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Top 10 Best Real Time Strategy (RTS)


The real-time strategy genre is going through a very difficult time right now. The last major RTS hit is last year's Halo Wars 2, which, despite the famous brand and talented developers, showed disastrously low sales. The last hope for Blizzard and the resurgence of Warcraft, but when it happens - only Medivh knows. But one way or another, over the two decades of its heyday, the RTS genre has acquired a huge number of cult games, which we will tell about in our top of the best real-time strategy games.

Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars

For more than a decade since the release of the game, Tiberium Wars has not aged at all and can rightfully be called a reference strategy. The reason for the success is very simple, even trivial: the presence of three, completely different in gameplay, factions, excellent graphics and high dynamics of the gameplay. In general, the entire set of generals that makes you feel like a first-class commander.

Additionally, I would like to note the story company, in which the story of the war between NOD and GDI has reached a new level of cinematography. With the RTS genre on the rise in 2007, Electronic Arts spared no expense for the game, which allowed for long, cinematic cutscenes with popular American actors to be created between missions.

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Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars

This game has received a minimum of attention in similar tops of the best games, but it is worth noting at least because of the bold idea of crossing strategy and role-playing game. Of course, similar experiments have already been in Warcraft 3, but the developers of Spellforce 2 went even further and propose to create a completely unique hero. Archer, sword-bearer, mage or intermediate character class, the variability of the pumping system can envy even purebred role-playing games.

Strategic gameplay remains classic for the genre: you build a base, hire troops and, having got hold of a sufficient number of comrades in arms, go on a crusade against the enemy forces. But here, too, there were some unique opportunities. You are not limited to any one faction, but you can hire gnomes, people and elves, as well as use their technologies in construction. For example, each of the factions will give the opportunity to build unique extensions to buildings that give useful bonuses.

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World in Conflict

In the genre of strategies, the modern setting is not much favored. Like, what could be interesting there, dragons and space cruisers - that's another matter! We agree, but the setting of modern combat can be interesting, as can be seen in World in Conflict. The main feature of the game is the complete absence of the need to engage in the construction of the base, and points for summoning additional units are awarded for the destruction of enemy forces.

This approach makes World in Conflict the most dynamic real-time strategy game. You do not have time to sit back at the position set at the beginning of the battle, only lightning-fast actions and a tactical approach to managing a limited number of units will lead to victory. And do not forget about the graphics and physical model, which is why even today it is difficult to resist the temptation to download World in Conflict.

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The Ukrainians from GSC Game World should erect a monument for an ode to the game Cossacks. They not only renewed historical justice and made a game in which you can play for the Slavic peoples, but also created a strategy that is unique in terms of gameplay. Let's start with the fact that the Cossacks were one of the first games where new fighters were hired not one by one, but by whole units. Therefore, in the end, hundreds of soldiers could converge on one screen without any problems.

Another difference is as many as 16 playable factions and a complex economic system. Instead of two resources, as in the Command and Conquer series, there were as many as 6 of them in the Cossacks. In addition, in the absence of coal, firearms were turned into melee, and the lack of gold could turn his troops against the commander. By the way, despite the outdated graphics, we advise you to download the original Cossacks. the craft called Cossacks 3 is still teeming with bugs even two years later.

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Company of Heroes

Relic has long been a company whose games regularly make it to the list of the best real-time strategy games, so we couldn't ignore Company of Heroes. This project became the most ambitious for the studio, just look at the picture and physics, which in 2006 could compete on equal terms with the then action games. In addition, the game had unique features and the gameplay encouraged targeted tactical actions.

There is no need to build huge armies of units in the game, and resources are always scarce. Better to approach the battle wisely. In Company of Heroes, an enemy tank, even for a small infantry squad, can be a bit of a problem if properly managed. Take cover and with an aimed shot, first blow the tracks to the tank, and then kill the combat personnel. And there are a lot of such moments in the game.

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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 is one of those games where even cliched stereotypes about USA soldiers wearing earflaps at 30 degrees Celsius are perceived as a virtue of the game. It's all about the complete grotesque and comical setting. Battle dolphins, psi weapons, tesla guns and airships as the main combat unit - Westwood Studios tried to create the most absurd strategy, in which they succeeded.

But this is just a shell, and in fact Red Alert 2 is a strategy with a perfectly balanced balance. As many as 9 countries to choose from, whose method of waging war and even the method of extracting resources was different. I would like to point out Red Alert 3 as a separate line. Although the game failed with a crash in sales, it is hardly inferior to Red Alert 2 in terms of the degree of fun.

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One of the most unusual real-time strategy games that we have added to our top. The main feature of Stronghold is a competent combination of familiar strategy with elements of a city-planning simulator. It will not work just to rebuild the army and arrange a lightning rush on the enemy's castle. It is required to pay great attention to the needs of the inhabitants of your city, because only for the popular ruler will the army go to death with a sense of duty.

Of course, you can always build a dictatorship and invest as little as possible in the civilization of the city by erecting gardens or monuments, than to save resources and hire more soldiers. But with such methods of warfare, the effectiveness of the squad will noticeably decrease, which will be especially acute during the siege or defense of castles.

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Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War

Another strategy from Relic, which we were not afraid to add to the top 100 best games even with all the responsibility. In this game, Relic was able to add several important mechanics to the familiar RTS gameplay that make battles not just another variation of wall-to-wall, but saturate the battles with multiple tactical elements. Each unit has unique abilities and a morale scale that affects the effectiveness of a combat unit, so you need to carefully monitor the events on the battlefield.

Well, and where without entertainment in Relic strategies. The primitive battles of hulking dummies are definitely not about Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War. Juicy finishing moves and an abundance of blood turn each fight into a brutal action movie, where the hand just reaches out to snap a few colorful screenshots.

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StarCraft 2

The original StarCraft was perhaps the most important milestone in the history of the genre, but at the same time we decided to put the second part in the top of the best RTS. Blizzard had a difficult task - to create a full-fledged sequel, add new mechanics, units, but not break the usual gameplay that made StarCraft the star of esports disciplines. To Blizzard's credit, they haven't let fans down yet again.

The core of the game has remained unchanged - it's still the same insanely variable strategy, where you have several thousand tactical combinations at your disposal to effectively deal with the enemy. But even if you are a casual gamer or you simply do not want to delve into the intricacies of the gameplay, it is recommended to download StarСraft 2 at least because of 3 spectacular story companies. In addition, it is worth noting that Blizzard has become generous since 2017 and gives you absolutely free download of Starcraft 2.

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Warcraft 3

The bottom line of almost any top of the best real-time strategy games is easy to predict: it is highly likely that you will find Warcraft 3 in the leading position. It is difficult to find at least any flaws in Blizzard's strategy. Even the picture in it is not outdated at all and, thanks to its stylish and colorful design, looks great in 2018. Needless to say about game mechanics that work no worse than a Swiss watch.

Special thanks to Blizzard for their amazing storytelling campaigns. Whether you're playing the original Reign of Chaos or the Frozen Throne expansion, you can look forward to dozens of different missions and impressive SGI cinematics. Well, the plot, even somehow awkward, when the script in the RTS, in terms of the number of interesting characters and unexpected plot twists, easily competes with cult quests or role-playing games. What can you do, Blizzard knows how to surprise, and for all this an honorable 1st place in the top of the best RTS.

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