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What to watch from movies while in quarantine: ”The Art of Self-Defense” (2019)


Copyright films are rarely purchased by our cinemas distributors. But this masterpiece is worth checking out. Today, for everyone who cannot choose what to watch from films while sitting in self-isolation, we offer a masterpiece by Riley Stearns, The Art of Self-Defense, also interesting in that the famous “Columbus” from “Welcome to Zombieland” Jesse was invited to play the main role in it Eisenberg.

And the loshara came out just excellent.

A little about "self-defense" as such

Everyone who decides to go to the sports section for the art of hand-to-hand combat must learn a few simple truths:

  • Firstly, what the coach teaches you here is by no means a panacea for all the goats that climb to you at school, on the street, and sometimes at work. Rather, it is a tool that is designed to awaken a sense of self-confidence in a person, which is very important in the case when you have to give back to the offender. It is this that will inflame the courage dormant at the bottom of the skull in your brain, with the help of which you even decide on this.
  • Secondly, if a street fight is brewing with goats, which you do not know and are not sure what they are capable of and to what degree of insanity they can get, it is better to try to dodge hand-to-hand. No matter how well you learn to swing your legs and arms, no matter how you sharpen your reaction, etc., a knife is always sharper than a fist, and a bullet, even if fired from a trauma, is one devil more painful and dangerous than a kick, because in most cases it is all- it doesn't work anyway. When the opponent gets his weapon, it will be too late to reel in the fishing rods and give the trail.
  • Third, don't be too zealous. You should never forget that even if the goat climbed to butt with you first, the court, when inflicting especially grievous and not very bodily injuries, will consider everything from the position of that very severity of bodily harm. It may very well be that for your "self-defense" you will find yourself behind bars faster than the goat that pounced on you first. Therefore, let's go back to the second point and try to avoid an unnecessary hassle.

It's another matter if you are walking with a lady, who may also be in danger from the goats, or you see how someone is about to knead someone in an unequal battle. Here any man (if he is really a man) is written to interfere with the weak. But here, too, one should not blunder. You should always take into account external and hidden factors that can affect the outcome of the "battle".

It is not always advisable to punch a person. In order not to break the knuckles, it can be easier to pick up a comfortable stone and crack the opponent not necessarily in the head, but in the same joint. He will limp for the rest of his life, but he will remain alive, and you will not go to jail.

But the hidden possibilities and the presence of a firearm in the opponent's bosom always need to be weighed, calculated and taken into account, as well as be ready for the appearance of this very weapon in the opponent's hand. In the film "The Art of Self-Defense", for example, some people were not ready for such a scenario.

Well, we'll figure it out by looking at the picture itself.

What is the film "The Art of Self-Defense" about

Let's take a look at the trailer right away so that our infa is absorbed better. In addition, it is very informative in itself, so you understand.

Casey Davis is an ordinary average loser, nurse and loshara, who does not even suspect about this extended-unenviable status until he gets into a situation that clearly communicates all this to him. He works in the office as an ordinary accountant, but even among other such loshar accountants he manages to be the poorest. He is so pathetic that no one wants to communicate with him, considering the dialogue with Casey as humiliation of his own dignity.


That is why our hero lives alone, in an empty hut, in which there are never any guests. The only one who keeps him company in the evenings is a small dog, which he got himself in order to create a feeling of false "not alone".

All his evenings are similar to one another. He comes home from work, has dinner, feeds the dog, watches TV, and goes to bed. But one day he notices that he forgot to buy dog food. The dog is his only friend, and therefore he should not offend her. Therefore, putting on his jacket, he goes out into the evening street and goes to the nearest store for dog food.

Whatever one may say, but you will have to spank a decent distance to the store, and although the street lamps shine brightly, the deserted street is still catching up with horror. And somewhere in the distance the sounds of a gas bike are heard. The sound of the engine is approaching and soon a motorcycle with “riders” in helmets slows down slightly in front of our horse.

The passenger asks him a question: "Do you have a weapon?" Puzzled and frightened, Casey shakes his head, they say, no, I have no weapon, after which the carrier gasps and the motorcycle drives off. In order, as you understand, to return.


Yes, the rumble of the engine grows from behind and Casey starts to run, but the motorcyclists catch up with him and knock him down. After that, they get off their bikes (there was more than one motorcycle) and start kicking the lying loshara.

What happened next

In the morning the loshara looks like an eggplant in the mirror. He is bruised and afraid to go outside. At first, he was given leave from the office. Then time off from above. But time passes, and his boss begins to sound the alarm. They say, Casey, months have passed, we all understand, but no matter how deep your emotional trauma is, if you don't come to work tomorrow, we will fire you. And Casey comes. And waddling home in the evening, he notices on the way a sign that martial arts are taught here.

Casey goes inside, sits on a chair and watches the end of the karate class. After that, the coach comes to him and a conversation will take place between them, which can be briefly described as an introductory-introductory-invitation. Well, Casey, as we understand, is invited, and the next day he comes to his first class.


Those who think about what our hero will learn further, find offenders and take severe revenge on them, are greatly mistaken. Everything will be much more dramatic, bloodier and more complicated. In a series of further events, our hero will have to strain hard so as not to go crazy and not go crazy, since further events could shake the psyche of even the most stable "patient".

Yes. Over time, Casey will begin to change and see the world in a different light, as well as treat his immediate environment a little differently. And the question is as follows. Will he still be able to slow down and remain human?

What's good and what's bad

The film "The Art of Self-Defense" touches not so much on the problem of self-defense without weapons, but on the problem of pompous individuals who imagine themselves to be some kind of gods in their kingdoms created by them, although in fact they themselves are nobody, and there is no way to call them. p>

It is angry that their "followers" do not see this, and take the "religion" invented by them at face value. And the cult, created in the film by the trainer of the local karate school, most of all resembles a kind of sectarian religion. The film "The Art of Self-Defense" suggests very even parallels with our today's society. But we will not disassemble them, so as not to turn our description into a real spoiler. After watching the author's masterpiece, everyone will draw these parallels for himself.

The entire film "The Art of Self-Defense" (2019) consists of only advantages. Let some of the plot twists seem to someone too pretentious or hypertrophied, let someone over and over again have a phrase on their lips: “Yes, this cannot be,” let the impunity of some actions strike you in the eye.


Believe me, this is all specially conceived so that the necessary analogies from real life appear in your brain automatically. The absence of pretentious theatrical-staged battle scenes can also be attributed to the same account.

Cons? Yes, the actors in The Art of Self-Defense are slightly wooden. It doesn't smell like atmosphere. But is it needed when they want to show us exactly what they want and no more? Probably not.


Those who are interested in our offer and are ready to check out Rayleigh Stearns' film right here and now, can safely torment the link below.

Watch the movie "The Art of Self-Defense" (2019) online

For the rest, we advise you to dash through ourcinema section, in which there are simply heaps of various selections for every taste and color. On this we say goodbye to you and wish you the strongest immunity, which we need more than ever in these difficult days. And, of course, more cool movies and TV shows. Without them, self-isolation is not self-isolation at all.

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