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Revenge. The desire to restore justice with our own hands, to pay tribute in exchange for the pain caused. Revenge has become a motive more than once throughout history, and is ingrained in culture. Its nature is at the same time easy to understand by any person, but always ambiguous. That is why revenge as a phenomenon is so strongly entrenched in our minds as an understandable motivation. Literature, movies, games - we have seen more than once stories about characters who want revenge. We've put together a revenge anime in the best possible way.


The Gungrave anime is based on a game about two best friends, Brandon Heath and Harry McDowell. Once they were partners and tycoons of the underworld, trying to make for themselves an easy and well-fed life. Everything changes when they join the infamous mafia syndicate known as Millennium.


They both have a goal to reach the top, however, unlike his friend, Harry wants to pull it off with trickery. Their friendship gradually falls apart, as their values and beliefs contradict each other, until one fateful day Harry betrays Brandon and kills him as a sign of loyalty to the Millennium. Thirteen years later, Brandon has risen from the grave and is set to take revenge on both the syndicate and Harry.

This is a story of friendship and betrayal that unfolds over the years. The first part of the anime tells how Brandon and Harry enter into a syndicate and how the relationship between them changes. Gungrave is an anime with many intense moments that will keep you on your toes, making you want to watch more and more as the story unfolds.

Gankutsuou / Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is probably one of the best anime about revenge. Based on the French novel Le Comte de Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, it tells the story of a naive young man named Albert Mor-Ser, who lived in the 51st century. Albert was helped to escape his kidnappers by a nobleman known as the Count of Monte Cristo during a festival at the lunar colony.


Albert invites the count to visit him in Paris, not even suspecting that he has an ulterior motive, to take revenge on those who once betrayed him. What Albert does not know is that the count has a past that affects his family and, in particular, his father. And he won't give up his plan until he gets his.

With a unique art style, Gankutsuou is a new take on an old story that offers a gripping storyline full of action and mystery that will never leave you bored. The title has a brilliant origin and was able to be adapted into an equally brilliant revenge anime. The graph implements a delightful and layered plan that would surprise even L.

You may not immediately understand its scale, because as if you are watching how a person builds a huge chain of dominoes, and when he launches it, it will be impossible to break away

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

Setting - Victorian London. A boy named Ciel Phantomhive lost his parents. He was kidnapped by members of the sect and was going to be sacrificed. Overcoming suffering and pain, he was able to summon a demon named Sebastian Michaelis, who helped him escape.


Promising to take revenge on the people who killed his family and humiliated him, he sells his soul to sign a contract with Sebastian. Sebastian looks like an elite loyal butler, but behind this image of a loyal servant hides a demon, eager to devour Ciel's soul. They both work for Queen Victoria as her bodyguards, eliminating threats to the Queen. They are also looking for those whom Ciel wants to take revenge on.

This is a story filled with a strong desire for revenge. Not only was Ciel's life ruined the moment his parents were killed, he was also tortured and humiliated. One can really feel the hatred accumulated within Ciel as he takes the path of revenge in order to find any traces of the killers and satisfy his anger.

Elfen Lied

Lucy is a Diclonius, a new milestone in evolution born from a series of inhuman government scientific experiments. Unlike humans, she has a pair of horns on her head and special invisible tentacle arms known as "Vectors", capable of killing and tearing opponents.


She escapes from the laboratory and kills everyone in her path. However, upon escaping, Lucy suffers a head injury, due to which she develops a split personality. The second person is a harmless child, and two schoolchildren, Kota and Yuka, who unknowingly become involved in military intrigues, are taken to protect her.

We have named Elfen Lied the most violent anime ever. After all, the main character is a non-human being who in no way empathizes and does not have a sense of morality, sadistically destroying everything until she takes revenge on those who tortured her. That being said, this is a great anime about revenge in its true form. If you are not squeamish, then you should definitely watch this anime!


The anime tells the story of a young mercenary named Guts, who struggles to survive on a daily basis. He is a strong warrior who is haunted by his past. He lost everyone he loved because of a man named Griffith, who was once his best friend. Griffith sacrificed all of his comrades to join the Hand of God, the evil divine organization that Griffith wanted to be a part of.


She can bestow power on people in exchange for their humanity and, in turn, turns them into monstrous apostles who roam the earth. Guts sneaks through these creatures, hoping to find clues that will lead him to Griffith.

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2

After the events of the first season, Lelouch has lost all his memories and lives peacefully with his friends at Ashford Academy. Xi Xi is trying to help Lelouch restore his memories so he can lead his crusade to get revenge on his father.


In a rage, knowing that his father used Geass against him to erase his memories, Lelouch still has a dream to restore peace. Thanks to the many shocks and twists and turns in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, you'll understand exactly how Lelouch is going to get revenge. The theme of revenge drives the story, but it is the clever psychological battle between the characters that makes it a delightful revenge anime.

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