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TOP 5 of the best games in the Total War series


In connection with the recent premiere of Thrones of Britannia, we decided to recall the best games in the Total War series. After all, the creations of Creative Assembly are not just strategies, but one of the main arguments of PC players that computers are better than consoles. In no console project can you feel the scale that Total War games provide, which use advanced PC technology and allow you to reincarnate as a general in command of thousands of armies. Become not just a participant in the events that changed the world, but also rewrite history in your own way.

Even with some typically English conservatism, each release has its own characteristics and a crowd of loyal fans. So let's find out what is the best game in the Total War series.

5. Total War Warhammer

Loyalty to the historical setting has always been both an advantage and a disadvantage of the Total War series. Of course, the possibility of taking part in the conflicts of feudal Japan or taking on the role of the Roman emperor was amazing. But many players realized that the gameplay mechanics of the series would be great for playing in a fantasy world.

Creative Assembly listened to the fans and released a unique strategy based on the popular fantasy universe. At the same time, the creators of the game should be given their due, they not only redrawn the skins of the units, but changed the mechanics of the series in accordance with the fantasy world. Playing as one faction, you will not be able to take over the whole world. For example, people simply will not be able to get along in fortresses, and human settlements will not serve dwarves or orcs.

Total War

But the main backbone of the series has remained unchanged - it is still one of the largest games in history, where huge armies will converge under your control, in which, in addition to faceless extras, giants and dragons will take part.

4. Rome Total War

It was with this strategy that the developers finally brought the series to the level of advanced projects in the gaming industry. Every aspect, from the ramified system to diplomacy, has been performed at the highest level.

Graphics should be mentioned separately. Today you won't surprise anyone with tens of thousands of animated soldiers, but in 2004 it was such a big breakthrough that the British TV channel BBC even borrowed the game engine for their projects.

Total War

In terms of gameplay, Rome is the most balanced, even reference part of the series, and has become a solid foundation for all subsequent Total War games. Why not first place? With all the love for strategy, it is difficult not to notice its venerable age, which manifests itself not only in the graphics, but also in the primitive intelligence of opponents.

3. Medieval 2 Total War

In almost all gaming forums, Medieval 2 wins first place among the best games in the Total War series without a fight. The main advantage of the game is a perfectly recreated medieval setting, where you can choose any of 21 factions and lead it to success. Moreover, the campaign for each state is radically different.

For example, European countries can organize crusades with shouts of “Deus vult” and bring the spark of true faith to the Arabs with the help of fire and sword.

Total War

It is in the detailed elaboration of the setting and the opportunity to relive the greatest events of the Middle Ages on our own experience that distinguishes Medieval 2 among the entire series. The invasion of the Golden Horde, the Black Death, wars of conquest against the natives in the forests of Central America - the developers covered the maximum of events, creating the best interactive textbook on the history of the Middle Ages.

2. Empire Total War

Creative Assemble has never hidden its love for gigantism, they have always strived to create a game that will take you hundreds of hours. And the over-ambitious Empire became the peak of developer gigantomania.

The map now covered more than half of the globe and included about 30 factions that could make their way to world domination. A separate highlight of the game was the campaign for the British colony in America, in which it was required to win the independence of the new American nation from the British crown.

Total War

Due to the ambitions of the developers and the swing to the laurels of the Civilization series, in "Empire" not all elements worked out perfectly. The game literally collapsed under its own weight: crashed from bugs and surprised enemies with absurdly stupid AI. But for a huge amount of smart innovations, stunning graphics and impressive scale - the second place among the best games in the series.

1. Total War Shogun 2

Having abandoned the "imperial" ambitions, the developers decided to make the game according to the principle: "less is more." Shogun 2 does not have a huge map and dozens of different nationalities, only feudal Japan and 12 clans, but this is the best game in the series.

The main advantage of Shogun is its off-scale dynamics, in which even at minimal difficulty you will need to show the top of your talent as a commander and diplomat. At the same time, do not forget that honor and dignity are the most important for a real samurai, so if you act according to the method of force, rob other people's villages and kill innocents, then the player will become the main enemy for his own subjects.

Total War

Shogun 2 has another important advantage: it combines the typical multifaceted, complex gameplay of the series with an intuitive interface and detailed tutorial. Unlike Thrones of Britannia, the game doesn't try to adapt to the casual player, but it still remains surprisingly understandable entertainment.

Games in the Total War series can be a great pastime during the spring and summer holidays, but if you like simpler projects, we recommend that you check out our top major games in May 2018.

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