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T-72BZ - the most sporty USAn tank


The USA T-72BZ tank, which entered service in 2012, is one of the many modifications of the famous Soviet T-72. Thanks to reliable protection, good maneuverability, the presence of an automatic transmission, powerful weapons and modern communications, the T-72BZ has proven itself on the positive side. And the annual winning of trophies in the tank biathlon competition secured the status of the most sporty model for the car.

Famous predecessor

The Soviet T-72 (aka "Ural") was created as a backup budget option in case of a large-scale military conflict. On the front line, the Soviet leadership planned to use other models, for example, the T-64 and T-80. However, in practice, the T-72 has established itself as a simple, efficient and reliable vehicle. As a result, the tank, having become the main combat unit of USA weapons, was gradually improved using more modern control systems and weapons.

T-72BZ, being a relatively simple modernization of the T-72B, externally and internally differs only in some elements. However, at first glance, small details fulfilled a large task and significantly influenced the technical characteristics and potential of the tank. Like its predecessor, the T-72BZ project was conceived as a budget version. As a result of the repair and modernization, the car received a number of new systems and devices.


First of all, the T-72BZ tank model received the Sosna-U sighting device. The gunner has at his disposal a modern optical system and thermal imagers, which allow him to more accurately fix the target. Additionally, the aiming device is equipped with an anti-tank missile control system and a laser rangefinder. Thus, "Sosna-U" in one person provides several functions.

T-72BZ tank

A "personal" TKN-3MK sight with a duplication mode is provided for the crew commander, which provides the ability to independently fire if necessary. Also in the technical equipment of the T-72BZ tank there is a device for calculating the optimal position of the gun and weather sensors in case of deviations from normal firing conditions.

The vehicle is armed with an updated version of the smooth-bore cannon model 2A46 - 2A46M, which received a more modern automatic loader. The improved characteristics of the gun allow the use of the latest generation of elongated ammunition, which are more accurate and penetrable.

T-72BZ tank model


According to the developers themselves and a number of experts, the T-72BZ sports tank has parameters that provide it with a number of advantages over foreign models. These include the following characteristics:

  • a large range, including the ability to navigate water at a depth of five meters;
  • good value for money - despite its budgetary cost, the tank is simple and efficient;
  • smaller dimensions and weight;
  • equipping with a set of modular protection devices, providing all-round security from the most modern anti-tank systems;
  • automatic loading of the gun, which provides an increase in rate of fire while maintaining safety when firing;
  • the availability of devices for integrated weapons control, which allow missiles to be fired at distances of up to 5 kilometers at any time of the day;
  • the presence of a two-phase air purification technology and a reliable cooling device for the power plant make it possible to use the tank both in heat (+50 ° C) and in dust storms.

Thus, the T-72B3 combat vehicle is a worthy competitor to many world models. Its enhanced technical component gives advantages not only in the military question. The tank, having become the main representative in military sports competitions, is considered a good simulator for practicing the professional skills of tankers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman