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Top Most Famous Dogs in Games


Dogs in video games appear before us in different ways. They can be both enemies and our faithful companions, whom we can stroke. And it happens that dogs in games are generally the main characters. Today we decided to recall the most famous dogs in video games, because we really love dogs in general.

Dogs are enemies

Let's start with the unpleasant, and remember the dogs of enemies in games, which we, on the contrary, hate and enjoy when we kill ... Very often they act as small opponents at the initial levels and there are quite a few of them.

Let's single out just a few especially dangerous and hated mongrels in gaming circles:

Dogs from Resident Evil. These enemies appeared in the very first game and they were even worse than zombies. If the infected could frighten by force with an unexpected appearance, but they walked at you with the speed of a snail, then the damn mutated dogs rushed in a pack through the windows and all together pounced on you with lightning speed. This is one of the very enemies, at the appearance of which you are like: "Oh, no, no !!!!" and run away as fast as you can.


Dogs in classic Silent Hill were no less disgusting enemies. From the very first to the fourth part, they were the first opponents to attack you. Not only did they look like Dobermans who had been turned inside out, with a muzzle split into three parts, but you could also get hell into them.


It is impossible not to remember the dogs from Call of Duty , who loved to jump at you from around the corner and were like, "Well, are you leaving my wand?" and rushed at you. Fortunately, you had a universal way to calm down - a knife.


There are also non-standard dogs enemies. For example, in Undertale you will find a cute little pesel in a snowdrift, which then gets up and turns out to be an armored bumpkin. To the cute song "Dogsong" he will try to kill you.


My personal favorite is the dogs from Hotline Miami . Fast creatures, but also buggy, which is why they love to get stuck in a small room and walk in circles. However, here you also relish their heads.

Dog characters

There are not so many dogs characters in games as enemies, and their roles are purely episodic. Well, how episodic ... just dogs roaming the streets. However, there are a few plot dogs that I can characterize by paraphrasing one famous phrase:"Dogs are not what they seem.

Toby Fox

And again Undertale. In addition to the cute dog we are fighting with, the game has the character "annoying dog". He's a bit of a fun-loving guy who can show up unexpectedly and, for example, pick up the cool loot you find. He can be found throughout the game in the most unexpected places. Hell, he even has his own cave. But this is not an ordinary dog - this is the creator of the game, Toby Fox, or rather, how he sees himself. He added a dog to the game that reflects his personality and it's cool.


Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending Dog

In the second Silent Hill, there is a secret ending, where James can find a room in which a dog of the Japanese Akita Inu will sit at the control panel of the city, and it turns out that all the horrors in the game are his business. James will fall to his knees, while the dog will run up to him and start licking his face.



The Sam and Max series of games tells about the adventures of two detectives, one of which is Sam the Dog, and the second is the mad rabbit Max. Sam is the perfect embodiment of a 1950s detective who always carries a huge gun with him. He is dressed, well-mannered, and quite intelligent compared to his partner.



Chop is a real dog. You know, it is a real dog to whom you say during a walk: “Well, spit that shit out of your mouth!”, And on the contrary, he, on the contrary, starts to eat garbage picked up on the street even faster. Chop can be trained, walked with him, removed from other dogs with whom he constantly wants to copulate, as well as set on enemies. The reason why we put Chop in a row of characters, not companions, is that you can always tell him to come home and he will no longer accompany you. Well, as Lamar said: “Dude, Chop is a person.”


And there is nothing more pretentious when you are driving a car and he is sitting in the next passenger seat.

Dog companions

Now let's move on to the largest layer of dogs in games. Often, when we assume that there will be a dog in the game, most likely it is your companion and companion.



DD from Metal Gear Solid V is a symbol of loyalty, courage and love. You find him a lost puppy in Afghanistan and evacuate him to your base. There he will grow, learn, and also delight your soldiers, who will constantly thank you for being: "Safe that cute little puppy, Boss". And when he grows up, he will become a very powerful partner, able to take a knife in his mouth and slit the throat of the enemy at your command, as he is a loyal comrade.



Only Riley from Call of Duty: Ghost can compete with DD in professionalism. When creating, the developers tried to make it powerful, dangerous, but at the same time cute for the player, so that he would feel affection for her. Riley could jump into the cockpit of the helicopter and force him to make an emergency landing, and then run up to you in the background of the explosion and wag her tail.



Huey has appeared in the Hunting Ground. In the entire game, he is the only character who does not want to sleep with you so that you get pregnant [yes, this game is so serious]. He helps us progress through the story, and can also attack enemies. You need to build a relationship with Huey: pet him, constantly praise him for obedience and not beat him. But if you wake up to beat the poor dog and yell at him, at one point he will leave you and you will die. You will know how to hurt dogs.


Dog from Fable 2

Probably one of the best dogs of secondary characters in principle. The dog will accompany you from childhood, it is a full member of your family. More, its character will change depending on your actions and actions. If you are good, the townspeople will pet your Dog and feed, and if you take the path of evil, the fur will ruffle, your eyes will turn red, and everyone will be afraid of it.



There are many dogs in Skyrim, but Miko is a special dog. You find him in an abandoned hut, near the owner's corpse, and you can take him with you on a journey. Not that Miko is a fighting dog, but if you let him go, he will run back to his master, and will continue to guard his body ...



Persona 3's Koromaru is completely different from other dogs in the games. He's an even bigger person than Chop. He also has a persona that he can summon to help you in battle. You need to win his favor before he agrees to be on your team, and after that you need to strengthen your spiritual connection with him.


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