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What to watch from the films while sitting in quarantine: ”Don't Let Go” (2019)


While the authorities are trying their best to keep the people at home, people are rushing to the nearest store for toilet paper. We are doing our best to support the authorities by publishing a new answer to the question of what to watch from films while sitting at home on self-isolation. Who knows, maybe it is our next advice that will keep the next lover of toilet paper from going to the store again, where he could just become infected with the evil and, as it turned out, overly tenacious coronavirus.

Gives offfantastic, doesn't it? Just like our today's film "Don't Let Go" (2020).

What does the movie compare to?

If the film had been released a year earlier, it would have definitely entered ourTop 70 Best Time Travel Films, in which it would have finished 60th. Yes, the film is from the same area. And he most resembles "Radio Wave". Or, to be more precise, to a certain cross between "Radiowaves" and"Groundhog Day",since there is a connection through time and at least one flashback.

Last year,Netflix also released a film based onTemporary Troubles:In the Shadow of the Moon.But more our picture today is similar to the Spanish masterpiece of the year before last"During a Thunderstorm" (2019). We have dedicated separate materials for both films in the section"What to see from the films".

What is the movie "Don't Let Go" (2019)

Let's watch the trailer right away, and then we'll talk.

The film begins with a dark-skinned man driving a sedan. They call him on the phone. He answers. It turns out to be his 14-year-old niece Ashley. She complains about her parents and asks Jack (that is the name of her uncle) to stand up for her in front of them and somehow influence them. Uncle Jack calms her down and, in general, communicates with her as if he loves her much more than the parents themselves.

And later it turns out that it is so. Ashley calls him about and without reason, which suggests that he is her authority. She is ready to reveal all her secrets only to Uncle Jack, and it is in his advice and guidance that she needs in the first place. And the parents ... It seems that for Ashley they are just people in whose apartment she is forced to live by coincidence.

The next evening, she calls her uncle again to thank him for influencing the Rodoks so well. They supposedly became goodies and even bought her a bike, which she had long wanted so badly. Uncle Jack is extremely happy for her, but he has a job, and therefore it is better to call her back later.


But after a while the phone rings again, and it's Ashley again. But this time the girl is scared and confused. Jack tries to ask what the matter is and what happened to her. Some kind of fuss is heard in the phone, screams, followed by a clap and - silence.

An agitated uncle jumps into the car, arrives at his brother's address, and discovers that everyone - his brother, his wife and Ashley - is dead. Jack is in complete prostration. His friends from the police department and, in particular, Bobby, try to support him, but for him it is too much.

What happened next

Some time passes. After the funeral, Jack tries to rethink the situation. He himself is a police detective and blames himself for not seeing that the brother-in-law again got on a slippery slope and began selling drugs, which investigators found in his hut after the murder. His friend Bobby tries to assure him that it is not his fault and that they will find the killer. But since he (Jack) is an interested person, he cannot participate in the investigation.

Jack understands everything. He goes home and tries to suffer further, but his suffering is interrupted by a phone call. He looks at his smartphone and can't believe his eyes. It's his niece Ashley calling. He does not dare to answer, but, having gathered and arrived at the police station, he discovers that his niece's mobile phone is not among the evidence. He drives to the crime scene and discovers the girl's smartphone in the bathroom, where her corpse was found, and from where she tried to call him before she died.

He picks up her pipe and puts it on the sink. And then his smartphone starts ringing. It's his niece Ashley calling again. How can this be? After all, her broken pipe lies dead right in front of him. And he decides to answer.


This is really Ashley. Alive. And she calls to thank him for influencing her parents so well that they even bought her the bike she wanted for so long.

Gradually, with trembling knees and a chill in his back, Jack begins to understand the fact that Ashley calls him from the past, 5 days before his death. And this means that he has a chance to influence the course of those events and save his niece from death. And he certainly won't miss it.

Just by changing what happened, won't he make everything worse than it is now?

What's good and what's bad

This film did not even spoil the fact that the picture is very, very low-budget, which is why it has little atmosphere. But there was no need for special extras. Several involved actors were enough to tell and show us everything that was required. They played quite well, and there are no complaints about them.

The only minus we see is that, whatever one may say, the script looks very much like Gregory Hoblith's 2000 Radio Wave with Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel in the lead roles.


The only difference is that in the case of Radio Wave, the spread in time there was 25 years, not 5 days, and father and son were kept in touch through the same old radio, and not through a smartphone. em>


Those who liked the beginning can check out the entire film right now just by clicking on the following link.

Watch the movie "Don't Let Go" (2019) online

For the rest, we suggest looking for suitable masterpiecesin our heading, where we advise our readers what to watch from films on the weekend. All the best to you! Do not get sick and more in the quarantine of cool movies and TV shows!

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