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TOP Anime Couples in Love


Let's talk about anime and love. More specifically, about the best couples in anime. In principle, the theme of love has been raised in anime more than a dozen, if not hundreds of times. About the genre of shoujo and visual otome novels, I generally keep quiet. Despite such an abundance of the most romantic and generally accepted couples in anime, our portal decided to compose its own subjective top of anime couples in love that we like the most, and we will explain why they are. There are no places in the top.

Kyung and Haruhi / The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

And we'll start with the most controversial pair: the perky and impudent Haruhi Suzumiya and the eternally disgruntled Kyon. Their relationship is ambiguous in that they essentially do not exist. But is it appropriate then to put them in a similar top? Sure! The fact is that the relationship between these two people, so different in character, is shown to us not verbally and is rather unusual for anime, with the exception of a couple of moments.

None of them think about how they love the second, but we see it. The feelings between Kyung and Haruhi are presented to us in a narrative way. Of course, the apogee [and exception] was the third episode, where in order to escape from the confined space, Kyung kisses Haruhi, but all this is “like just a dream”, and there will be no such moments further, and their feelings will be shown precisely by the narrative of the series.


My favorite example is the episode where the SOS team investigates a murder in a mansion. At the moment when a couple stands on a mountain during a storm, they join hands so as not to fall from the slope on which they are standing. They just take each other's hands in a simple way, but literally in a second they change their position to a more intimate one, clasping their fingers. And it was this moment that we were shown in close-up for literally one and a half seconds.

In the same episode, when they squeeze things in a cave and talk about murder, the camera angles show the strange sexual tension that both characters are experiencing, at the same time, making it clear that neither of them is capable of influencing him ... It is precisely from such moments that are not specified, but clear accents are made on them, and their relationship consists. Difficult, but so true.

Edward & Winry / Full Metal Alchemist

Edward and Winry, I can describe as "just a good couple." I rarely met in anime, sincere and simple love. They have known each other since childhood, liked each other for a long time. Edwart and Winry had to be together - and so it happened. But this is not presented to us as something super romantic, but as a natural order of things, without unnecessary pathos and excessive romance.


Sakuta and Mai / The Scoundrel Who Never Dreamed of a Bunny Girl

In the relationship of these two, everything is a little more complicated than in the previous case, but we are not looking for easy ways in our top anime and are trying to be rebellious [wow, probably after these words the top will be hated even more]. What makes this relationship special is probably damn quantum physics, which plays an important role in the plot, from which Sakuta's feelings become more sincere when he tries to go against this very physics.


I really love it when actions play a significant role in a story, especially a love story, because you can understand the sincerity of words from them. Therefore, when he disgraces himself in front of the whole school [which, according to anime canons, is tantamount to the worst nightmare], he makes people remember Mai's existence and confesses his feelings - I believe him.

Kaguya and Miyuki / Lady Kaguya in love as in war

In this case, the whole situation is just very funny. No, well, seriously, damn "Death Note" in the setting of school romance, where two brilliant and proud yandere make each other first confess their feelings in order to be the main thing in a relationship. I was condemned, slandered, but I do not regret that I put these two and their intellectual love story at the top of the best anime this winter.


Taki and Mitsuha / Your name

One could say that this anime couple benefits from the fact that Taki saved Mitsuha from death, and that they are sincerely trying not to forget the names of their beloved. However, it seems to me no less important that they are people who know how to respect each other. Many couples break up due to misunderstandings or unwillingness to accept the rules of their partner's life. But Taki and Mitsuha literally live for each other and are completely imbued with the worldview, while changing bodies. Their relationship is just about how to respect the personal life of a person dear to you and be able to adapt to it, and trust the one you love.


Buddha and Jesus / Holy youths

So, wait now, I'll explain what these two are doing here. Of course, there are no romantic and love feelings between these characters from the anime "Holy Children". However, they represent true love for their friend. After all, friendship, especially strong and real, is also to some extent a subspecies of love. Think of one or more of your friends and imagine what your life would be like without them. I'm sure you will understand what I mean. Many people understand and admit that they love their friends, because only with them they can be themselves. And I decided to put the friendship of Jesus and Buddha here as a symbol of all real friends in the anime, people who make you who you are. Well, in the end, these gods themselves are promoting universal love, so why not?


Asitaka and San / Princess Mononoke

Feelings in the Miyazaki anime have always had their own charm. Asitaka and San are excellent examples of this. He is the prince of a small village, she is the princess of wolves. This is something deeper than a romantic relationship. In Miyazaki's paintings, the theme of harmony between nature and man has always had a place to be, and sometimes it acts as the main leitmotif of the picture, subtext and propaganda that we forget about this balance, continuing to destroy the most valuable that the planet has given us.


Both Asitaka and San are just that case when two hostile environments: nature and humanity are combined together, thereby forming harmony. This is the only way they defeat the spirits of the forest. And although they cannot be together, they are still some of the best.

Haruki and Yamauchi / I want to eat your pancreas

A very touching story that cannot end well. Yamauchi has cancer and will die. It is inevitable, there will be no miracle. And when that happens, only suffering remains. This is clear from the very beginning. Moreover, the story is not original and similar things have happened before in cinematography. But the main character doesn't look like she's dying. And in the film, not much time is devoted to how the disease kills her. After all, anime and the relationship of the main characters are about what it means to be happy. And, probably, this is what makes this couple good, because together they are trying to find the answer to this question.


Otani and Risa / Touching Complex

These two remind me of many of my acquaintances from school days. The problem is that they tease each other and sarcastically joke about the fact that they have different heights, but at the same time their dislike and friendly jokes grow into something more and move on to a new stage. But Otani and Risa remain the same. I put them in the top, as an example of a couple that emerged from a fun friendship. Which happens quite often in real life.


Cat and Lucy / Elfsong

Another strange contender that is usually not included in such lists. Kota and Lucy are actually an example of how trying to help a person cope with his problems, you suffer from his selfishness and complexes generated by these very problems. It's hard to even imagine what terrible feelings Kota experienced when Lucy, in a fit of childish naive jealousy, killed his parents. I put them on the list as a reminder of how horrible relationships can turn out to be, because in life people are faced with this very often.


In compiling this list, I tried to focus more on couples that represent not just banal archetypes, but somehow reflect our life.

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Author: Jake Pinkman