AC: Valhalla has lost its creative director, the most important thing with Night City Wire - game news digest # 4.06. Part two (Topic)

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AC: Valhalla has lost its creative director, the most important thing with Night City Wire - game news digest # 4.06. Part two


AC: Valhalla has lost its creative director, the most important thing with Night City Wire - gaming news digest # 4.06. Part two

Creative director of AC: Valhalla left the project for personal reasons

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Origins and Valhalla Creative Director Ashraf Ishmael left the latest project amid personal problems. As Ishmael said in his address, his life and the life of his family are destroyed and he needs to properly solve all the accumulated problems.


This is due to the fact that recently one girl on Twitter shared that she had met with a developer for a whole year and did not know that he had his own family. She also attached a screenshot of the correspondence with him to her post. Where he asks her to delete tweets.

It is not known who will replace him in this post, and whether he will replace him at all, since the game is almost completed and will be released at the end of the year. Ubisoft themselves commented on the situation, saying that Ashraf went on vacation.

Highlights from Night City Wire to Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red presented the first Cyberpunk 2077 issue of Night City Wire, featuring a new trailer and gameplay snippet that showed the mechanics of the brandance.

The game's trailer shows a prologue that explains the early trailer a bit. In it, V and his friend Jackie go to find the immortality chip. Along the way, the trailer introduces us to several gangs, as well as Adam Smasher, a cyborg from Cyberpunk 2020 who is loyal to the Arasaka Corporation.

As for braindance, it's a separate narrative mechanic that allows V to view other people's memories and manipulate them in the process. For example, rewind, remove sound, exit the person's body and explore the environment. We will do this in order to look for different details necessary for the further development of the plot.

The studio also announced the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners anime, which is being created in collaboration with Netflix and Trigger Studios. The anime will tell a separate story from Night City, not related to the game.

Anime will be released in 2022. And Cyberpunk 2077 itself is on November 9th. After a while, we will be told more information in the next episode of Night City Wire.

Marvel's Avengers Story Trailer, Gameplay & Details

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics held a demo of Marvel's Avengers this week, during which they not only showed a new trailer and gameplay, but also shared a ton of information about the game.

In the story trailer, we saw the main antagonist of MODOK, whom the Avengers met more than once in the comics. His real name is George Tarlton, he is the founder of AIM. Previously, he dreamed of changing the world for the better with the help of science. After the tragedy that happened during Avengers Day, in which Tarleton himself suffered, he began to use the power of his company and the fear of people in front of superheroes in order to get rid of them.


The main character will be Kamala Khan, a fan of the Avengers who will bring the team together after the tragic incident. She can also prove that it was AIM who discredited the heroes and staged a catastrophe. In the gameplay segment, we saw the mission "The Avengers Are Not Existing", where Thor participates in a major battle. As the developers say, he is a versatile character who can attack both in close combat and at a distance throwing his hammer.


Each Avenger has three branches of abilities: attack, support and ultra. Abilities accumulate during combat, for example, Thor can give invulnerability to allies with his support ability. Crystal Dynamics assure that pumping allows you to fit any character to your play style, as well as, in principle, to choose your ideal hero.

ImageCo-op is also story-related and can accommodate up to four players. If there are no other gamers nearby, you can start the mission and play with the AI that controls your pumped characters.

There are also various resistance movements in the game world fighting against AIM. By working with them, you increase your reputation.

Updated plot, city and gameplay - features of the Mafia remake

In a recent interview with USgamer, Hangar 13's creative director Hayden Blackman revealed many details about the remake of the classic Mafia. He touched on the details of the updated storyline, gameplay and city.

In the remake, they want to devote more time to supporting characters, including Tomi's friends Paulie and Sam, as well as his beloved Sarah. Despite the fact that in the original game Tomi does many things for her sake, she rarely appears in the frame. Sarah works at her father's bar, where the Salieri family is located, and although she is not part of the mafia, she knows how crime works from the inside.


The plot will also focus more on the confrontation between the Salieri and Morello families. However, this will be done carefully, and developed where necessary, without removing anything old. The cutscenes are directed by Tomasz Grzebicek, who worked on the animations in the original game. In the production, he focuses on the cinema of the mid-20s and 30s, just then the action of the game unfolds.

When it comes to gameplay, Hangar 13 wants to convey a sense of the closeness of the original, and not recreate it verbatim. They are going to achieve this by adding custom complexity. For example, the player can make driving a car easier or more difficult, or adjust the aggressiveness of the police.

Since Tomi is a taxi driver, they want to display this in the gameplay and he will withstand much less hits than the same Lincoln from the third part, which is a former military man. The game provides cover.


When creating New Bordeaux, the developers were guided by the rule that when turning 60 degrees, the player should see something interesting. They follow the same rule when recreating New Haven.

Former Sony CEO believes AAA projects should be 12-15 hours long

Former head of SIE Worldwide Studios, Sean Leyden, who led many of the exclusives, said at the Gamelab event that due to the current state of the industry, future AAA projects should change their duration from 50-80 hours to 12-15 hours.


According to his observations, in each new generation of consoles, the cost of producing games doubles. Now the average budget of a modern AAA project ranges from $ 80 to $ 150 million, excluding marketing. In his opinion, many interesting studios will have to be closed due to the fact that they will not be able to reach this level.


The problem is also the $ 60 price tag for games, which hasn't changed over the years. Because of this, the model for creating projects becomes more complicated and in the future these two problems will face. In his opinion, instead of creating a game for 80 hours for five years, you can make a game lasting 12-15 hours. Also, such a volume will help make the worlds detailed, increase the density of content, and complete the game itself before it starts to get boring.

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