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New bendable device, smartwatch, and more from Samsung


Korean tech giant Samsung has developments in many areas of electronics. He sets trends and standards in some of the leading areas of production. One of these is the development of bendable devices. In this review, we will tell you about a new similar product, as well as discuss other information and news recently received from the company.

How Samsung's second foldable smartphone differs from the Galaxy Fold

The second foldable smartphone Samsung W20 5G was recently shown in China. It received the same form factor as its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold. However, there are several differences in design and technical equipment of the device.


The resulting image shows that the device is a bendable smartphone with a bend in the vertical plane. Inside it has a 7.3-inch display. Its resolution is 2152x1536 pixels, there is support for HDR10 +.

Smaller screen - 4.6 inches, located outside. Its resolution is 1680x720 pixels.

Before the presentation, many believed that this gadget would be similar to its predecessor. However, it is not. The sides of the W20 5G are flat, while the Galaxy Fold has rounded edges. In addition, the new product has received a white color.


The smartphone is built on the platform of the eight-core Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset with an integrated 5G modem. There's also 12GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage and a 4,235mAh battery.

The device's camera consists of three sensors with a resolution of 12 + 12 + 16 Mp.

Anyone who buys Samsung W20 5G in the near future will receive a set of VIP services for 18 months. These will include: an exclusive mobile tariff, access to highly qualified private doctors, travel by transport with increased comfort, and a number of others.

During the year, they will also be able to receive priority service in case of contacting the service center.

How much the new product will cost and when it will start selling is not yet known. Whether W20 5G will be implemented outside of China is also not clear yet.

Galaxy Watch has useful features

From time to time, smartphone developers update the OS of their devices. The Korean company went even further. Smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active will be equipped with new firmware.

Recall that there is already a second version of these devices, and these models are from last year. Thanks to the new software, they will receive some functionality typical of more recent modifications.


The Galaxy Watch 2 has a touchscreen interface that simulates the rotation of the bezel while operating the gadget. With the purchase of more advanced software, the same opportunity appeared with the previous generation watches. Now their owners can scroll messages and notifications with the bezel, switch between widgets.

There are some changes to the built-in Samsung Health app. He was taught to record the time it takes to run one lap or one cycle. It also syncs data with Technogym machines. The NFC module is used for this.

It is also known that smartwatches have got the function of correcting the Always on Display mode during exercise and an updated menu. To quickly remove the application from the background, just click on the new icon.

Along with the advanced software comes a proprietary One UI 1.5 shell. It provides quick access to sports features and My Style. It allows you to customize the dial tone to match your color and style of clothing. To do this, she is photographed beforehand.

There are still some changes. These include redesigned workout start buttons and new emoji.

Experts believe that Samsung will move to extended support for its devices

Samsung recently announced that some versions of smartphones will receive the Android 10 operating system. This applies to the Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9 series.

After the publication of this information, users with old and non-flagship models of gadgets began to en masse contact the company for clarifications. They were outraged by such a decision by the company's management and considered themselves disadvantaged, demanded an update for their devices.


One user who owns a 2017 Galaxy S8 is known to have written to support about the above. He was interested in why there is no upgrade to Android 10 OS for his smartphone modification.

The support employee replied that such an update will be made in the near future.

A controversy has arisen over this issue among insiders and experts in the field of mobile devices. Some believe that the Samsung representative was mistaken and there will be no update. Others think that everything will be as the specialist answered.

The Korean firm has long had a policy of supporting its devices. It provides them with only two major OS updates. It is possible that the time has come to change this rule. It is possible that the enterprise will switch to extended support for its gadgets. It remains only to wait a little.

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