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Doom: Eternal Slayer, Assassin's Creed Side Quest Story - Gaming News Digest # 4.05 Part One


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Doom: Eternal Slayer: The original Doom can now be turned into a slasher

Have you ever wondered what Doom would look like if it was Devil May Cry? Modder Zheg thought about this and created a mod that turns the classic Doom into a slasher, where the Doom Executioner kills opponents with the Crucible. The modification is called Doom: Eternal Slayer.

Mod changes the perspective of the game and moves the camera behind the character's back. The Doom Slayer himself became three-dimensional. All the hero's abilities remained untouched, even more, they were transformed. Now, in addition to dash and jump, Executioner can make regular and powerful attacks with the Crucible [sword from Doom Eternal], make combos and focus on the target. Also, according to all the precepts of the genre, there is a counter in the corner of the screen that shows how cool you are fighting.

This is now an early version of the mod, and soon the creator will add new melee weapons, as well as an arsenal from Doom II. You can download the first version of the mod here.

Sidequests in the first Assassin's Creed were added at the last moment - that's what the leader's child wanted

Last year, at a meeting with Capcom shareholders, one of them told a company representative that, according to his son, the studio's games are simple graphics and something needs to be done about it. The company dismissed the banal answer like "Yes, we will definitely do something." However, if it were Ubisoft, things might be different. For example, due to the whim of one child, sidequests were added to the first game in the series.

Charles Randall is a Ubisoft programmer on Assassin's Creed since the first installment, retiring in 2012. Recently, apparently due to the fact that a lot of time has passed, he shared a terrible memory of how he had to insert additional tasks into the game a few days before the release, because the child of the president of Ubisoft found the game boring without them. Randall tweeted this.

ImageOf all the types of side tasks, the programmer distinguishes two - killing privates Knights Templar and collection of flags. According to him, they should not have been in the final assembly, which they were going to soon "send for gold".

Before sending the build to print, the child of the senior boss played a game and said that there was nothing to do in it. The team's lead developer approached Randall and said that they needed to add additional missions, and that Patrice [Assassin's Creed creative director] had already made a plan but needed to be implemented. And asked if Randall agreed. Whose child it was is not said, but perhaps by "president" they mean Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot.

As the developer says, faced with a titanic task, when it was required to introduce side tasks into the game in five days, and without a single bug, he turned up the music louder, closed his eyes and began to think. One album later, he replied that he agreed, but with his own terms. So, he and several other volunteers moved the equipment to a conference room, where access is usually limited.

ImageRandall compares those five days to being in hell, where he has lost the passage of time and simply cannot remember how they did it. He only remembers that he spent five days there. At the same time, the developers did the job perfectly, and there were no bugs in the tasks. Well, except for one thing. So, if you approach one of the Templars from the wrong side, he will fall through the textures and die. The game will remove it from memory, but will not count the player's kill. In fact, he is killed but not counted, making it impossible to complete the entire mission.


Years later, Randall realized that he needed to charge a lot more money for this assignment, and not just lock himself in a separate room. He also thinks that the director's child's claim was fully justified, since in the first game there really was nothing to do other than the plot and the opening of the towers.

Flying: a vintage rap battle between Vikings in AC: Valhalla

Continuing with more interesting side activities in the AC series. AC: Valhalla Creative Director Ashraf Ishmael reveals new facts about Valhalla over and over again. Recently, he told the essence of the mechanics of the rhymed skirmish between Vikings, which is popularly dubbed "old rap battles".


As Ishmael said, the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings had such fun as flying. During feasts, when someone was already well drunk, people began to insult each other in an original way in order to amuse the others.

In Valhalla, such a skirmish is similar to the insults from The Secret of Monkey Island, the opponent of Eyvor tries to insult him, and he must respond no less tartly falling into the rhythm. If we win, it will bring us some benefit.

The next State of Play will be dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2

Last State of Play was about Ghost of Tsushima, where we learned a lot about the game. The next State of Play, which will take place on May 27 at 23:00, will be dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2. The broadcast will take place on the PlayStation channels on Twitch and You-Tube.


During the stream, creative project manager and writer Neil Druckmann will share new facts about the game, and at the end we will have a gameplay demo.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be released on May 19. We will tell you more about the event in the second digest.

Young Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Prequel to the Series

Studio Frogwares, known for The Sinking City and the Sherlock Holmes series, have announced the release of a prequel to their saga about the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. She will tell you about his first case.

Young Sherlock is 21 and he already has all the makings of a brilliant detective, only youthful maximalism, arrogance and recklessness sometimes make themselves felt. The setting also changed from Victorian London to a city by the Mediterranean. He will investigate his first case together with his friend Jonathan.

The studio wants to show in the game the origin of the character and how he became what he is known all over the world today. For example, we learn where he got his hobby of playing the violin, the way he wears a hat, and how he started taking drugs. Sherlock will investigate the murder of his mother, which in due time forced him to leave his home and go to England. The story will also revolve a lot around his relationship with Jonathan.

The game will use the ideas of The Sinking City, and they are not going to lead us by the hand. To solve riddles, you will need to use your ingenuity more often, and the global investigation system itself is based on many combinations of solutions.

Also, the game has a new specially created combat system in which you can deal with opponents using weapons and using the environment.

The game will be released next year on PC and current and next generation consoles.

These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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