Xiaomi and Oppo have come up with another way to put the selfie camera on their smartphones (Topic)

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Xiaomi and Oppo have come up with another way to put the selfie camera on their smartphones


Immediately two brands Xiaomi and Oppo showed a smartphone, the camera of which is hidden from view at first glance. We are talking about a front lens, which is usually located in the screen cutout or in a separate modular pull-out unit. Working prototypes of devices from two companies at once received a selfie module, which found its place under the screen matrix. This design has further increased the usable display area.

Manufacturers of mobile technology have been trying to make smartphone screens take up as much front panel space as possible for several years. This approach helps to simultaneously maintain the size of the case and increase the working diagonal of the display. And although the screen bezels are getting smaller, the question remains how to place the selfie camera more compactly on the device.

The manufacturer Oppo decided to abandon the screen notch or a separate drawer with the camera altogether, placing the selfie lens directly under the screen matrix. Almost at the same time, Xiaomi began to develop a similar concept with him. In its presentation video, Oppo showed a phone whose camera is not visible under the screen if not used as intended. When activated, a circular illumination appears at the top of the screen, which outlines the boundaries of the camera, and the top of the display becomes slightly darker.

Xiaomi decided to go even further and explained the diagram of how a smartphone works, the camera of which is hidden under the screen. The vice-president of the company himself took it upon himself, having published slides with the mechanism of the hidden frontal photo lens. It's all about the design of the display, which reacts when the camera application is turned on, becoming transparent.


Therefore, light can safely pass through the display panel and then reach the image sensor. To do this, the company's developers took the OLED matrix as a basis, making its electrode layers transparent. In normal mode, the screen of such a smartphone is no different from other models with the usual arrangement of the front camera. But when you turn on the selfie module, the area next to it becomes part of the photo lens.

This method of placing the front-end camera, which both companies proposed in their prototypes, has an absolute plus. The design assumes a complete rejection of cutouts and other "bangs" in the screen itself, but there is another side. The screen matrix acts as an obstacle for the camera. According to Brian Shen, Vice President of Oppo, at the initial stages of implementation of such a design, the camera inside the screen will still be inferior in quality to the traditionally located front-facing lenses.


From a technical point of view, the camera under the screen is not considered the latest technology. Many mobile devices now have a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. In fact, it is a photomatrix hidden behind the display. Smartphones with cameras hidden in screens may appear as early as this year. According to some forecasts, the first of them will be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

The Topic of Article: Xiaomi and Oppo have come up with another way to put the selfie camera on their smartphones.
Author: Jake Pinkman