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New from Xiaomi brand


Recently, the Chinese company Xiaomi presented several new devices of its own design. She also patented a smartphone with an invisible selfie camera. In this review, we'll talk about him, as well as an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner, hybrid wireless headphones and a laser projector that supports 8K mode.

New way of front lens placement found

The latest trend in the development of smartphones is aimed at completely getting rid of the frames. Manufacturers are trying their best to reduce the thickness as much as possible. But there is a problem with the placement of the selfie camera. There is simply nowhere to put it. If only you hide it in the body.

Xiaomi took a different path. This is evidenced by a patent recently registered with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Office CNIOA.


Circuits from this patent appeared on the net. They show two front cameras hidden under the screen of a Xiaomi smartphone. There are no cutouts or holes on the device panel.

The fact that the device is equipped with a front camera becomes clear only after the user launches the corresponding application.

Even though this is just a patent, one thing is clear: the company is working on yet another way to place a selfie lens.

Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi's sub-brand is Mijia. Many new products of the company are produced under this name. The company recently announced the new Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C robot vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a professional sensor and a reasonable price tag.


All the working processes of the device are controlled by a chipset based on Cortex-A7 cores. It is assisted by the intelligent VSLAM algorithm. This equipment assists the device in determining the exact location and helps to plot the optimal route.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a built-in navigation system. This allows it to scan up to 30,000 points per second and create an accurate map of the room, with obstacles on it.

He also has a professional OV image sensor. It is needed for dynamic path scanning with imitation of neural network algorithms.

In addition, 15 high-frequency sensors are placed on the body of the device, making it a necessary and high-quality human assistant.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1C is equipped with Japanese NIDEC brushless motor and powerful 2.5 kPa suction system. It has a 200ml intelligent electronic tank for improved cleaning performance. He uses the detergent sparingly, everything here is controlled by automatic equipment.

The robot vacuum cleaner costs $ 183.

Flagship headphones

The main feature of Xiaomi headphones with MMCX connector is the ability to use them in wired and wireless modes.


This feature is typical for full-size accessories, but not for miniature products, which they are.

A special cable is included in the package, which is suitable for working with smartphones, players and other gadgets with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

A Bluetooth adapter is also available, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a wireless headset.

This unit is equipped with LDAC codec and Hi-Res Audio certification. They are needed to improve the quality of sound transmitted over the air.

The body of the item is made of an alloy containing ceramics. This makes it scratch resistant. It has several drivers, which contributes to the best sound quality. Distortion is minimized here.

Headphones cost $ 127 US, but early adopters can purchase them for $ 99

Laser projector

A Chinese company has announced a laser projector created by its subsidiary Fengmi Technology. It has a high brightness index, image optimization technology. The device also has a special gaming mode with minimal latency when streaming games.


The projector is equipped with FAV (Feng Advanced Video) image optimization technology. It uses several algorithms to adapt brightness, color rendering, sharpness, skin color and HDR. The manufacturer claims that it displays 85% of the NTSC color space, and the brightness of 1500 lumens exceeds that of other devices by 150%.

The company has developed an algorithm to sharpen the picture. This optimizes the edges of objects, which become more detailed.

The use of the HDMI connector in the projector has increased the data transmission speed. Together with the presence of a special game mode, it provides a delay not exceeding 40 milliseconds. This figure is up 50% over the previous generation.

The model has a reduced projection ratio of 1.1: 1. Now, to obtain an image with a diagonal of 2.5 m, the device must be located at a distance of 2.75 m from the surface on which the projection is carried out.

The core of the projector hardware is a T972 processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz. It is equipped with support for decoding 8K video. It also uses the MIUI TV software shell.

In the homeland of the manufacturer, the device costs $ 523 USA.

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