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10 things you probably didn't know about Bleach


In March, the official sequel to one of the three most famous shonen of the 00s, Bleach, was announced. The creators of the anime are going to film the Millennium Bloody War arc, but we don't know the exact dates when the sequel to Bleach will be released, but there is a reason to remember the original anime, here are 10 things about Bleach that you hardly knew about.

The bleach was not over

Let's start with what has now become known, but not everyone still knows why a continuation is needed. The original "Bleach" was never finished and the fans were furious. The ending of Ichigo Kurosaki's entire story was laid out in the manga in the final arc of the Millennium Bloody War. Yes, yes, they are going to film it.


In this arc, the Soul Society is attacked by the Quincy who are trying to kill the Soul King. The story tied together many of the anime's moments, and naturally also plunged deeply into Ichigo's past.

Rukia was originally supposed to be the main character of the manga

According to the initial concept, the manga was called Snipe, and Rukia, as the first character created by Taito Kubo, was supposed to become the main character. Dressed in Shinigami clothes and armed with a scythe, Rukia had to fight various enemies. Other characters used firearms, hence the name Snipe [snipe].

When Kubo developed his new idea, Ichigo became the main character, and weapons were changed from scythe to zanpakut, which became an integral part of the entire series.

Rukia is one of the most popular characters in the series and it would be very interesting to see how the story developed with her as the main character. That said, it's also hard to imagine Bleach without Ichigo, since he and Rukia are both a very cool duet, especially at the very beginning of the story. The name Bleach refers to white, but not to clothes bleach


More than once, Taito Kubo had to face a misunderstanding of fans why the author in the title of the manga refers us to bleach .... He often had to explain why he chose such a title for his work.

After he introduced the zanpakut into the plot, the name Snipe lost its meaning and Kubo decided to name the manga "Black", referring to the black color of Shinigami clothing. However, he considered this name too commonplace. “White” was also such a variant, albeit more attractive, so he chose the word Bleach [bleach, whiteness] to have a clear association with white.

Yoruichi's name changed to avoid criticism

Bleach fans will remember Yoruichi as a black cat that happens to be a woman. While the character was certainly very popular, she also generated some controversy. In most cases, due to the fact that she was regularly naked. However, it went through changes early on in its creation to avoid other criticism.


Yoruichi was originally called "Kuroneko", which means "black cat" in Japanese. While this is an obvious reference to her transformation, there were concerns that this could be interpreted as an emphasis on Yoruichi's black skin, so a change was made to avoid any possibility of offending readers.

It is unlikely that there would be much ado about this given that Yoruichi literally turns into a black cat, but it is not difficult to understand why this happened.

Many Bleach characters have a theme song

Taito Kubo is a big fan of rock and punk. He said that he always wrote manga while listening to rock while working. It so happened that many songs served as inspiration for the creation of characters and some of them have their own song, which the author associates with.

This information came from exclusive manga collections. So, for example, Ichigo's song is "News From The Front" by Bad Religion, and his father's is "Don't Drag Me Down" by Social Distortion.


Other characters also have their own compositions, Sado has The Hellacopters - "No Song Unheard". And Radiohead's song "Idioteque" helped define Isis's character. Renji displays several tracks from Japanese hip-hop with elements of traditional music.

Cohn's story

Kon is a modified soul that is inserted into a toy in the shape of a lion. He performs two functions in the series at the same time: as a comedic character, and also replaces Ichigo in his body when he turns into a Shinigami.

However, he has a deep history of emergence. Kubo came up with Kon after witnessing an incident between a child and his parent. A boy was holding his toy in his hand and demanded from his father that he buy him another one that he liked, but he refused. The boy threw out his toy in protest, abandoning it forever.

So, the plush lion in the show is a toy thrown away by someone that Rukia and Ichigo accidentally found.

Almost half of all anime is filler

Bleach is the shortest shonen compared to the rest of the trinity. However, the original Bleach [manga] itself is even shorter. Despite the fact that 366 episodes have been released so far, just over half of the manga follows. In terms of percentage, about 45% of the entire series is filler arches, and not of the best quality. Many people really dislike them also because of how brazenly they interrupted the main plot. They did not just stretch over entire story arcs, but also over seasons.


And that wouldn't be a problem [after all - fillers are a common thing in long anime] if the quality wasn't much worse, especially in the Bounto and Zanpakut Uprising arcs.

Musical was staged in Japan by Bleach

While you don't expect anime adaptations to conquer the scenes of Broadway or London's West End, Bleach's popularity in Japan has led to the creation of a rock musical based on the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Centered on the Arc of Soul Society and showcasing completely original music, the musical remains relatively true to the original story except for the songs.


The show has toured Japan and is estimated to have seen around 130,000 people since its first performance. And it's very cool, although it's a bit strange to imagine how the characters of the series perform songs.

Kubo was touched by the story of a sick boy

After the manga ended, Kubo revealed a tragic story that happened during the series' creation process. Kubo claimed that after the manga began filming, he struggled with a busy schedule of producing new chapters every day, and also suffered from some serious health problems that affected his performance.

Around this time, Kubo received a letter from a terminally ill boy who, while bedridden, became a big fan of Bleach. Manga has become one of the few sources of child joy. At the end of his letter, the boy asked Kubo to continue writing.


From that point on, Kubo approached writing the manga, feeling a new strength within himself that kept him motivated until the end of the story. He also contacted the boy's family more than once.

Taito Kubo included his fashion passion in Bleach

In addition to writing manga, one of Kubo's main hobbies is fashion design, and the author has used his knowledge in this area to create memorable and colorful clothing designs for his characters - in particular, Ichigo.

Kubo invented and drew different outfits for his characters, which you later saw more than once, both in the series and in the openings and endings.

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