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Best Teen Love Movies: Compilation 2


First love is so romantic! And even if it does not last long, even if the future life will develop with another person, but the first love, as well as the first sexual experience, remain in the memory forever. For the heroes of our next top dedicated to the best films about teenage love, the first romantic experiences are yet to come. We will survive these happy and dramatic moments together with them!

We remind you that the stars in our tops of this kind are marked with films containing explicit sex scenes that teenagers under 16 should not see yet.

1. Dirty Dancing (1987) 8.05

This romantic story, oddly enough, was put on the basis of real events. In her screenplay, Eleanor Bergsteen described a heartbreaking love story that happened to her earlier.


As a teenager, she herself was the very youngest daughter of a European surgeon, who was lucky enough to have a rest with her family at the New York boarding house CatsKills, where she met a young man, with whom she took part in a kind of "Dirty Dancing" championship.

Of course, the story was supplemented with some dramatic details, which in fact were not, but it turned out quite well.

This is the story of a 17-year-old girl from a wealthy family who, while on vacation with her parents, had her first real love and sexual experience with a simple street dancer from the lowest strata of society.

For some, “love from different social backgrounds” is a highlight!

2. Life of Adele (2013) 7.04 *

Next on our list of the best films about teenage love is the story of a high school student, Adele, who, in search of herself and love for herself, “crawled” into the “department of Lesbian sex,” and never crawled out of there until the end of her days.


She had a sexual experience with a handsome boy Tom from the same school. But such love and sexual pleasures did not insert her at all. On the street, she accidentally sees a blue-haired girl, who later does not get out of her head. And so she meets her in one of the gay clubs, where she came with her gay friend.

And then a spark flashes between them. After rough sex, they begin to live together, but despite the fact that the girls like each other very much, they are very different in their inner content. Adele is a more strict and stubborn person, with a life plan clearly spelled out in her mind, while Emma (this is the name of her friend) is a chaotic girl who, moreover, it seems Adele, is not averse to getting fucked on the side.

How the further development of the plot will go - we will see in the film, which contains scenes of such lesbian sex, which you will find, perhaps, in films from the XXX section.

3. The year my voice broke (1987) 6.78

The unsightly-looking boy Danny has been very friendly with the girl Freya since childhood. But to the fact that overnight, her breasts suddenly grew, her hips widened, and she herself began to look at the older guys, he was not ready.


Unfortunately, nature has decreed that girls grow up in bodies much earlier than guys. So poor Danny was left outside the circle of her current "priorities." No, they are still good friends, but sexually, much to Danny's dismay, she has no interest in him at all.

What will Danny do about this? Really, will make an attempt to master the art of hypnosis and make Freya love him by force? Moreover, love is not childish!

4. My Little Princess (2011) 6.59

A good mom is a mom who is a mom in all respects. And in this case, mom is more like a non-manager trying to turn her 12-year-old daughter into a whore and promote her in the harsh world of the porn business for her own enrichment.

In the continuation of the top films about teenage love, the story of a mother who is eaten all over her head, who, realizing that her naked photos are no longer inserting anyone, and as an actress and photographer no one needs her, begins to take pictures of her young daughter for porn magazines. Moreover, both in underwear and without it.

It's clear that at school the girl is treated accordingly. And this suited the girl only for the time being. What started out as an interesting game is turning more and more into sexual slavery that has no end.

Will the girl find the strength to withstand the stubborn and greedy mother for sensational pictures and large fees?

5. Paradise (1982) 6.29

The film is a well-deserved member of ourTop Blue Lagoon Films.It's all one-on-one, like in the acclaimed 1980 film starring Brooke Shields, with the only exception that the ocean here is the endless desert, and the island is a picturesque oasis.


Two teenagers, as a result of a bandit attack, are left without parents. Of the adults, only an elderly man is next to him, who, soon, will also be destined to lose his life. And the children will have to wander through the desert all alone until they manage to come across an oasis that stretches around a lake formed by a wonderful spring.

