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Surviving Mars - 5 Reasons to Play the Game


All fans of the Tropico and SimCity series can hardly be surprised with something really interesting in this pretty hackneyed genre. But the developers from Haemimont Games don't eat their bread for nothing.

They have prepared a number of interesting innovations that make Surviving Mars feel like a fresh and even somewhat innovative economic strategy game. We will tell you about the main features of the game from Haemimont Games in this article.

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Unique setting

It seems that all possible settings have already been touched upon in economic strategies. We had the opportunity to build cities in the Middle Ages, space, the future, there was even a Roller Coaster Tycoon game, where we had to build our own personal amusement park! But over time, city-planning simulators began to lose their popularity and developers stopped experimenting with entourage.

In general, before the release date of Surviving Mars, no one offered a truly unique setting for a long time. And so it happened. The red planet simply captivates with its cold deserts, and the very idea of colonizing Mars is a direct hit in modern trends. Especially in light of the release of the movie "The Martian" and Elon Musk's promises that the first colony will be built on Mars within the next 6 years.

Surviving Mars dome

Advanced Difficulty System

The developers decided to avoid the standard division into several difficulty levels in Surviving Mars. Players are offered to independently scale the difficulty when organizing a colonization mission. To do this, you need to select the organizer of the mission, the type of commander in chief, the initial load test and decide on the starting location. Each choice has its own pros and cons.

Players who are unfamiliar with city-planning simulators are allowed to choose the most comfortable starting conditions. And if you are an experienced gamer who goes through SimCity with your eyes closed, then you can complicate the game so much that it will be a real feat to complete Surviving Mars without cheats. Elon Musk himself will have to make you his deputy.

Surviving Mars difficulty

Test System

To add variety to the Surviving Mars mechanics and make each new game unique, Haemimont Games added a system of challenges to the game, which are selected before the start of the mission. Trials are additional problems that will prevent the colony from developing successfully. They can be easy or high in difficulty and are accompanied by small descriptions. Well, descriptions, rather spatial notes, from which it is almost impossible to understand the essence of the test.

To be more specific, tests are anomalous activities on the surface of Mars. There is, for example, the "balls" test. In it, mirrored spheres hit buildings and communications with excessive cold, which can quickly lead to a restart of the game.

Surviving Mars mechanics

Each colonizer is unique

Surviving Mars can be divided into 2 stages: the construction of the colony and the launch of the first settlers. And if the first stage is standard, then in the second, surprises await players. The fact is that every inhabitant of the colony is a real person with his own cockroaches in his head. They differ in gender, age, sexual preferences, specialty and, most importantly, psychological characteristics.

A colonizer can become an alcoholic, start a riot, stop working, or even end his life with suicide if he is not satisfied with something. There are a lot of options for behavior of the inhabitants of the colony and it is really interesting to follow this Martian Sims.

Surviving Mars colonists

Surviving Mars can offer even seasoned city builders a new gaming experience, so we advise you not to miss the new game from Haemimont Games and Download Surviving Mars . Economic strategies are as rare as dinosaurs today, and who knows which one will be the last.

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