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This Summer's Digital Gaming Showcase Guide


Since March, we have been constantly writing about how this or that game exhibition was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic. Virtually all major summer gaming events have either been canceled or rescheduled. As for me, the main thing in this situation is that we will not be left without them, because as an alternative, many online gaming exhibitions have appeared, designed to replace the same E3. We have collected all the gaming exhibitions that will take place online, so that you know what to watch and when.


When? August 24

E3 and Gamescom are probably the two largest exhibitions that are held every year. The first was less fortunate, and we were not destined to see E3 2020, but with Gamescom everything is much better, because it was transferred to the online format.

The organizers were prepared in advance to move Gamescom online, but until recently they hoped for the favorable circumstances. However, after the German government banned any mass events until the end of August, there was no point in waiting any longer.

This won't stop the organizers from putting on the show we deserve online. They have already promised that we will have a traditional major opening ceremony, and that Gamescom has been and will remain the heart of gaming.

GDC Summer

When? August

It was GDC 2020 that began the protracted saga of canceling live gaming events. Fortunately, the exhibition will take place online. Initially, the event was simply postponed for the summer, changing the name, but due to quarantine measures the idea had to be abandoned.


The live GDC Summer was scheduled to take place from 4 to 6 August. The digital event will also take place in the last month of summer, but we haven't been told exactly when.

Summer Game Fest

When? May-August

The Game Awards organizer Jeff Keely also decided to contribute to the development of digital exhibitions and announced the seasonal Summer Game Fest.


This is a whole season of events that will stretch for four months from May to August. The event includes various news from publishers and platform holders, as well as game events at different playgrounds and playable content. Thus, participants in the Summer Game Fest will give access to demos of unreleased games. This time, the matter will not be limited to Steam, and temporary access to new products will be given on Xbox One as well.

Jeff Keely himself will conduct the show before and after major events. The schedule can be viewed here. The season finale will be the start of Gamescom, so you won't be bored.

Announcements presented at the event will be broadcast by different streaming platforms and services: Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

Among the participants announced: 2K, Activision, CD Projekt, Digital Extremes, Bandai Namco, Electronic Arts, PlayStation, Private Division, Riot Games, Square Enix, Bethesda, Blizzard, Bungie, Steam, Warner Bros., Xbox.

Also very soon we were promised a major announcement, which will take place on May 12 as part of the festival.

Summer of Gaming

When? June

If you are sad that E3 was canceled, IGN are organizing their replacement E3 - Summer of Gaming especially for you. The festival offers everything you'd expect from E3 in digital format only. The event should take place in early June this summer.


In addition to the announcements, game shows and interviews with developers, the site promises that the event will be interactive: viewers will be able to send their reactions to the announcements and vote for the best ones.

Also, importantly, we will have a lot of information about the next generation consoles. The organizers call Summer of Gaming a key event for publishers and developers to connect with the audience.

Contributors include: 2K, Bandai Namco, Amazon Square Enix, SEGA, CD Projekt Red, Twitter, Devolver Digital, Google Stadia, and THQ Nordic. The number should increase.

It has already been stated that we, for example, will see the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 at the event. CD Projekt Red themselves wrote that on June 11 there will be some event related to the game, so we assume that perhaps we are talking about the same thing - the show at Summer of Gaming. Although if we are going to show something about the game both at the exhibition and outside, it will be even better!

Warner Bros. is expected to attend this event. and we'll be shown an RPG based on Harry Potter and a new game about Batman.

EA Play 2020

When? June 12

Traditionally, E3 is always preceded by the EA Play event, which marks the beginning of E3. But even though E3 will not be, EA Play has remained and will be held on the night of June 11-12 at 2:00 Moscow time.


EA promised us major "world premieres", news about projects and more. It has already become known from EA's quarterly report that about 14 games await us in the future, and 3 of them are remasters of the Mass Effect trilogy, which will definitely be shown at EA Play 2020. Plus, we know that Command and Conquer remaster will also drop in there. p>

Future Games Show

When? June 9-11

In addition to Summer of Gaming, one more piece of E3 is represented by GamesRadar website in its Future Games Show event, where we will be shown news and announcements regarding new and existing indie and AAA projects.

They will also talk about games for the current and next generation of consoles. Cloud gaming will not be spared either. There is even room for mobile announcements. Plus, the site itself will be posting a ton of previews, interviews, and footage regarding the releases that take place during the Future Games Show.

The event is held exactly on the days when E3 was supposed to take place. The event will be broadcasted on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

The organizer is the Future Publishing House, under whose wing resources such as GamesRadar, PC Gamer, Edge Magazine, Retro Gamer, Official PlayStation Magazine and Kotaku UK.PC are located

Gaming Show 2020

When? June 6

PC Gaming Show 2020 is traditionally part of E3, and now it will be held independently in conjunction with the Future Games Show. This is a PC Gamer event that will be streamed on Twitch.

Lots of news, trailers and a lot of scale awaits us as the organizers want to overtake their own success at E3 2019. According to PC Gamer, the PC Gaming Show 2019 was more successful than EA and Nintendo panels.

Play For All

When? June

GamesStop joins the list of information resources that want to arrange a replacement for E3 with a Play For All event.

Play For All will last for several weeks and will begin in June: interviews, news, announcements - everything is classic. The event promises us about 100 hours of video content, including live broadcasts and pre-recorded events.


The streams will be streamed on GameSpot itself, on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to entertainment, the event is going to go to charity. During Play For All, there will be a fundraising campaign for Direct Relief. The money will go to help doctors fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The event has a huge list of partners.

Shows from Microsoft and Ubisoft

When? Unknown

After the cancellation of E3, Microsoft and Ubisoft were quick to announce that they will hold their own events dedicated to their products. It is still unknown when they will be, but most likely in the summer.


With Ubisoft announcing AC Valhalla and Microsoft releasing a new console, both companies should show something different.


So far, these are all the major digital gaming exhibitions that will take place this summer.

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