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How do games troll players?


It often happens that some in-game NPC turns out to be a troll who constantly teases you. But it happens that the developers themselves turn out to be those trolls and their games openly ridicule us.

Why are they doing this? It's simple, even though we here at WorldOfTopics often call developers, for one reason or another, the context "gods of gamedev" or "fathers of the industry" or in some other way, giving a pretentious or sarcastic tone, in fact, developers are ordinary people. People who love memes, jokes and bullying others. Today we'll talk about cases where games troll gamers.

Batman Arkham and a heart attack

The guys from Rocksteady Studios did great trolling in their games. You sit yourself so calmly playing the first part of the saga of the Arkham Knight. Everything is just fine, you are walking along an empty corridor, when suddenly the game suddenly picks up and hangs. Glare appears on the screen, as if your monitor exploded from the inside, and hard white noise is coming from the speakers. And now you, having dropped the swearing, feel goosebumps running down your spine and then you realize that this is all part of the Scarecrow's intrigues and Batman simply begins to hallucinate. The game seems to be restarted and we are allowed to play for the Joker. This joke is made so realistic that a good half of gamers at that moment either were dumbfounded or caught a heart attack.


In the sequel, things were not so scary. In parallel with the main plot, we are allowed to play as Catwoman. At the end of her storyline, when she steals a big jackpot, we are presented with a choice: to save Batman, who has fallen under the rubble, or to leave him to die and leave with the loot into the sunset. And if you choose to leave, snapping your fingers and saying, "This kitty chooses herself," the following happens. As soon as the Cat leaves into the distance, suddenly the game puts the cutscene on a repetition and it rewinds back to the moment of the choice, as if trolling us and says that we have no choice.

Cult of Epsilon in GTA 5

The GTA series is already a satire on American society, but in the fifth part, the game decided to make fun of Scientologists (who does not know, Scientology is one such religion in the USA), who got everyone. Scientologists are presented to us in the form of the Epsilon cult, which forces us to carry out the dumbest tasks, such as running 4 miles in the desert and getting for it ... but we will not get anything, on the contrary, we will transfer a couple of thousand dollars to their account for that.


Cock Stealth in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid is pure stealth. The last part of the game, although it gives us the opportunity to take a powerful weapon in the teeth, spit on a quiet and inconspicuous passage, and shoot everyone in a row, but still it turned out to be quite difficult for those who play MGS for the first time. Therefore, especially for such cases, the game has one feature. At one point, if you are losing very often, the game will offer to temporarily lower the difficulty level in order to get used to it. Only this will cost the most important thing - excessive pathos. After all, then they will put a hat in the shape of a rooster on your head, and this will reduce the whole degree of seriousness to "no." Even opponents will scoff at you. Here it is, the price of easy passage.


Devil May Cry - Farewell to the classics

Dente has always been a brutal character, you know, such a cool brutal dude, brutal in anime, of course, but still. When the reboot was announced and the trailer was shown, fans first of all unleashed their resentment at Dante's new image, where the gray-haired (anime gray-haired) fighter with demons looked like an emoji with a pretty face. By the way, he is very similar to the main developer ...


There were just a huge number of Hayta then, fans were ready to smash the game just for that. And when she came out, on the first level, game devs remembered the fans' claims, and at one point a gray wig flies onto Dante's head, and he becomes very similar to the canon himself. Dante looks in the mirror and says, “What is this ugliness? Well, damn it there ”rips him off his head and throws it away. Here is such a beautiful answer to the whining of gamers.

Sorry, your studio is "otflibustieleri"

There is no trolling subtler than bullying pirates. In the simulator of the developer Game Dev Tycoon, where we are trying to create some kind of CDPR from shit and sticks in our father's garage, this is present. The creators of the game put it on torrents themselves, but with a catch. When the pirate spent 4-6 hours on the game and created a couple of cool titles, he was suddenly shown a notification: "Damn, dude, nobody buys our games, because pirates download them illegally, we are bankrupt!" And the game was over.


This joke was so realistic that people thought it was not a script, but a real problem and tried to find a solution on the forums. And some even started to write reviews that the game is terrible and buggy. Ironically, the developer later published statistics, where it was said that only 6% of all players bought the game.

Chicken cartridges

Without leaving the topic of pirates, I would like to recall Crysis Warhead, where in the hacked versions of the game, all cartridges and ammunition were replaced by chickens. That is, you shoot chickens and chickens shoot at you. And no damage, by the way.


What are you looking at?

The creators of Lollipop Chainsaw gave a good banter to lustful players, and then it was repeated in 2017 by the developers of NieR: Automata. In the first game about a cheerleader girl who kills zombies with a chainsaw, the heroine had a very short skirt and if you tried to see what was underneath, Juliet covered herself with her hand. On the third attempt, if there was one, you received the achievement that you are a pervert.


In NieR: Automata, the situation is identical. If you try to spy on, the main character turns away and waves away from the camera, and the achievement "What are you looking at?" Flies to you. Now anyone who decides to see your achievements will know everything ....


Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending

The series in all its seriousness is characterized by such things as humorous endings. For example, it turns out that all this is the intrigue of aliens and in every classic part of the game there is an ending where they kidnap you. But in the second part it is still crazier. By performing certain actions, you can get a secret dog ending.

In it, James enters the room where the Akito people sits at the control panel of the city and carelessly controls everything. James falls to his knees and yells in Japanese: “So it was you!” Pesel runs up to him and begins to lick his face. Titles. Bravo, there are simply no words. No kidding ... this is something.

This Roach was too perfect to exist

When the third Witcher was born, he had a problem - Roach. The horse was just terribly buggy, then it appears from nowhere, then the animation starts to lag, then even worse - it disappears. The Poles were blown away by the fans for this, and they went into self-irony.

The studio released a development diary, where employees said in all seriousness that initially Roach was so perfectly designed that players started to get seasick when they were in the saddle. Therefore, a bug department was organized in the studio, which deliberately bugged the mare. The video is in diary format, and heck it is so cool to watch the actors create curves and animations to ruin everything.

The Poles went further and in one of the additions, Geralt directly asked Roach when she could say why she appears out of nowhere ...

These were the most famous cases of games trolling players.

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