles that has a compelling story and memorable characters, but new fans would find it much easier to get into if the series wasn't so long. Alas, it was stretched because of the fourth, almost filler season, where villains are defeated in a couple of episodes, and problems have no long-term consequences. Boredom and decline, roughly speaking. Perhaps if I had worked with the characters longer it would have been good, but it didn't.


1.Any episode about memories [recap]

Oh yes, we all "love" the slop called the flashback episode, where the characters continually return in flashbacks to the episodes we've seen. In the age of the internet and streaming services, fortunately, they left the industry, but TV shows like Gundam or Fushigi Yugi were constantly suffering from these diseases.


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