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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: ”Night Clerk” (2020)


Today under the heading What to see from movies on Saturday night - Michael Christopher's film "The Night Clerk". This director is known to the general public for several films, the main ones being "Gia" (1988) with Angelina Jolie and "Temptation" (2001) with Antonio Banderos. Familiar to moviegoers and the leading actor is Tai Sheridan. It was he who played Percival / Wade in Spielberg's Ready Player One.

The current masterpiece is, of course, far from the above blockbusters, but Michael Christopher's new film is definitely worthy of attention.

What is the movie "Night Clerk" about

The main character of the film is a guy named Bart. He is an autistic person with Asperger's Syndrome. There are few people today who hire people with similar mental disorders. But Bart's boss, who runs a chain of hotels (motels), is one of those. He entrusted Bart with the job of a night clerk. "Passage" at night in his hotels is small, so the guy was quite capable of registering a new guest, giving him the keys and escorting him to his room. Well, or say "good evening" or "good night" to an old guest.


The guy looks pretty normal. He has a slightly "non-standard-sloppy" hairstyle, there is a certain angularity and inhibition in movements - but that's all. Autism becomes apparent only if you enter into a dialogue with it. He can answer seemingly simple questions too long, unable to stop, giving a bunch of facts and explanations accompanying the topic of the conversation. Sometimes he begins to loop and repeat the same thing several times. But this does not interfere with the matter. Therefore, until now, everything suited Bart's boss in his work, as, in principle, everything suited the hotel guests.

But the main character has another side quirk. It is common knowledge that autistic people can be overdeveloped in one or more topics. Bart is well-versed in hardware and surveillance software. In some rooms, he installs spy mini-cameras, the image from which is displayed on his laptop via wireless communication and the Internet, and watches the "guests" that he likes most. Let's see the trailer. Unfortunately, it is in English, but everything is clear there even without translation.

On the one hand, this can be called a kind of voyeurism. But everyone knows that voyeurs are people with a sexuality disorder. In Bart's case, this "peeping" has little to do with sex. He writes down his "victims" only in order to, by observing how they behave in life many times, build his own model of behavior,

Hoping, thereby, in the future to become like all "normal" people.

But once a murder happened in the room where his next "guest" was settled. A man had a big fight with the woman Bart was watching.


When the quarrel reached the point of assault, Bart, watching everything from the house, fell into a panic, and somehow the devil walked back to the hotel, from which he had recently changed. Despite the fact that he entered the hotel from the back, his replacement, smoking in the fresh air, noticed his car in the parking lot. And at that moment, a shot rang out.

Bart managed to collect all his equipment, but one of the memory cards fell out of his hand and remained on the carpet.

The shiftman who burst into the room found Bart in it, sitting on the bed, near which was the corpse of a woman. Telling him not to touch anything, he ran to call the police. But Bart, of course, could not resist the temptation to touch the victim's blood.

What happened next

In general, the case turned out in such a way that Bart was the main suspect in the murder case. But since there was no direct evidence indicating that he was the killer, he was released. His boss transferred him as a night clerk to a hotel with less traffic, and everything seemed to go back to normal.

Another beauty named Andrea moved into one of the rooms, and the next day Bart immediately poked his spy cameras in her room.


But this beauty turned out to be kind of strange. Not only does she seem somehow morally devastated, but she also reaches out to Bart with all her heart. They get to know each other, pour out their souls to each other. It even came to a kiss. And then, sitting at home behind the monitors, Bart sees that a boyfriend comes to Andrea. Moreover, the same one that killed the guest in the "previous" hotel.

Bart is both shocked and completely oblivious. Need to do something! But what?!

What will happen next - you will learn from the movie.

Pros and cons of painting

There are both the first and the second in the movie "Night Clerk". The picture, of course, is not very atmospheric, but a wide scope and unnecessary extras was not required for such a scenario. Tai Sheridan coped with the role of an autistic aspergik with a bang. There are no complaints about the actress Ana de Armas, who played the role of Andrea. In the role of Bart's mother, by the way, is Helen Hunt herself, who has aged, but is still convincing in her current role.


There are no pronounced disadvantages in the film "The Night Clerk", but it would be possible, in our opinion, to sharpen the dramatic component and tinker with the ending a little longer. But these disadvantages are not huge enough to miss this masterpiece.


Everyone who is interested in the film "The Night Clerk" is invited to follow the link to the resource where you can watch the proposed picture online and completely free.

Watch the movie "The Night Clerk" online

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Enjoy watching and lots of cool movies and TV series!

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