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Top 10 Insolent Trolls in Video Games


Nobody likes trolls who bully people in comments. But these smarties are not only on YouTube, Twich, Reddit and other sites, but also in video games. Sometimes these NPCs can really play a good trick on you, and sometimes they just pissed off, and you want to kill them. We've collected some of the most annoying troll characters from video games for you.

10 - Dog from Duck Hunt

We are all used to the fact that a dog is a friend of man, but imagine for a second that your dog can and loves to make fun of you for every failure. You walk around the house and suddenly hit the corner of the wall with your little finger. Not only does it hurt like hell, because of this wall, the muzzle of some Sharik protrudes, which begins to mock you, pointing a finger at your failure. Have you presented? Not very nice then? So, this always happens in the old Duck Hunt, where for every mistake your "faithful" dog laughs at you.


9 - Sans from Undertale

Sans is a cool skeleton. At least they convince us of this. Of course, his role is more significant for the whole plot, but this does not prevent him from being a troll. Not only does he puns right and left, but he also loves to put a fart pillow on you. Throughout the game, you will constantly meet him, and he will joke at you, sometimes kindly sometimes on evil, for example, when he turns out to be one of the strongest bosses in the game.


8 - Bully's Gary

Gary is a real sociopath who constantly trolls you, insulting your intellect. In addition, he is a misanthrope and a nihilist with the bombast inherent in such people. He trolls you both in cutscenes and during gameplay. If you stand and do nothing, he mocks you, and if you do everything that he tells you, he will still try to reduce circumstances to the fact that either you or those around you are complete idiots. Yes, and he's also like a classic schoolboy who loves to joke about your mother.


7 - Preston Garvey from Fallout 4

It sounds unusual, but this character is still a troll. He pretends to be kind and tries to prove to you that his intentions are noble. In fact, it seems that he is completely deceiving you, using it to clear settlements. As a partner, he is ready to kill everyone at the location in order to build a new settlement there, and then send you to carry out a stupid quest for him. “Another settlement needs your help” - this phrase will be your nightmare. He seems to think: "She, and I will send this idiot to another settlement, will he really lead again?"


6 - Father of a beautiful daughter from Fable

I don't remember a more skillful mockery. This NPC is standing on a square in one of the cities, and if you start talking to him, he will tell you about his beautiful daughter, who will definitely like you. However, you need to clean up a bit to meet her. After that he will give you different cards with hairstyles and haircuts for beards and mustaches, which he will tell you to do.

It's a pity that he is lying to you, because in the end, his daughter does not exist, and he just wanted to laugh at your stupid look, because the hairstyle, beard and mustache that you make yourself are some of the ugliest in the game. You waste your time, and then it turns out that you are made a fool.


5 - Mad from Gothic

Mud is translated from English as mud. This is already enough to understand that this character is not pleasant. Whatever you answer him, he will become your companion and will consider you a friend. You constantly have to listen to his dumb comments and nasty voice. He also hopes that with you they will not humiliate him.


4 - Borderlands Handsome Jack

Let's be honest - he's an asshole. Creative, smart, the main elaborate villain, but an asshole. He will constantly show you how much he hates you throughout the game. He begins to annoy you with words and actions in a parabola, at first a little, and then very much. And then you kill him. Ze end.


3 - Portal Gledos

Gledos, no matter how cold-blooded machine she is, is a real troll who will always try to offend you or say that you failed the test because you did something wrong. As a last resort, she will simply call the main character fat. She is the author of one of the most famous cheats in games. Allegedly, in the first part there is a cake, which she wants to treat GG at the end. Throughout the game, she will mention this cake, and how little by little you get closer to it. Spoiler. It won't be there.


2 - Nazim from Skyrim

No matter how much I overplayed in Skyrim, I put up with the guards with jokes about sweet roll or stories about an arrow in the knee. However, Nazim, who is hanging out in the Whiterun market, really wanted to hit. At its core, he just walks around the market and offends everyone. He walks up to the merchants and says that their goods are awesome, constantly mentioning his farm, where everything is perfect.


1 - Ronwid from Maliy Lug from The Witcher 3

This guy appears in Voronitsy and states that for the sake of his Virgin Berry, he decided to kill 100 enemies. And with the words "Admit that Virgo Berry is the sweetest in the world or die" he will attack you, and you easily beat him. So, this NPC will chase you all the game trying to win, and you will continue to beat him like a puppy.


These were the most annoying NPC trolls in video games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman