GDC 2020 will take place this summer, first screenshot of STALKER 2, Sony removed Mario from Dreams - gaming news digest # 4.01. Part one (Topic)

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GDC 2020 will take place this summer, first screenshot of STALKER 2, Sony removed Mario from Dreams - gaming news digest # 4.01. Part one


Also in the digest: Lisa's animations from PT, toilet paper in Fallout 76, GameStop is finally quarantined, what humanitarian aid looks like to employees from Blizzard and Paradox.

GDC 2020 postponed to August

Initially, GDC 2020 was supposed to take place in March from the 16th to the 20th, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. The new dates for the game conference were August 4-6. The venue of the event remained unchanged - San Francisco, Moscone Center.

In accordance with the occasion, the exhibition will change its name to GDC Summer. Despite the fact that the days of the event have been shortened, the summer conference will try to cover, according to the organizers, those areas of the industry that previously could not afford due to the size.

The quality of the event should not be affected. However, if the epidemic does not subside by summer, the conference may again be postponed. The organizers continue to monitor the situation and ensure complete security during subsequent GDCs.

Sony removed fan model Mario from Dreams

And here are the first complaints from copyright holders about fan art in Dreams. A lot can change in the world, but Nintendo will still try to give you what you deserve if you encroach on their mustachioed plumber. Even if you do something with it in another game.

An enthusiast under the nickname Piece of Craft created a model of Mario in Dreams, which he posted in the public domain for others to use. As a result, the model was removed from public access due to copyright infringement.


The author received an email from Sony saying that they removed Mario at Nintendo's request.

Dreams is, in principle, full of copyright infringements and people create both their own sequels of famous titles and recreate existing games, for example, PT or Fallout 4. However, Mario was the first time the copyright holder intervened in such creativity. p>

First screenshot of STALKER 2GSC

Game World posted the first screenshot of the highly anticipated STALKER 2 on their Twitter.

In the postscript, they report that this is the studio's most ambitious game. They posted the screenshot to please everyone who is now in self-isolation.


As a reminder, there is still no information about the game, but we are promised to share it this year.

New Secrets of PT Lisa: Hidden Animations

Blogger Lance McDonald is looking for cool stuff in PT and other games. As it turned out, when Lisa is not behind the player's back, she makes interesting movements off-screen. Lance was able to find out with his free camera.

For example, the moment when the ghost of a girl looks at you from the balcony, and then disappears, looks like this from the side: Lisa moves away, her head starts shaking, and then she falls on her back and disappears.

Also, after her appearance in the bathroom, when she closes the door, Lisa stands behind her for a while, absurdly leaning forward. You can find out more in the video.

However, we recall that according to rumors, we may expect the return of Silent Hills. Read about Lance's other finds here.

Against the backdrop of quarantine, toilet paper is a luxury in Fallout 76

No one knows how to entertain themselves as Fallout 76 players do. With people raking food, essentials and hygiene items like toilet paper off the shelves in stores, the inhabitants of digital Virginia have also picked up this trend. p>

Players collect toilet paper all over the wasteland and do all sorts of nonsense with it, such as creating collections and guarding them. Or they sell rolls for an insane price.


According to the original parameters, toilet paper costs 1 cap. Players display it in their vending machines for 500, 1000, or 25,000 caps. It seems that the game simply does not allow selling anything more than 25k.


Moreover, there are those who buy this innovation. So there are stories on Reddit about such rich people. For example, one person says that he put up paper for 25k just for a joke, but someone bought it. He tracked down a wealthy client and offered to return the money, but he replied that he was not going to part with such a valuable and popular product as toilet paper.

GameStop is finally quarantined

Recently, an action-packed drama has unfolded around the GameStop retail chain, connected with the fact that the chain's management refused to close it in quarantine, citing the fact that their goods are vital. They also put a lot of emphasis on disinfecting the premises, but they lacked the appropriate funds.

However, the management decided to take action and close almost all stores in quarantine. Open points are switched to the "delivery to the door" mode. People can order the game online, and they can pick it up at the GameStop branch, where they will simply carry the game to the front door of the store.


In this case, the employee [c] am is written out compensation. Those who work by the clock will be given two weeks of paid leave, and employed employees who are not involved in the pickup point will be given a month of paid leave. If an employee falls under the door-to-door program, he may refuse to go to work and this will not be a reason for dismissal.

Blizzard and Paradox employees receive humanitarian aid from their companies

In addition to the fact that many companies have sent their employees to remote work, Blizzard and Paradox have gone further and even send them humanitarian aid.

For example, Paradox sends out essential and hygiene products to its employees, as well as delicious edibles if desired. Some are even sent ergonomic chairs upon request. And like the cherry on the cake - a cute stuffed toy to keep morale going.


Blizzard's humanitarian aid package consists of toilet paper, soap, paper towels and other quarantine items. According to the responsible persons of Metelitsa, more than a thousand employees from different departments have already received their humanitarian aid packages.


So far, this was all the news from the beginning of the week. Take care of your loved ones. Better yet, keep calm and keep playing.

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