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Why are fillers in anime evil and everyone hates them?


Imagine the situation. You are watching a cool title that comes to its climax, the main characters go to the final battle with the villain and yes, this is exactly what you have been waiting for all this time. You turn on the coveted next episode, which will begin the events of the finale, when suddenly the heroes come to the beach and comedy and fan service begin ... What is it all about? Fireworks Festival? Hot Springs Series? Rice-eating competition? Hey, heroes, you will save the world in general, why did you suddenly decide to turn around on the way to rest? The answer to these many questions is one - you fell victim to anime fillers.

Fillers in anime are a fairly common phenomenon that haunts avid anime fans throughout their long history of adolescence. But why are they so bad?

Pointless filler

Fillers in the general sense are episodes that are not related to the main plot of the series. Speaking specifically about anime, the Urban Dictionary treats them as an anime segment, be it an entire episode or a part of it, which is not in the original manga. Fillers, as the name suggests, "fill" anime with non-canon material, which is usually created by the same company that brings the title to life. Pretty simple?


As often happens, initially they came to the anime culture from the west, namely from the filler episodes of the 90s TV series.

Banal pimping of bones, which are often spies, there is a spirit of types. Just filler episodes that go in a row and are not related. These episodes are comedic in nature and try to defuse the situation. And it turns out it's pretty stupid. My "favorite" example is the last episodes of Attack on Titan season 1, about a cooking competition between Jean and Sasha. After what we have experienced while watching this series, such a stupid orgy looks like a blow in the stomach.


Yes, other fillers in the series, for example, about the diary of a girl from the reconnaissance squad, where she described how she met a talking titan, expands lore, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Indeed, in other series, filler episodes consist of cliched hot springs, beaches and are not of the slightest value for the narrative.

Even worse are filler arches. The name speaks for itself; it is whole story arcs, it is not clear about what and it is not clear why. So, in the first season of Naruto, all episodes from 136 to 220 are filler arcs.


Bring Me Back So Why Anime Fillers? There are several reasons for this, but they all somehow rest on the fact that the anime does not keep up with the original source. And he has to follow other, most roundabout ways with dizzying twists and turns, striking the most sick imagination in order to align with the original.

We have the following:

  • If the company thinks the anime is catching up with the manga too quickly, they will insert entire episodes or arcs to allow the manga author to write more chapters.
  • Anime series are usually capable of adapting at least two manga chapters per anime episode. If anime writers feel that the crucial chapter should not be broadcast in the last part of an episode, they will add fillers to make up for that, and broadcast an important part in the new episode.
  • If anime is gaining huge popularity among viewers, anime companies often add fillers to extend the show, capitalizing on the popularity [again, let's remember Naruto Shippuden parasitizing on fillers for years to constantly be on trend]


Anime studios always have to choose: divide anime into seasons or start fillers to keep the title on TV longer. This is much more profitable, because the TV channel continues to buy episodes, although they depart from the original source, and viewers are unlikely to jump off the needle called: "HYIP anime ended at the most interesting place." But no one wants to endure fillers, since often they all completely idiotic.

Where does so much anger and hatred come from?

I think everything is clear here. Adapters, simply transferring the finished material into the anime form, have to come up with this anime without the finished material. Even if local writers have fresh ideas in their heads, they are unlikely to be able to correctly fit them into the concept so that they do not get out of the main plot and the spirit of the original manga.

In addition, there is also a quality factor. Filler episodes are very often inferior in the quality of adaptation, and if the episode itself is also bad, then the viewer directly understands that he is being fed with a brown substance. Plus, in such situations, studios sometimes do not agree on their ideas with the author of the manga, since they have the rights to show and create fillers, so what's the point?


Usually titles that go on for years suffer from this disease. These are mainly "Bleach", "Naruto", "Feri Teil" and "One Piece". And if, for example, the creators of "One Piece" still consult with the author of the original [and even there are worthy episodes], then in "Bleach" everything is worse, and the creators managed to intertwine fillers and the main plot.

It can be worse

Almost the worst scenario of events, as for me, when the manga does not keep pace with the anime so much that the decision is made to end the series in its own way. How many beautiful pictures have been destroyed in this way. As an example: the first Hellsing, Shaman King, which we talked about not so long ago, Rozen Maiden, Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Rosario + Vampire, and the last season of Sailor Moon. Separately, I want to highlight the first "Fullmetal Alchemist", because the ending of this anime, which departed from the original source, even came out quite suitable along with the end of the manga.


Here I want to say that fillers, although in 80% of cases are terrible, can be quite interesting, as an example, the same ending of "Alchemist" mentioned or a series from the first season of Naruto, how the team tried to find out what was behind the mask Kakashi. By the way, this episode is considered one of the funniest in anime as such.

But the very bottom that can only happen with the series is recaps. This is often a stupid, lazy and meaningless cut from past episodes under the motto "let's remember what you saw before." Flashbacks are also arousing - the hero's memories, which show what we saw in previous episodes.


To summarize: Fillers in anime are evil, but not as big as they could be. At least for the reason that you can skip them without wasting your time. You just need to be able to identify such series.

It's not so difficult to do it:

  • Heroes start to remember something
  • The heroes are going on a trip / journey unexpectedly at the beginning of the series
  • The quality of the animation is worse
  • The spirit of low-quality comedy appears
  • You feel that the characters are acting strange and out of character
  • Just compare to manga, or watch blogger reviews and content from various resources that talk about fillers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman