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Top 10 Best PC Strategies of All Time


The main advantage of the gaming industry in a variety of genres, where everyone can find a game to their liking. Today we will take a closer look at the RTS genre and tell you about the best strategies on PC. Moreover, we will talk not only about real-time strategies, but also about experimental, step-by-step and complex urban planning projects. Passing the latter in general should have been done as a mandatory exam for everyone who has noticed a cozy place in the State Duma.

10th Place: Spore

We start our top best strategy game with the already forgotten but revolutionary game Spore. Don't be fooled by the cartoony graphics, because the game of the legendary Sid Meier in terms of scale level is a real No Mans Sky from the world of strategies. At its core, Spore is a god simulator. In strategy, we create civilization with our hands and bring it from an embryonic cellular state to a super-race, freely plowing the vast expanses of space.

The main feature of Spore is that each stage of the development of civilization in the game offers unique gameplay:

  • Cell. The initial stage of evolution in a game where the strongest survive. We flounder in original soup and eat other cellular organisms
  • Creature. We get out on land, create cool Frankensteins and feast on the inhabitants of the terrestrial world
  • Tribe. At this stage, the "Spore" resembles the usual building strategies like Age of Empires: collecting resources, building armies and raiding rival tribes in the game
  • Civilization. As you might guess, this time the game offers gameplay in the style of Civilization strategies: we are expanding to rival powers. Both the force method and the ability to conquer cities by diplomacy are available
  • Space. We go through the thorns to the stars. The main goal of the last stage of the strategy is to reach the center of the galaxy (thousands of randomly generated star systems are attached)

So why is Spore, at all its scale, ranked last in the top 10 strategies? The problem is that in an attempt to provide the player with as many interesting mechanics as possible, the developers did not bring any of them to a competitive level.

9th Place: Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

If you are into classic building strategies, then you should pay attention to the Command and Conquer series, based on the mechanics of the cult strategy Dune 2. When reviewing the entire variety of projects in the series, we prefer Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. The game sits skillfully on two chairs and offers colorful graphics and clear gameplay for newcomers to the real-time strategy genre. And oldfags will be satisfied with the interesting gameplay, with overall simplicity, which gives a huge scope for tactical maneuvers, thanks to the motley equipment and soldiers.

Tiberium Wars is especially valuable for the storyline and Hollywood polish that oozes from every slot in the game. The strategy came from those bearded times when the RTS genre was at the forefront of the mainstream. Therefore, Electronic Arts was not afraid to pour colossal resources into the game and shoot lengthy cinematic videos with the involvement of Hollywood stars. Thus, playing Tiberium Wars is the best choice for fans of single-player projects who, in fact, do not particularly like to build a base and understand other wisdom of strategies.

8th Place: Supreme Commander

Against the background of expensive and spectacular "Tiberium Wars" in 2007, Supreme Commander was completely undeservedly lost, which at first glance caused skepticism due to:

  • Mediocre graphics
  • A cumbersome and inconvenient interface
  • Slow gameplay

But even with all the claims Supreme Commander often makes it to the top 100 strategies. The reason lies in the same scale that attracts attention in single-player strategies. Forget about skirmishes with tiny squads, there are hundreds of fighters to play in Supreme Commander and the enemy in the game is always ready to send a new army of soldiers, which turns the strategy into a dynamic carnage on a planetary scale.

Nobody forgot about tactics either, and most often the review of the field of action has to be carried out from a bird's eye view, which makes the gameplay resemble a strategic version of chess. Don't forget to play online.

7th Place: Stronghold

The cult Stronghold continues our top of the best strategies on PC. The game was released almost 20 years ago and is still not losing its popularity, forcing gamers to fill up search engines with requests like "Please advise a game like Stronghold." Another thing is that it is quite difficult to find such a game, since Stronghold on PC is in many ways a unique genre vinaigrette among strategies, where both single large-scale wars with the construction of a base and a city-planning simulator with state management were combined. Moreover, all aspects of the game organically complement each other.

Taking the scepter of the monarch and managing the town in the Middle Ages, one can come to total domination both by dictatorial and peaceful means. Workers and military alike demand both healthy food and a refined city, where there are always fun options for leisure. But what if the resources are at a minimum and the smerds are preparing a new revolt against the king? Take up the substring of torture and suppress the rebellion. It's up to you to decide what kind of person you will go down in the history of the game.

6th Place: Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War

The developers at Relic have a reputation as craftsmen, each project of which makes a huge contribution to the development of modern games of the strategy genre. Among the abundant developer portfolio, we especially note Dawn of War, created based on a universe that skillfully combined the future and fantasy. It is thanks to the skillfully chosen universe that the "Dawn of War" strategy allows you to create a brutal battle, where each fighter can show his strength in both ranged and close combat.

Main features of Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War:

  • A shift in focus from base building to tactical combat
  • Each unit has a morale scale, which requires you to closely monitor military battles
  • A list of 9 unique races (including the Soulstorm expansion) with transport and attack units, requiring different tactical approaches from the player
  • Realistic animations and a selection of juicy finishing moves
  • An epic universe and a cool opportunity to crush a heretic with the steel fist of a dreadnought. What for? For the glory of the emperor!

