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To paraphrase a famous catch phrase from Fallout, our interest in war, like it itself, never changes. While films about war have receded a little into the background, mankind will always be interested in military conflicts and their reproduction on screens. It's the perfect setting for tales of courage and sacrifice, and an emphasis on terrible suffering from which no one is immune to those involved in the war. Anime about the war does not always tell about it in the same way, but it's good that we have a sufficient number of titles where large-scale military conflicts are presented. Focusing on Recommend Me Anime and quoting one bad guy from Metal Gear Solid: If you are ready to give war a chance, here are some examples of anime about war with massive conflicts.

Code Geass


While this anime is full of other elements, Code Geass is, for the most part, a story of war. You watch an exiled prince use his power to ignite an already smoldering revolution. You delve deeper into the politics of this war and also witness the inevitable tragedy that accompanies it.

Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise

Close your eyes and randomly poke your finger at any TV series from the Gundam franchise. It is very likely that you will end up in one where war is central to the plot. This is a topic that not only Gundam concentrates on, but many mecha series in general. If you build giant mechs, then you will surely have to fight against powerful enemy military forces or aliens. I mean, you can't just go and have a mech martial arts tournament. Oh wait, wait. G Gundam. Okay, never mind. But still, even this part of the franchise is about how countries put everything on the line, fighting in the tournament.


However, not all Gundam titles are massive battles, some show the usual smaller skirmishes, but even so these conflicts have consequences.



There are many anime inspired by real-life wars in which Japan was involved. Angolmois is one of them. The inspiration for this title comes from the Mongol invasion attempt in Japan. This war anime follows those who defend their island as the first line of defense for the Japanese mainland. While the battles aren't nearly as big as the other military conflicts on this list, they're actually probably better than some big battles where you can't figure out what's going on at all.

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

This anime is much deeper than it might seem. The story tells how an atheist appeared after death before God, and he decided to send him back to earth to a world where there is magic and war. He is born a little girl who possesses magic and is obliged to go to war, despite her small age.


She decides to volunteer at a military academy in advance in order to climb the career ladder and stay away from the battlefield in the rear, like an officer, and avoid death. It does show some of the brutality and discernment of those at war.

Samurai Kings


The Sengoku era is a period when Japan was embroiled in a nationwide war before ultimately uniting under one ruler. This anime tells some stories about those who fought. The title is based on the video game Dynasty Warriors, where everyone was bright and pretentious. It's not realistic at all, but inspired by real events and looks pretty damn cool if you're a Jojo lover - go ahead.


ImageIn the history of China, like Japan, there was a time when the country was torn apart by national war and small states fought with each other. Although the anime is based on real historical events, it focuses on alternate history in order not to be limited only by reality. This is, of course, not a novel "Three Kingdoms", but also not bad.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes


The Legend of Galactic Heroes, like Gundam, is about a sci-fi war between two nations. But unlike Gundam, who sometimes gets lost in what he wants to be, Galactic Heroes are very good at focusing on character development and the real reasons why nations fight.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan


As you watch this title, you will notice that Arslan draws inspiration from the era of the Crusades and the history of the Middle East. You will get a good understanding of the clash of cultures. The plot follows a young prince who has lost his kingdom and is trying to get it back. Despite the fact that the story is overly romanticized and optimistic, this series shows the realities of war.

The Fate Series


Aside from the many spin-off titles [that focus on weird things like cooking], many of the Fate / Stay films or TV series are all about the Holy Grail War. This is not the kind of war we are used to, but rather a battle royale like in many modern games where one man wins. However, since the titles are inspired by history and mythology, this adds a unique character to the projects.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis


This title is not very popular, but its entire plot is related to the war. Although it is specific. The thing is that each battle won adds one more girl to the main character's harem. However, the really unique and enjoyable part of this series is that it gets into the tactical aspects of combat in depth.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


If there is one anime that perfectly shows the true senselessness and brutality of real military action, it is Fullmetal Alchemist. For most of the series, the Ishwar War is something that just happens. It's like a side story to a story that in many ways shows how those who are not directly on the front line live. However, the anime will reveal that this war was necessary for one villain. This conflict has a purpose, but throughout the series, you see that those caught up in it deeply doubt the role they played for her.

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