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Love and Zombies

Image Despite the fact that more than a dozen films and TV series have been filmed about zombies, as well as about vampires, the film bosses' interest in the revived dead does not dry out. This time, viewers will have to find out what will happen if zombies are added to a typical romantic story about the search for oneself, love and faith.

Last year, Gunpowder & Sky has announced that it is working with the independent production studio DIGA Studios to film an adaptation of the teenage zombie comedy novel by American writer Jeff Hart. Released in 2013, the book jokingly plays on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling book, starring Julia Roberts, and is titled Eat, Brains, Love ( Eat, Brains, Love ).

According to the information portal Deadline , Rodman Flender will take the director's chair for the future film, and Mike Herro and David Strauss will take over the adaptation of the novel.

The first part of the story, consisting of two books, is described as"a touching and bloody mixture of romance and dark humor, filled with jokes, emotions and brains". In the center of the plot -high school student Jake Stevens and his beloved girlfriend Amanda Blake , who contracted a mysterious zombie virus and ate the brains of half of their classmates. Now the guys are forced to go on the run, hiding from a teenage psychic named Cass , who was sent after them by the top-secret government Department of Necrotic Control. Trying to cope with the guilt of having eaten their best friends, the heroes go in search of a cure, while Cass grapples with a growing psychological dilemma.

Writers Herro and Strauss have previously worked together on the teen drama series One Tree Hill, as well as The Royals and The Kingdom. Rodman Flender was noted for his participation in the work on such shows as "Dawson's Creek", "Gilmore Girls", "OS - Lonely Hearts "," Office "and" Scream ".

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