”Original” difficulty in the Mafia remake, rumors about the Prince of Persia remake, the new Xbox Series X interface - Gaming News Digest # 3.08. Part two (Topic)

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”Original” difficulty in the Mafia remake, rumors about the Prince of Persia remake, the new Xbox Series X interface - Gaming News Digest # 3.08. Part two


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Mafia Definitive Edition will bring "original" difficulty of the original

The original Mafia, from which the remake is based, was a complex game with a bias towards realism. The gameplay of the remake made it clear to us that it would be easier than the original source. Especially for those who crave a degree of completion of the original game, Hangar 13 introduced the level of difficulty, as in the very first part.


Among the features of this level of complexity, the developers mention:

  • Lack of assistance in navigating the city.
  • Reduced machine durability.
  • Aggressive police: they pay attention to all your violations, like driving at red lights, collisions with cars. You will be fined.
  • Enemies do more damage and are not shown on the minimap.
  • When reloading with a non-empty magazine, you lose all cartridges
  • First aid kits restore less health, but it itself is automatically replenished only up to 20%.

At the same time, the developer says that even this complexity will not make the game as heavy as the original. Difficulty levels can always be changed at any time. For passing the game on classic difficulty, you will be given an achievement.

Mafia Definitive Edition is coming September 25th on PC, XOne and PS4.

Jason Schreyer confirms Prince of Persia remake rumor

Fans of old Ubisoft games have a little hope of seeing the classic revived. So, on the website of the Guatemalan retail chain MAX, they found a mention of a remake of Prince of Persia for PS4 and Switch. The release of the game, if you believe the description, will take place in November this year.


It is not specified which specific part of Prince of Persia it will be remake. But if this is true, then fans were not in vain hoping that the video of an excellent game on the franchise did not surface in vain several years later.

And although it all looks like another dummy, unexpectedly for us, Jason Schreyer, who specializes in gaming insiders, said that this is really true, not fake. As the journalist said: “Apparently the stores are very fond of leaking Ubisoft surprises.”


If the game exists, then in September we will find out everything at the second Ubisoft Forward.

Microsoft spoke about the Xbox Series X interface

Xbox this time is betting on the creation of a large ecosystem, consisting of a large library of games, Xbox Game Pass and Project XCloud streaming service. In order for everything to work properly, they need to change the interface. All in order to give players the opportunity to play in comfort, both in front of a wide-screen TV set on a set-top box, and in front of a computer or burying their phone on the toilet, launching the game through the cloud service.

Significant changes include more readable text, legible elements on the monitor screen and faster loading. This will change the overall style. In more detail, when you start the console, the home screen will turn on 50% faster than before, and 30% faster if you exit or minimize the game. The interface itself will use 40% less memory, and the time it takes to open the Microsoft Store will be reduced to two seconds.

The company will also finalize the application, and screenshots and videos will be automatically sent to it, and in general it will add social functions. Notifications will be uniform across all platforms.

The new interface will appear closer to the fall on all Microsoft devices.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Lost Creative Leader and Narrative Designer

As if we had little bad news that Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has been pushed back to 2021, it was also revealed this week that two of its key employees have left the project: creative director Ka'ai Clooney and story designer Brian Mitsoda.


The strangest thing is that they did not leave of their own accord, but at the behest of the bosses of Hardsuit Lab and Paradox Interactive. The developers were thanked for their participation in the project and wished them luck in future endeavors. The new creative director of the game is Alexander Mandryka, who has been in the industry for 20 years and has had a hand in such series as Assassin's Creed, Warhammer 40,000 and Far Cry.

The reason for the dismissal of the past leadership of the game lies in the desire to give players exactly the game they want to see. Mitsoda himself, who worked on the very first game, said that this news came as a surprise to him and he himself never noticed that he was not doing his job. He also said that he was not involved in the decision to postpone the release of the game, and that the delay is not related to the narrative.

Batgirl will be the next game from WB Games Montreal


WB Games Montreal continues to post new teasers for their Batman game. However, there is now a caveat that the next game, presumably referred to as Gotham Knights, will be dedicated to Batgirl. At least she will have one of the main roles

On a special site where the company is posting new teasers for the game, a number of numbers have appeared, which together are the barcode of the Batman comic # 139, where Batgirl first appeared. This comic was later reissued as Gotham Knights. This is how the puzzle came together.


Another interesting fact, in the latest Batman: Arkham Knight game, Batgirl appeared as a character in the DLC, which was produced by WB Games Montreal.

Also in one of the teasers we found another hint of the appearance of the Court of Soviets in the game.

The announcement of the game should take place on August 22 at DC Fandom

Baldur's Gate III Coming to Early Access September 30

We recently wrote that the release of Baldur's Gate III is postponed to autumn, as the development team took a little longer. They announced that the new Early Access release date for the game is September 30th.

The game will be in it for a year, during which the developers are going to release updates and fix bugs, collecting feedback from fans.

Also, as part of Panel from Hell, we were shown an extended version of the introductory video, which tells that the player begins a journey in one of the nine circles of the underworld - Averno.

These were all the important news of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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