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Top 10 Games That Troll Players Hard


For cult video games to win fans' love, it is not enough to have a good plot and high-quality gameplay, in order to become really great and enter stories, they must surprise the player, present something new and stand out from the competition. Trying to surprise their own audience, the developers use a variety of, even dishonest, tricks and, without a shadow of hesitation, troll the players. Such surprises are not always pleasant and, in addition to a slight grin, can give a piece of gray hair on the head, but, nevertheless, they are effective. We will tell you about 10 of these games that have brutally trolled players today.

There are three types of trolling in video games. The first one is a kind of jokes of humor, because nothing human is alien to developers, and sometimes even a game with a hopeless atmosphere can be diluted with a pinch of humor. The second is breaking the fourth wall, when you begin to feel that you are not playing the game, but the video game is playing with you. And finally, the third is completely ruthless trolling, which can include the previous two points, but at the same time shock the players. And what is most interesting - developers do not always achieve such an effect on purpose.

You can clearly familiarize yourself with all types of trolling in games in Alice's new video:

For the sake of fairness, let us note an exceptional case when the developers trolled not so much the players as themselves. We are talking about the already cult video CD Project, telling about the creation of Roach. Only the lazy did not make claims towards the eternal horse Geralt, accusing the poor animal of hopeless stupidity. But, as it turned out, the developers in a playful video said that they deliberately reduced the intelligence of the Roach and, therefore, the convenience of riding. After all, otherwise the players were simply swayed by the super-realistic rides and the extremely intelligent AI of the horse, who, give free rein, and he will build a new hadron collider or enslave humanity.

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