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Top 10 of the worst bosses in games


The scariest creatures are those in our heads. And truly the human mind is able to give birth to such vile and disgusting creatures that from one of their kind it becomes physically unpleasant. This is best proven by the developers of horror games, creating frightening and sometimes sickening images that in every possible way flirt with human fears. At the same time, they are not only scary in appearance, sometimes the story of the creature, full of pain, tragedy and disappointment, is much more frightening. And if you're not afraid of horror, we offer you a look at 10 of the most terrifying bosses in games.

Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

Nothing is as frightening as a nightmare that cannot end when you are trying with all your might to wake up, finally open your eyes, and your horror is getting closer with every step and you have practically nothing left but to accept your own fate. Such a nightmare is exactly what Nemesis is. The disgusting result of Umbrella's experiments with a disfigured face, burnt skin and tentacles sticking out of the body - he is already terrifying by his appearance. But these are only flowers in comparison with the fact that he is immortal and wherever the player is hiding, Nemesis will find him with one single goal - to kill in the most cruel way.

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Of course, you can always spend all the ammunition on Nemesis, shoot off his head, suspend the monster a little, but this is only a reprieve for almost certain death.

Womb - Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware in Dragon Age: Origins sacredly revere the traditions of dark fantasy, not afraid to raise adult themes in the game and paint disgusting images. The peak of the developers' frightening imagination fell on the Uterus - a disgusting, vaguely female-like creature that was swollen from gluttony and growing creatures in its own womb. But the most frightening thing is not the appearance of the Womb, but the story of how the creatures of darkness turn women into disgusting creatures. Rape, torture and coercion into cannibalism is a short list of atrocities that a woman will have to go through before becoming a womb.

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Sculpture - SCP 173

The SCP Foundation, the so-called government organization created to capture and monitor anomalous objects, is a real treasure trove of terrible creatures. But I would like to pay special attention to Sculpture - a strange statue of rotten flesh. She does not make scary sounds, her appearance is not capable of instilling fear, but you have no choice but to constantly keep this creature in the spotlight.

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The main rule is not to blink, otherwise you are dead. And after all, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to keep your eyes open forever, so every time you blink, you will see a frightening silhouette approaching more and more, filling your heart with fear of imminent death.

Laura - The Evil Within

Laura is a classic example of a frightening Japanese horror girl who, thanks to the efforts of the developers at Tango Gameworks, took on an even more terrifying character. The image of a girl with black strands of hair falling on her face and a fast run on all fours was complemented by screams full of pain and an ugly body with many hands, each of which ends in a brush with gigantic and razor-sharp claws. Additionally, the story of Laura is frightening - a girl who saved her brother's valuable life and was burned by envious villagers by a fatal mistake. After such a brutal death, it is not surprising that Laura's image underwent such changes.

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Alice - Killer is Dead

Talking about the most terrible bosses in games, it is difficult to ignore Killer is Dead, and especially Alice, thanks to the skillful increase in the degree of suspense and the play on contrasts. At first we see a pretty girl Alice and it seems that nothing portends trouble, except for her strange behavior. But hey, we're playing a Japanese game from one of the craziest developers Goichi Suda, is the character's ridiculous behavior really a reason to be wary? It turns out there is another reason, because at the end of the mission, Alice, according to all the laws of the genre, turns her head 180 degrees and mutates into a spider-like monster, while retaining human features and only emphasizing her own sexuality.

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Pyramid Head - Sillent Hill 2

Perhaps no game can be more intimidating than Silent Hill, and thanks in large part to the terrifying and difficult to interpret creatures of the legendary designer Masahiro Ito. You can pay close attention to each of the creatures, but in any case, the main star of Silent Hill 2 is Pyramid Head, which every time it appears inspires primal horror, no matter how many times you played the game. Only one view of a tall man wrapped in an apron with a pyramid on his head and a giant sword as out of this world. Add to this Pyramid Head's penchant for sexual abuse of mannequins and you will never be able to get this frightening image out of your head.

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Margarita - Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 can be viewed in different ways, but what the developers really did was to bring a sense of horror back into the series and create one of the most disgusting bosses in history. Of course, we are talking about Margaret Baker, who, even in her human form, causes persistent hostility and vomiting, let alone a mutated form. Here the developers came up with an enviable amount of imagination: Margarita runs on four limbs, bending down to the ground like an insect and has giant arms. And if this is not enough, then the sight of the insect hive, which is located right between Margaret's legs, will definitely make you remember what you ate for breakfast.

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Bloodborne - Ludwig

We must admit that the entire top of the most terrible bosses in games could be made entirely of creatures of Bloodborne, and it would not have become less vivid and memorable from this. The setting of Bloodborne itself, where the game takes place inside a nightmare, has become an occasion for the developers to show their sophisticated imagination at full strength, slipping one frightening image after another. But most of all we remember Ludwig - a terrifying hybrid of a man and a horse, in whose eyes you can still see the signs of a martyr tired of suffering, and a cry full of pain can pierce cold to the very bones.

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Separately, we note the first appearance of Amygdala in Bloodborne. The blood red moon and the sight of the Cthulhu-like monsters stuck around the gothic castles are perhaps one of the most impressive and at the same time frightening moments in the gaming industry in recent years.

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Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is an example of top-notch horror that will make you feel like a victim, looking around in fear and hiding from a flawless alien predator - an alien. The xenomorph, as befits his cousin from the movie, has excellent intelligence, sense of smell, learns from his mistakes and with manic attention examines every crevice of the alien ship, forcing the player to follow the creature in silence and think twice before taking at least one step out of an unreliable hideout.

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High Overlord Volnir - Dark Souls 3

Let's finish our selection of the most terrifying bosses in games with another From Software project - Dark Souls 3. Unlike Bloodborne, which shows the underside of human horror, the dark medieval aesthetics of the Dark Souls series is a little more down-to-earth, but nonetheless still able to scare you. trembling. Most of all we remember Volnir, or rather his spectacular appearance. Having descended to the bottom of a dark abyss, you expect to see anything you like, but not, damn it, the body of a giant skeleton suddenly jumped out of the darkness. We know that the surprise effect is a pretty simple trick to throw the player out of balance, but it doesn't make him any less intimidating.

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