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Iranian developers have created a robot that understands speech and can take selfies


If a new robot appears in the world, it is often expected that the manufacturer will be a company from Japan, the United States or South Korea. However, even small countries are no less interested in the development of robotics and are trying to produce their own devices. One of these countries is Iran, which recently released the fourth generation of Surena IV robots, which are distinguished by unique abilities. The mechanism was developed on the basis of the University of Tehran and has characteristics that bring it closer to human capabilities.

The achievements of Iranian robotics are not well known in the world. Among its most striking examples is the humanoid robot Surena, the first version of which appeared more than 10 years ago. Later, the second and third models were released - Surena II and Surena III, and with each generation the device was more and more improved. Finally, the most recent modification of the Surena IV, on the creation of which more than 50 Iranian scientists and developers worked, is distinguished by the most advanced features. The robot has quite sensitive hands, can track objects with high accuracy and can perform several manipulations at the same time.

Surena's “human” skills include the ability to grab and hold objects, maintain balance on one leg, and perform construction manipulations (for example, drilling walls). In addition, the humanoid robot can write its name, recognize speech, hold a conversation, and even take selfies. The Surena IV development team notes that improving its interaction with the environment has become a top priority in the development of the device. In addition, the researchers spent a lot of time honing the machine's ability to perform multiple actions at the same time, as well as designing a mechanism that would give the robot sufficient dexterity and sensitivity.


The Surena IV's stability, tilt and leg position adjustment, and the ability to walk on uneven surfaces are provided by dedicated force sensors. The directions of movement of the robot, especially its arms, are carried out in different planes. The weight of the device with a height of 170 centimeters is no more than 68 kg. Compared to the previous Surena III model weighing 98 kg and almost 2 meters tall, the new robot of the family turned out to be much smaller and lighter. This was achieved by replacing a number of parts with more powerful, but smaller in size, due to which the weight of the entire structure was significantly reduced.

Coordinates the work of all controllers, multiple sensors and other mechanisms Surena IV own operating system ROS. At the same time, simulation of various actions of the robot, whether it be moving in different directions, lifting or turning, is carried out using additional software solutions Gazebo, Choreonoid and MATLAB. A special program that converts texts into speech has endowed the robot with the ability to understand words and generate its own answers.

Compared to other robotic devices, the Iranian car cannot boast of the ability to perform complex stunts like the Atlas robot, which is capable of performing parkour elements. At the same time, the fourth generation Surena can do much more than the previous models of the family: the robot is able to interact with even more objects, its balancing is improved, and in general it can perform most actions on a par with the abilities of the average person.

The Topic of Article: Iranian developers have created a robot that understands speech and can take selfies.
Author: Jake Pinkman