But they do not manage to "lie low in Bruges" for a long time, because a gang of bandits is constantly following them, the leader of which is very fond of a small girl who is constantly escaping from his paws.

6. Kids (1995) 6.25

The next picture on our list of the best films about teenage love may seem overly vulgar and even idiotic to someone. But it’s actually an excellent learning guide tape for both parents and children.


Here, without any embellishment, it is shown how teenagers live. Yes, they seem to grow up with their bodies, but, unfortunately, they still don't have minds. And in this difficult period, parents are needed in order to look in which direction the cuckoo will turn, and what he can heap up with his genitals, which are still working without much brain power.

In the center of the plot is a degenerate teenager who boasts of his sexual exploits. In his pursuit of another "virgin", he does not even notice how he became infected with AIDS and spreads it to the right and to the left, breaking both the girls and their further boyfriends of life right and left.

Look after your kids, dear. It is not even an hour, this can happen to anyone who has brains in the wrong place.

7. Endless Love (1981) 6.21

This is the case when the first love becomes so deep that no vicissitudes of future life are subject to it. And there will be so many ups and downs that mum don't cry.

She is 15, he is 17. And, of course, the parents of the girl, whose role again, by the way, is played by Brooke Shields, already familiar to us from “Adorable Child” and “Blue Lagoon”, are not very happy with such “relationships” .

When they ask a guy to wait a little, he doesn't agree to any. And when he is not allowed to talk to his beloved, he burns down the house of the hated old men to hell.

And that's not all. After serving his term, he is released and again begins to look for his beloved, but stumbles upon her father, who, in pursuit of him, falls under the wheels of a car ...

Damn it! Will we meet again someday, love?

8. Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) 6.16

Continuing the list of the best films about teenage love, the story of the "sexual development" of a nondescript 15-year-old girl Minnie, who decides to start her sexual experience by sleeping with her mom's boyfriend.

She reads all her experiences and aspirations for this and other reasons on an audio diary, which is better for a normal person to never listen to. But, meanwhile, before our eyes, all the details of this diary are developing.

Minnie's sexual maturity was so chaotic and idiotic that in the end it brought her to the most “sexual dead end”. And what kind of dead end it is - you will see for yourself. You can't explain it in a nutshell.

9. Melissa: Intimate Diary (2005) 5.59

Until recently, Melissa was a simple teenager who did not care at all about sex, or high feelings, or anything related to it. But one day her gaze fell on a dark-eyed young man - Daniel and from that moment her life changed.


What is love? And is there a difference between sex drive and real feelings of love? In order to figure this out, a 13-year-old girl will have to go through the harsh road of erotic knowledge. How many sexual experience she does not have to gain to understand that all this is just a wrapper. And the real feeling is hidden much deeper. And not everyone manages to get to the bottom of it.

And so that your child does not have to go through such "sexual hardships", dear parents, take more part in the life of your child. Otherwise, their "path of knowledge" may not end as softly as in this case.

10. Who to sleep with ?! (2013) 5.07

In conclusion, our top of the best films about teenage love is a stupid comedy for, which in all its glory will tell young people how not to grow up sexually. Although, the lion's share of juvenile morons will just take the advice of an idiotic picture at face value.


Girl Brandy, having got drunk at a party of high school graduates, accidentally ran into a local handsome Rusty in the dark, who, mistaking her for another, began to squeeze and lick with her. But, seeing in the end that he was kissing the wrong one, he apologizes and leaves.

But from now on, Brandi is just obsessed with the final goal of sleeping with Rusty in college, which they go to together. She makes a stupid list of sex lessons for herself before she goes to bed with Rusty. Well, let her study these lessons.

The list consists of such naive and idiotic points, which are not something to know and think disgusting. But our heroine thinks that in order to be delicious in bed, you need to go through everything.

Well, the flag in her hands and a drum around her neck. Although, our girls who have gone through such a list are called with one capacious word - whore!


Our second selection of films about teenage love and first sexual experiences has come to an end. Stay tuned for our releases, as the third part of the top is not far off. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you. We wish you a pleasant autumn mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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