Even considering that the Warhammer 40,000 series of games already has 3 projects, each of which offers interesting and unique approaches to gameplay, it was the original Dawn of War that became a kind of "GOST" in and deservedly gets into the best PC games among strategies.

5th Place: Total War Shogun 2

Our game rating of strategies would be completely inappropriate without mentioning the great (no, seriously, you just look at how large-scale battles are here) and popular games from the Total War series. All releases of the series combine several important features: colossal battles with the participation of several thousand fighters, realistic and authentically recreated historical eras, cool graphics and division of the game into strategic (with the seizure of territories, diplomacy and other moments familiar to Civilization) and tactical part in real time.

Total War is still the most alive, but the series proved to be the best in Shogun 2, which touches upon the stage of the feudal wars in Japan. The game is as friendly to beginners as possible, but for those who like to play thoughtfully "Shogun 2" offers the most sophisticated strategic part. A separate pillar is the mechanics of generals who can unite in strategies by dynastic alliances, occupy administrative posts and generally pretend that they are controlled not by a computer, but by a real player.

For fans of the genre, we advise you to pay attention to the list of the best games in the Total War series.

4th Place: StarCraft 2

Approaching the top of the rating, it's time to remind about the existence of Blizzard, who create the most popular strategy games in the world. But this is the case when popularity does not harm the quality and depth of games at all. The original Starcraft was able to build and hone the gameplay foundation for the entire strategy genre, offering several unique races and units, each with strengths and weaknesses.

The sequel to the strategy game, Starcraft 2, announced 9 years later, did not bring significant innovations and was released over three separate games:

  • Wings of Liberty
  • Heart of the Swarm
  • Legacy of the Void

Starcraft 2's hit in the top strategy games is due to the consistent quality of Blizzard's contemporary creations and its “game for all” status. The strategy is recommended to be played both by gamers who prefer single-player battles with cool graphics and a spectacularly staged plot, and by real online maniacs who play on the network, are able to make one hundred clicks per second on the computer mouse and know simple ways to smash five builders in five minutes enemy base.

Important Note: Since 2017, the Starcraft 2 Trilogy games have become completely free and this is the best gift for everyone who loves computer strategies.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI 3rd Place

Over its nearly 30-year history, the Civilization series has earned a reputation as a true forge, relentlessly releasing the best turn-based strategy games on the PC. The gameplay backbone for all strategies is the same: we take on the role of God, who builds civilization from its very foundations to the creation of a superpower. Not to be confused with Spore, where all elements of the game are rudimentary. Civilization is focused only on the human species and offers such intense and challenging gameplay that newcomers to strategy can easily feel dizzy with the abundance of possibilities.

So why did we make Civilization VI one of the top 10 strategy games of all time on PC? It's simple: the game not only acquired new graphics and retained the concept, where we are engaged in the seizure of territories, develop transport infrastructure and lead the historical powers through the gloomy Stone Age and the Middle Ages into the happy (or not so) future of the XXII century, but also methodically developed all the elements of the strategy .

Old Civilization VI fans will love:

  • Advanced AI of computer opponents who now act according to their historical prototypes
  • An extensive technology tree
  • The ability to win with one religion
  • An updated system of generals and great people

But for newcomers to the series, only sad news: the game has become even more complex, confusing and clearly not designed for gamers who like easy construction strategies to kill a minute or two of time.

2nd place in Heroes of Might and Magic 3

We perfectly imagine how you could get tired of the old and hackneyed cliche like "ageless classics". But what can you do if these are the words that are best suited to describe the third part of the great "Heroes". The popular fantasy game will soon celebrate its second decade since its release date, but remains the benchmark entertainment for turn-based strategy fans.

The formula for success, as always, is simple and ingenious:

  • 8 unique races
  • Excellent balance
  • Easy and uncluttered gameplay
  • And a colossal scope for tactics due to numerous, seemingly insignificant nuances

An important difference from the previous parts: the abundance of role-playing elements. The hero is no longer just an extra. As befits any commander, he takes an active part in the battle thanks to the ability to use magic and try on unique items that allow him to strengthen the army. Add to this the need to build your own state, look for valuable resources and travel through the game world full of dangers, and you will get a legal and cool drug.

In addition, to play with friends, there is no need to go online - just one computer and a group of friends who know a lot about computer strategies are enough.

1st Place: Warcraft III

Admit it, you are probably not at all surprised by the leader of our top of the best strategies? To confirm the cult status of Warcraft 3, it is enough just the fact that 16 years later, strategy is still one of the main world cyber disciplines and gives gamers hundreds of thousands of dollars for prizes. But the standardized gameplay with base-building, unique races and rock-paper-scissor units is only half the success of the third Warcraft.

Another highlight is an epic storyline set with one of the best plots in strategy history, delivered through Blizzard's familiar impactful videos. The story of Artes' desertion is really interesting to follow, and the general plot with a dozen colorful characters is spinning so rapidly that after completing the strategy, you just want to put the highest mark and throw money into the monitor, just to see the continuation of the intriguing story. But Bllizard remains silent. However, the king of Warcraft 3 strategies is still in front of us and nothing will prevent us from spending another dozen happy hours in Lordaeron.

Check out our selection of the best real-time strategy games and the top 10 best free games for even more high-quality PC games.

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