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Naruto VS Boruto. What's wrong with the restart?


The 100th episode of Boruto has recently been released, a sequel / restart of the original Naruto. I myself plucked up the courage and decided to look at the new series. And in fact "Boruto" turned out to be quite bearable, and sometimes even interesting. Mechanically, my brain started comparing it to the original series, and I realized that there was actually a problem with Boruto that went beyond one anime. Today we'll compare Naruto and Boruto.

"What's wrong with the original then?"

It was this question with sincere misunderstanding that I asked myself quite often when the first series of Hurricane Chronicles came out. Indeed, at one time it was quite common to throw mud at this anime. To be fair, Naruto was one of my first two animes. He, like the Shaman King, was played on Jetix in a dubbed translation. And from the very moment I met the first season until the end of the second in 2017, I watched it and loved it very much.

In those days, the anime community that has grown in the CIS today was modest, it was not easy to find anime in large quantities, so Naruto became a real gift. And when on Jetix they began to turn the series beyond the 25th episode, it was a revelation, and I watched with pleasure every new episode. But I still didn't understand how the anime subsequently got so much hate, and at any mention of it it was hard not to run into the banter “Yo, dogs, I'm Naruto Uzumaki”.


Today, on the contrary, many people remember him as an excellent story about how to overcome yourself. How to break through the universal hatred of your dream and prove to the whole world that you are not who you are believed to be. Of the minuses, alas, one cannot fail to mention the dragging on of the fillers, although we must admit that many were even interesting. Just remember how the team tried to find out what Kakashi has under the mask.

The series did not stand on ceremony with its main character. From the first episodes, we were given to understand that Naruto is not just an orphan, it contains the greatest and most dangerous demon that killed more than one hundred people. The demon is not a superpower, but a boy's curse. Everyone around him literally hates him and despises him. Society sees in him only a demon, and not a child abandoned by everyone. It is because of this that he tries to attract attention to himself. Moreover, Naruto is a loser, lags behind in studies and perfect zero in ninjutsu, and his main rival Sasuke is a genius with an innate gift of sharingan.


But Naruto is still pursuing his dream of becoming a hokage. He encounters students who are more talented than him, he meets enemies a hundred times stronger, but overcomes and does not whine at the same time. He is a very good role model for me. One of the main themes of the first season is just hard work in the name of your dreams and a brighter future.

But it is not only this that captivates me, but all the same tough that happens to him. From the very beginning of their training, Naruto and his team are constantly in danger of death. What is one of the first story arcs with Zabuza. Think about it - they are children with minimal skills, they meet one of the most terrible assassins in the ninja world. Or remember the first exam and meeting Orochimaru.

And besides, the battles in the anime are simply gorgeous, even though they happen and stretch over several episodes. However, this is required by the production, which is also at its best, and works with a bang together with the setting. Hell, if you remember the main plot, which is thoughtful, interconnected and intriguing, you generally understand that with the anime "Naruto" everything is fine and even better.


And remembering all this, you realize how spineless the anime "Boruto" is.

Daddy's son

So, what about Boruto? In fact, everything is ok. The manga itself has been published since 2016, but it is not drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. He only controls the process so that everything is within the framework of the setting and the original story. And at first, Boruto makes a good impression. He has high-quality animation, the universe has changed, but is true to its origins. In the courtyard of the world, Konakha has become the most technologically advanced village. Everywhere there are railways, large enterprises, the development of science and education. An era of prosperity guarded by the seventh hokage of Naruto. In this world, a discussion has even appeared on the topic “Do we need an army of defenders, because there are no opponents?”

The main character himself is surprisingly pleasant. Looking at Boruto, you see him as a boy you would like to be friends with if you were the same age with him. He protects the weak, he is a bit gouging, but talented. From his mother he passed on the Byakugan, he has a lot of friends, and in general he is surrounded by the love of his family.


The plot starts with his admission to the ninja academy, where we are introduced to the children of past characters, who are almost exact copies of their parents. But it is not surprising, because "Boruto" is positioned as "Naruto for a new generation", hence the consonant name of the main characters.

This is where the spinelessness of the plot can be seen. I am by no means saying that this is a bad anime, but it is not serious, and mostly consists of fillers. As they say, it will go singing, but no more. Just fun adventures of nice heroes in a ninja setting. In addition, it is also aimed at a Western audience. For your understanding, ramen has been replaced with burgers, and the entire Japanese flavor is constantly competing with the European style of architecture and development. And this is a minus.


Generally normal, but in comparison with the original series - "Boruto" loses. Everything looks very tense, because the guy just has no problems. If his father prevailed and confronted in the face of a hating society, his son, my God, the problem is that dad is constantly working and it infuriates him. Also the Hokage, what's wrong with that ?! Or, poor Boruto, there's a guy in the class who doesn't want to be friends with him.

Think of the kids!

There are no problems in the series as such. If you think about what Boruto is about, then it's just everyday life with fantasy elements. For example, even though the first arch consists of fillers, it still contains a plot about an evil spirit that controls people. As a result, it turns out that the ninja is to blame for everything, who takes revenge on the old offenders. The almighty Naruto cannot deal with him, but not Boruto, who will just talk to the enemy!

The show is very bland and lacks the right mood. Yes, from the very beginning they tell us right in the face that they say that Boruto will not follow his father's path, because this is his story, but where to go? In the future, everything promises to be much tougher, which was shown to us at the very beginning of the first episode, but at the moment, for a hundred episodes, there was no serious tension. There is drama and seriousness, but also a clear line that anime never goes over.


If Boruto fights several bandits, then Dad at his age saved the third Hokage from Orochimaru. The ratio is simply colossal. In this anime, as in general in the entertainment industry, they are simply afraid to use harsh things that might "traumatize poor children." Do not forget, in the courtyard of the fashion to blame everyone and everything except your child for any problems. School violence? They have played enough of their games! Online bullying? All these films and anime are so influential! And so on.

So, under the influence of such unnecessary overprotection, projects for children that do not cross the line are born. And they do not cross it at all not in order not to harm, but so that the creators are not accused of harming. Even in the fillers it is evident. I will never forget how Naruto once, in search of a toilet, relieved himself from the roof, and Ino, seeing drops from the sky, said: "what a beautiful rain!".


Boruto, in the filler, helps a classmate to deal with a secret admirer ...

Yo dogs ...

Again, Boruto is a normal and interesting anime that is intriguing at times, but it's just weak and afraid of being more than a bunch of good stories about good guys. There are fewer battles, and the abilities of the heroes are not always closely woven into the setting. In the foreground is the “drama” about the old man's father hanging out at work, and in general the ninja world is the last century. Or the problem that Boruto is arrogant and they don't want to be friends with him. As a result, I just skipped one arch and moved on to the last episodes, but nothing has changed there either. Alas, the world as a whole has changed, and in comparison with Naruto and Boruto, the advantage is clearly not on the side of the latter.


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Author: Jake Pinkman