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Humanoid robot Atlas became a parkourist


The latest generation Atlas humanoid robot has learned many tricks since a two-year-old update. An anthropomorphic machine on two legs covers difficult distances, is able to carry loads, and also to climb vertical obstacles with its own hands.

The Boston Dynamics development traverses relief terrain, fixes and avoids possible obstacles, jumps on one leg, and even knows how to perform acrobatic somersaults. The possibility of a fall is not excluded, but the car can rise. In addition to general orientation in the environment, the robot has the ability to recognize objects and interact with them.

Another recent upgrade has added even more impressive functionality to the robot. The developers of Boston Dynamics taught their creation some elements of parkour, and now the Atlas robot can run, jump over obstacles in the direction of movement and climb at a fast pace on the hills.

The Anthropomorphic Machine now has enough internal power to give it even more stability. Its electronic filling provides precise coordination for coordination and balance of movements of the arms, legs and torso. The Atlas humanoid robot uses computer vision technology to intelligently execute a sequence of actions.

Boston Dynamics first showed Atlas in 2013. The robot was originally created as an auxiliary device for use in search and rescue operations. Soon the manufacturing company became the property of the Google X technology laboratory, which provided further work on the functionality of the machine. The company is now owned by Japanese SoftBank.

Hydraulic mechanisms provide the robot's limbs with about 30 degrees of freedom. In addition, his hands are developed for fine motor skills. Titanium and aluminum are used as raw materials, while the Atlas robot corresponds to human parameters, having an approximate weight of 82 kg and a height of 1.75 cm.Built-in cameras and a laser rangefinder, information from which is also processed by a built-in computer, provide good orientation in space.

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Author: Jake Pinkman