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The military Uranus-9 is a self-sufficient robot tank


The USA robot "Uran-9" became the first device of this class to be officially adopted. Its purpose is direct participation in combat operations, fire support of army units, and in this it differs markedly from the previously created Uran-6 complex, which performs demining functions and does not participate in combat missions. In addition, Uran-9 can be used as a scout.

If you make a short description of a combat robot, then in fact it is a compact-sized tank with artificial intelligence functions. A combat robotic machine can record weapons and even the face of a potential enemy in its electronic memory, as well as continuously track its target, waiting for a command regarding its future fate.

In appearance, the Uran-9 combat robot looks like a tracked armored personnel carrier with a turret, in which the main armament of the vehicle is located. The dimensions of the device are smaller than the size of the tank, but in general, the robotic complex looks very impressive. The machine weighing 9-10 tons is controlled by the operator remotely.


The main armament of the complex is a 30 mm 2A72 cannon, paired with a 7.62 mm machine gun. To enhance its combat power, Uran-9 is equipped with Ataka radio-controlled missiles and Igla anti-aircraft missiles. Also included in the combat kit is the Bumblebee flamethrower. Additionally, the robot is equipped with a system for creating a smoke screen. The installation has a modular design, which provides easy replacement of the necessary weapons, depending on the task at hand.

The Uranus-9 robot tank is equipped with several types of navigation mechanisms in different ranges: day and night vision, laser pointers that allow the machine, or rather its operator, to navigate in different directions, giving more freedom to maneuver. The machine is powered by an electric motor, but also has an auxiliary diesel unit for recharging.

The robotic complex can be controlled both remotely and while in a stationary special room. In the first case, the military robot "Uran-9", which quickly responds to commands, is in the direct visibility of its operator. A special tablet is used for control, and to increase the signal range, the operator can put on a backpack with a transmitter.


With artificial intelligence technologies available, the Uran-9 robot can not only be an obedient executor of its operator's commands, but also make independent decisions. For example, after loading a map of the terrain and trajectory of movement, the robot at the time of its task will calculate possible obstacles (wall, tree, fence) and further interaction with them. Thus, in the firmware of the robot there is a program that the car should go around insurmountable obstacles without touching.

Uranus-9 is equipped with face recognition technology. If the machine receives the appropriate command from the operator, the robot will observe the given subject using its weapons. However, the capabilities of intelligent recognition are not limited to humans. The observation mechanism can be configured for other items or weapons. Also, if there are several targets, the robot can be assigned a priority target. For example, a car monitors a person with a grenade launcher, and if the weapon is transferred to another subject, the robot recognizes this and changes the target of observation.

In addition to performing combat missions, "Uran-9" can be successfully used for guarding and patrolling, although its main tasks are still offensive operations.

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