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The best anime with an extraordinary storyline. Second part


So, meet the second part of the best anime, which you must watch (unless, of course, you are already ahead of everyone and have not watched them!) in order to call yourself a real connoisseur of the anime genre.

In the first part, we have already analyzed many interesting anime, therefore we highly recommend that you start familiarizing yourself with the naked top from the first part.

Future Diary

An anime series, incredible in its mystical power. His actions take place in three worlds, and the events are not built on the prophecies that 12 characters find on their mobile devices. The world in which they all live is ruled by the deity Daeus, but his days are numbered, so Daeus arranges a survival game. The one who survives will become the next deity Deus.

Yukiteru Amano becomes the main character, as well as a contender for the throne of the ruler of the worlds. He is unsociable and among his friends only Daus himself and his assistant Murumuru can be named. The diary, which Yukiteru kept, always describes the events around the boy, but there is nothing about him, so when the survival game began, he seemed to be in a disadvantageous position, tk. in his mobile phone he will not be able to find predictions about himself, but the girl Yuna, who is head over heels in love with Yukiteru, on the contrary, kept a diary only about him, so she can help Yukiteru, because only those entries that are associated with him appear in her diary.

Yuna also participates in this elimination game, but all indications are that she is not interested in becoming the master of the world. Yukiter is very fortunate to have Yuna as his allies.

In general, this anime combines the features of a real reality survival show, a romantic story and epic events that tell about the past and to some extent about the future of humanity. But, of course, it's up to you to draw conclusions. Everyone sees something different and describes the world in their own way.

Fullmetal Alchemist

If the brutality of the battle scenes and the dark conspiracy policy are important to you, then the "Fullmetal Alchemist" is likely to fully meet your expectations. In a world where everything is balanced and in balance, certain laws are established just to be followed. This is especially true in the world of alchemy. But one day, two brothers, otherwise known as the Elric Brothers, break this natural law in an attempt to resurrect their deceased mother. However, their attempt remains unsuccessful, but it leads to such consequences that it would be better to avoid. Edward Elric loses limbs, and Alphonse Elric has lost a completely physical body.

This is how their original journey begins, the path of alchemists, on which both brothers will try to restore what was lost. They search the continent in order to find the so-called Philosopher's Stone, which can solve their problems, because this stone is the greatest expression of all Alchemy.

Valvreave the Liberator

Code Geass is especially known for its highly mechanistic warriors, while Kakumeiki Valvreive (Valvreave the Liberator) is familiar to us for the incredibly high-tech, invincible robot warriors called Valvreiv.

In the distant future, people mostly live in spherical cities located in space. At this time, the world was ruled by three political forces: the Dorsean Federation, the United States of the Atlantic Rim, and the neutral Jiora, formed in the place of Japan. All of this rests on the thin thread of a temporary truce between political groups. The Dorsean Federation suddenly attacks Module 77, owned by Giora.

It turns out that Module 77 is a school city block where the majority of the population is students. Plus, this is the place where the mysterious robots of the Valvreiva usually rest.

Follow Tokishima Haruto, follow him and the adventures, as well as the adventures of his classmates and their allies, who use the Valvreives to fight for the right to their own life and discover the secrets of the world. Join them as they make fateful decisions and overcome difficulties, penetrate deeper into the world of conspiracy and serious full-scale world conflicts.

Crown of the Sinner

After the tragedy known as "The Lost Christmas", troubled by the Apocalyptic Virus, Japan is under the control of an organization known as Genesis. No one really knows what hides behind this name, or what the organization pursues and what it hides, but Genesis finds the enemy in a group of rebels called the Undertakers.

In the midst of the conflict, high school student Oma Shu meets a girl named Yuzuriha Inori and suddenly discovers hidden "royal forces" that give him the ability to extract Voids or otherwise the Void from the hearts of people. Xiu wields the power known as the "King's Right Hand", which places the Sinner's Crown on him.

Gargantia on the Green Planet

Suisei no garugantia or "Gargantia on the Green Planet" is another anime with a high level of action, especially in climaxes. And although we have to admit that the story is not as rich as "Code Geass", but nevertheless, the discoveries that this series brings with it and the performance of the characters in the roles in the climax episodes are comparable to "Code Geass". Well, of course, there are very cool mechs here!

In the distant future, a galactic war is being waged against the extraterrestrial race of Hidias. But in one of the battles in outer space, the young pilot Ledo and his mobile robot-mech Chamber suffer a terrible defeat, as a result of which they are thrown back to an uninhabited world, to Earth. But to Iceo's surprise, the Earth turns out to be a completely different place, uninhabited and deserted, as they were taught at school.

Having no idea about culture, or about how people live on Earth, Ledo is trying, even being on Earth, to look for a way out and return back to outer space. But this turns out to be not an easy matter, because all communication systems of the Cosmos are blocked, and even Chamber needs time to trace these communication channels. Therefore, Ledo is forced to live for some time in an area completely unlike his previous home. He will have to get used to his new environment, girlfriend Amy and everything else on Gargantia.

This concludes our article on the best animes to watch. Stay tuned for new articles. We have many more interesting anime in stock!

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