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The best anime with an extraordinary storyline. First part


When we hear anime, most people usually think of Naruto, Bleach, or one of hundreds of animes about no one like everyone else and chan who fell from heaven to help.

Fortunately, among the many anime series, there are truly complex and smart ones, which can compare with BBS Sherlock in terms of plot and intensity of passions. Don't believe me? So here are the top TV shows that will give you a different look at anime.

Code Geass

Whether it's an anime about mystical powers, strategic geniuses, or a mech anime with exciting plot twists, Code Geass has all the elements presented at the highest level. It is no coincidence that this anime has probably risen to the very top of its genre and guarantees its fans the highest degree of delight from what is happening on the screens. After the release of the first season of the anime, it immediately broke into the first lines among the best anime of the year, and now it not only retains its position, but it seems that it is already becoming a cult thing with a multimillion-dollar squad of fans all over the world, and perhaps very soon it will be named the best anime in the history of the anime industry.

While Koda Geass continues to grow in popularity and fame, it's no surprise that fans want to see something similar to this anime series. So we have compiled a list of anime similar to Code Geass so that you don't get bored and get to know the best examples of the genre.

You are on the best site! After reading this article, you will be able to collect a collection of animes, in many ways similar to "Code Geass" and compare how close they are to that godlike ideal that we call "Code Geass". So, sit back in your chairs (or something else, we don't know where you are currently sitting or standing while reading this article) and let's go!

Synopsis Code Geass.

After the Holy Empire of Britain entered the territory of Japan and with the help of the mighty power of machines was able to subjugate this state in a short time, Japan as an independent entity ceased to exist. Now it is called Zone 11, and citizens are referred to as "eleventh" and treated accordingly, not even as people, but as numbers 11. There is nowhere below. No wonder the Japanese people want to restore justice and win back their freedom!

From the epicenter of the crisis of discrimination and war, the "eleventh" finally find hope in an unexpected hero called "Zero" or in other words "Zero". A dark knight whose goal is to free the "elevenths" from the chains that the Holy British Empire has placed on them. Under the guise of an unknown Zero, Lelouch Lamperouge is hiding - a deposed prince who is in exile with his sister. He is driven by a thirst for revenge, and his strength is multiplied by the desire to return things to their places. But he will not have an easy struggle, therefore the means that the prince needs must also be special. Luckily, he meets a sorceress named S.S., who empowers him with the power of kings also known as Code Geass.

But this is just the beginning. The first and second seasons of the series came out quite a long time ago, but in 2018 the third season is coming out, so we will watch it and look forward to the new adventures of Lelouch with Code Geass.

Death Note

If you are looking for anime that are very similar to "Code Geass" and especially the role of the main character, his relationship to the world, individuality, his sudden and mysterious acquisition of power, a strong sense of justice and brilliant construction of a tactical game, then Death Note is the best choice.

"Death Note" tells about the history of Death Note and how one day the Shinigami god threw this Notebook to people, not even knowing how it could be used. This Notebook accidentally fell into the hands of a young student, Light Yagami. At first, he doubts whether it is worth practically using the Death Note and the rules that are set out in it, but later, as he reads the information recorded in this Notebook, Light comes up with a masterful plan for punishing the underworld. This is very consistent with his views on reality. Light cannot endure the injustice that reigns in the world, so the Death Note is the way by which you can bring the world closer to the ideal. With such dreams and goals in his head, he begins to act, taking a new name for himself Cyrus.

Right or wrong, now only Kira (from the Japanese "killer") can make decisions and change the world by writing down the names of criminals in the Notebook. But one day, a mysterious figure of a brilliant detective named Al appears on his way. Then a duel of heroes of equal intelligence begins, where one of them will constantly interfere with the game of the other.

Lost Storm: Civilization Withering

According to the news, the mystical stranger gives magical powers to anyone who gets in her way. Sounds familiar? Yes of course. Only this is not S.S. from Code Gias, because she is none other than the all-powerful sorceress in the history of the Kusaribe clan - Hakadze Kusaribe from the anime "Lost Storm: The Extermination of Civilization".

There are two greatest trees in the world: the Tree of Beginning and the Tree of Exodus. Both of them oppose each other, because one has the power to create, and the other - to destroy. Once Samon Kusaribe, also belonging to the Kusaribe clan, planned to resurrect the Tree of Exodus. To implement his plan, he needs to get rid of Khakadze Kusaribe, and he succeeds: Samon, imprisoning Khakadze in a barrel, sends her to a desert island so that she could not interfere with the execution of his insidious plan. But Khakadze is not a simpleton at all, and even being at such a distance, she has something to cover the cards that Samon handed out.

Khakadze sends messages by sea in the hope that someone will accidentally find them. Fortunately, Mahiro Fuwa finds one of them and makes contact with Khakadze. He wants to avenge his sister and for this he concludes a contract with Khakadze.

Mahiro must help Hakadze get off the island in order to stop the restoration of the Tree, and then Mahiro's best friend, ex-fiance of his sister, Yoshino Takigawa, enters the story, and the plans of the heroes suddenly change.

Eureka Seven: High Evolution

Mechs, war events, and intricate plot twists are just a few of the things we love about Code Geass. Now you will see anime with similar storyline elements! Let's light the light on Eureka Seven!

Eureka Seven tells the story of a 14-year-old teenager Renton Thorston. All his life Renton has dreamed and fantasized about becoming a freelance rifter and joining the Gekkostate Gekkostate and the LFO pilot. But one day, by an incredible coincidence, a girl named Eureka comes to the shop of his grandfather, where Renton studied to be a mechanic, to fix her "Nirvash" (Nirvash typeZERO).

Finally it happened! Renton becomes a pilot of the LPO and at the same time without even realizing himself, he helps Nirvash typeZERO using Amity Drive, a device that reveals the unknown hidden possibilities of Nirvash.

The Gekkostate is hiring Renton and accepting him because the guy has shown great potential. However, for Renton, this is only the beginning of a long adventure, where events take a completely unexpected turn to the joy or disappointment of our hero.

Continuation of the top anime in the spirit of Code Geass, read in the second part . They are ambiguous, incredibly interesting, the best anime of our time - watch and discuss!

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