Insider # 5.05: about a foldable smartphone from Samsung; about Apple iPhone XI, OPPO K3, ASUS ZenFone 6 (Topic)

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Insider # 5.05: about a foldable smartphone from Samsung; about Apple iPhone XI, OPPO K3, ASUS ZenFone 6


Insider news bulletin, which received an interesting number, will talk about a new bendable device developed by the Korean tech giant Samsung. We will also talk about the design of the iPhone XI and the OPPO K3 smartphone, equipped with a retractable front camera mechanism. We will also discuss the design of the ASUS device.

Korean manufacturer's new foldable device will receive four displays

Recently, the portal LetsGoDigital, referring to the World Intellectual Property Organization, posted on its page information about a new patent from Samsung. He touches another foldable device.

Everyone remembers that the form factor of the previous product of the company - Galaxy Fold, provided for its folding in half. The new development of Korean engineers, according to the idea, should be folded along three fold lines. This forms a kind of parallelepiped.


When the device is deployed, it forms a tablet, folding it leads to the appearance of a high-tech bar. It is interesting that each of its faces performs some function. One, for example, shows data about the current date and time, the other captures messages or video data, and so on.


There are no other technical details about this gadget yet, and nothing is known about its specifications and the date of the concept appearance.

iPhone XI will get a wide cut

Recently, the resource SlashLeaks posted on its pages several images of protective cases, which will be equipped with the new Apple iPhone XI and the more advanced version of the iPhone XI Max. These devices have not yet been announced.


The photos shown almost completely confirm the information of another OnLeaks insider, who previously claimed that the devices will be manufactured with a glass back cover. Also confirmed his data on other features of the appearance of gadgets.

It can be seen that smartphones will have a wide cutout at the top of the front panel. Their diagonal dimensions are 5.8 and 6.5 inches, respectively.

ImageBoth devices received a triple main camera. It is located in the upper left corner of the back panel on a special area made in the form of a square. This is a new feature of the US developers.

Devices will receive physical buttons, the layout of which will not change. However, the mute switch will take a different shape. Apple iPhone XI and iPhone XI will be presented this fall, the price will be announced later.

OPPO K3 and its pop-up camera

Another insider site GSMArena has provided information regarding the new K3 smartphone, which should be announced in the near future. The OPPO K3 is pretty ordinary in everything except its selfie camera's slide-out mechanism.


The source reports that the smartphone was equipped with a plastic case. He is also predicted to have a Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6/8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The gadget also received a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340x1080 pixels and a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Its main camera consists of two sensors with a resolution of 16 and 2 megapixels, the front one received one 16 megapixel lens.


It is also claimed to be equipped with a USB-C port, 3.5mm audio jack and a 3700mAh battery that supports 20W VOOC 3.0 fast charging.

The device weighs 191 grams and has a compact size. Its release date and price have not been announced.

Smartphone from ASUS was declassified before the announcement

Not so long ago, a spokesman for ASUS said that the company will unveil the new ZenFone 6 smartphone in the middle of this month. The scheme of the novelty was also shown.

However, the other day the Portuguese YouTube blogger Geek Loko showed a small video in which he spoke in detail about the gadget. It became known that it is designed like a double-sided slider. The blogger showed how you can use the device.

It all depends on which direction to move one of its panels. Then you can access the front-facing camera or the bottom of the case, where the additional speaker is located.


The main camera consists of two sensors, which are located in the center of the back cover of the smartphone, and a fingerprint scanner is placed just below. The insider did not provide more detailed technical data of the device.

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